Beauty Is The Beast

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All I wanted was one night, one night to be wild, to be myself. I didn't ask for him, and I certainly didn't ask for this. Now I'm surrounded by hell, literally.

Fantasy / Romance
Queen Vega
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Chapter 1

I watched the clouds and blue sky whip pass me as I tumbled towards the ground. I didn’t bother screaming, since I saw this coming. I just wished I had prepared myself better, maybe grabbed a cellphone on my way out. I looked down towards the ground, at least I was on target to a small patch of grass and not concrete, or a metal building. That would hurt, a lot. The ache on my back and the breeze I felt on my naked body wasn’t helping this descent though, not in the slightest.

What will the humans think when they see a naked lady falling from the sky? I guess the big man didn’t think of that before he tossed me out.

I noticed the ground getting closer and braced myself. Flinging my arms over my head I tucked my legs in, getting into the armadillo position.

A scream left my mouth as I slid across the nicely cut grass. Not like I could feel pain, but I knew for certain anyone with sense would scream after a crash like that. Whoever lawn this belonged to was going to have quite the surprise tomorrow.

Once the rolling finally stopped, I took a look at my surroundings. It was early morning, maybe six am. I was behind a huge three story flat. Welp, time to commit my first sin and find some clothes.

I got up from the ground, making my way to the back door. I jiggled the knob but nothing happened. Guess I can add breaking and entering to that list.

Using my strength, I twisted the knob until I heard a popping sound and the door slowly opened.

Wow, whoever lived here was loaded. The kitchen alone screamed money. Let’s just hope some teenage girls live here.

I marched through the house not caring for the details of it. I just needed to get what I need and leave. On the first floor there were four doors. From the sound of it all of them were occupied. I had to be stealth.

I went to the first door, taking a whiff. This was a male’s room, nothing I could work with in there. Although he did smell divine, like all virgins did. They had a certain scent to attract demons, easier to capture them. They couldn’t help themselves around a virgin.

Moving on, it wasn’t until I got to the third door were a female was sleeping. I pushed it open quietly, yup definitely female. The Justin Bieber posters were a dead giveaway. The female in question was sleeping soundlessly in bed. I crept towards her walk-in closet smiling at all the expensive clothes. This girl has style, and money.

Conveniently off to the corner sat a back pack. I quickly grabbed a shirt, underwear and some pants. I wasn’t a fan of bras.

Once dressed I grabbed a few more articles of clothing stuffing them in the bag. In the corner on the floor I spotted a pair of heels. Did she not own tennis shoes? I guess beggarscan’t be choosers. I grabbed a pair of hot pink pumps to match the black skinny jeans and purple top I was wearing.

Slinging the back pack over my shoulder I snuck back out the room. Closing the door silently behind me, I celebrated quietly in my head. “Who are you?” Oh shit, how didn’t I smell him?

I plastered a smile on my face, turning around. “I’m uh, just a friend.” He was cute, and surprisingly muscular. How was he a virgin still?

He shook his head, a confused look on his handsome face. “I know all of Megan’s friends, and you’re not one of them.” His voice was kind of husky, sleep coating it. A very sexy combination.

I gave him my most dazzling smile. From the way he stumbled back I knew my charms were working. “I’m a new friend, she hasn’t mentioned me before?” I needed to get out of here. I could hear the rest of the family starting to stir.

“I’m afraid not.”

“Well,” I took a step forward, heading for the stairs. “It was nice meeting you.” I gave him a wink as I rushed by. Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me. I let out a sigh of relief when he didn’t call me back.

OK, now I need to get money. So far it wasn’t bad being a normal human again. Well not entirely human. I wasn’t in heaven long enough to consider myself an angel anyways, and neither did other angels. Hell, I had just gotten my wings.

I walked down the street cringing at the area I was in, the suburbs. I needed to get out of here quick. Places like this was full of nosy neighbors.

I started speed walking towards the area I was hoping would lead me out. I acquired a lot of things in heaven, but a sense of direction was not one of them.

I sighed as I continued walking. Time to start a new life. Maybe God placed me down here for a second chance, a chance to redeem myself. One could only hope.

A shooting sound startled me out of my thoughts. I looked behind me to see an old pickup truck driving down the street, very out of place amongst these nice houses and expensive cars. It slowed the closer it got to me. When it was right next to me the window rolled down. “Need to be dropped off somewhere?”

I walked up to the truck, a smirk on my face. The driver was beyond hot. He had a five o’clock shadow to match that perfect black mop of hair. “How much baby?” I asked him, pretending he was offering me sexual favors.

He frowned. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? I should’ve known from those heels you were selling sexual favors.” He laughed.

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Pulling the door open I jumped in. I made a big show of looking him over. “Sorry babe, you’re not my type.”

A chuckle left his luscious lips. “Where you heading?”

I sighed, “Wherever the road takes me.” I wasn’t getting a bad vibe from this guy, so I knew I could trust him. But that still didn’t stop me from being on guard.

“Ahh, so to Oz we go then.” I looked over to see him smiling at me. That’s also when I noticed the packed bags in the back seat out of the corner of my eyes. I guess I wasn’t the only person that got kicked out today.

“To Oz we go.”

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