My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Serenity is a Vampire. Lucas is a werewolf. Pretty simple right? Wrong. Even though they're supposed to be mortal enemies, destiny seems to have something else in mind for them by making them each others other halves. Not so simple now is it? Will they be able to fall in love with each other like most other halves or will the troubles that come make or break them...?

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Chapter One

Chapter One

I could hear everything. From ants running across the ground to the flapping of birds' wings high up in the sky but there was only one sound I was looking for, a heartbeat. I can hear a few but they were small so I'm guessing it's either a rabbit or some other rodent. I ignored them since it will take about ten of them just to quench my thirst, maybe more and I don't want rodent corpses around me.

I'm still searching for a heartbeat until I hear one about 3 miles away. By the sounds of its heartbeat I'm guessing it's a deer so I ran towards it.

When I was close to it I decided to take my time since it won't notice me until I've caught it. I walk towards the heartbeat until I could clearly see it. It was almost a full moon and it was standing there drinking from a little stream. Even if it was pitch black I would still be able to see it thanks to my enhanced senses.

I stood there watching it, waiting for the right moment. I could feel my fangs start to extend as its scent got stronger. I went into a crouching position just about to strike until it vanished.

I stood there dumbstruck. Where the hell did it go?

"Too slow my little sister" I spun around and saw an all too familiar green-eyed, blond-haired boy with blood dripping from his mouth, fangs still extended.

"Demetri you suck at hunting that much you have to follow me and take my prey?" I ask while giving him a bored look.

"You knew I was following you?" he asks with an eyebrow raised.

"Nope" popping the p "you just admitted it" I said while smirking at him. "Now clean yourself up, it's disgusting" wrinkling my nose at the blood dripping down his chin and onto his shirt.

He smirks "I think I'll let my beloved do that for me"

I roll my eyes "Where is Annabelle anyway?"

"She's helping Damien and Emily with.....something? Wait what are they doing?" He says while turning around and heading back towards the house. I deadpan at his retreating back. For a vampire my brother was very forgetful, innocent almost, the key word being almost.

I just stood there looking at the moon giving up on my hunt since the sun will be coming up soon. I started walking along the side of the stream to kill time until I came across a small clearing with a boulder sticking out in the middle of it. The boulder was about 5 ft. tall making me taller than it being 5^6. I made a mental note to come back here later tonight before I turned around and headed back in the same direction my brother went.

As I get closer to the house I hear voices and knew who they were instantly making me speed up my pace to a power walk. What? just because I'm a vampire I have to be fast? As I got to the house, the sun just came up giving the scenery an orange glow and making me feel the warmth on my face.

You must be thinking 'Shouldn't I be turning to ashes by now' well to answer that; no. We can go into direct sunlight just not for too long or else we will turn into ashes very, very slowly and painfully but if it's cloudy then we'll be fine.

As I opened the door I was instantly greeted with arms around me and red curls in my face.

"Where the hell have you been?!" the red head shrieked in my face while shaking me by my shoulders "I sent your brother out to get you and you come back 2 hours later?!"

I looked at my brother "You came to get me?" I asked before turning back the raging red head seeing her eyebrow twitch when she heard me ask my brother. She slowly started to turn her head "You never told her to come?" she asked through clenched teeth with her hands slowly removing themselves from my shoulders.

I watched amused as she started to stalk towards my very scared looking brother.

"As much as I would love to see my brother get mauled by you Annabelle, there must be a reason as to why you are all here" I say while giving the rest of my family a pointed look.

Annabelle quickly turned around with a wide grin on her face and once again tackled me in a bone crushing hug. Thank goodness for vampire strength I thought to myself.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" I winced as she yelled that straight into my ear since I was still trapped in her embrace not to mention my enhanced hearing.

"You guys came here just for that...?" I asked when Annabelle decided to stop trying to kill me with her hug. "You could have just waited until this weekend" I say making my way to Emily with open arms. "How long has it been since I last saw you?" I asked as my arms surrounded my dear sister in law.

"Too long my dear little sister" She says while hugging me.

"You hug my beloved before your own brother?" Damien says while placing a hand on his heart feigning being hurt. I just simply turn my head towards him.

"Good to see you Damien." I say still hugging Emily. "I see you have put on a few pounds" I smirk at him.

"Very funny Serenity. Now come and give your brother the hug you forgot to give him." He says opening his arms to her.

A smile spreads on my face as I dash towards my brothers open arms. "See I knew you missed me" he said while gently placing a kiss on top of my head.

I just shook my head with that same smile on my face while removing myself from his embrace and going over to Demetri and give him a hug as well.

"About time you come to me!" he says while hugging me, using the same amount of strength as his beloved Annabelle.

"I swear, either you or Annabelle are going to be the death of me" I say while prying his arms off me. As I free myself Annabelle starts clapping her hands to get our attention.

"Sweetie today is your actual birthday. Saturday is just when your parents want to celebrate it" she says while placing her hands on her hips and giving me a 'Duh' look "And besides" she says while linking her arm with mine "today is the day you find your beloved!"

After she said that I couldn't help the smile that came across my face.

This has happened to everyone in my family, from my grandparents, to my brother Demetri who is the second youngest, me being the youngest. When someone in my family turns 18 they are bound to find their beloved within those 24 hours. Be it straight after midnight in the morning or right before at night. So me being a little excited was an understatement.

"So" Annabelle continues "we are going to go shopping for your coming of age party this Saturday and hopefully find your beloved on the way" she says while giving me a wink.

The chances of me finding my beloved is what pushed me forward, even though I hate shopping so much. Seeing how my brothers were so deeply attached to their beloved have made me envious over the years of them being together and made me grow impatient. But today is the day that I will be able to find the one person who will love me forever

"Then let's get a move on" I say while sprinting to the car.

Twelve. Hours. The most dreadful and excruciating twelve hours I have ever experienced. I swear if I were human, my feet would be stumps by now. Not only did we have to walk to every shop to look for a dress for my so called 'Coming Of Age' party, but we also had to walk everywhere in between those stores just to see if I could get a whiff of my beloved but instead I just got a nose full of humans. So here I am, at the house basking in my depression.

"It's alright Serenity. You still have four hours to find him." Emily says while placing a reassuring hand on top of mine.

"And if you don't find him today, you'll definitely find him on Saturday" Annabelle chirps in.

I sigh "I guess you guys are right. I'll just have to wait patiently for him to come to me." I say while giving them a weak fake smile.

"What if your beloved were to be a werewolf?" Annabelle asks me catching me completely off guard.

"Is that even possible?" I ask while giving her a shocked expression. What if he was?

"No way in hell is my sister's beloved going to be a filthy mutt" Damien sneered with his lip curling in disgust.

"There's nothing wrong with that Damien." Annabelle says, shooting daggers at him.

"There's everything that's wrong with that Annabelle! It's bad enough their coming to her bloody party." He says while pulling Emily to him for comfort.

My family and many other vampire families have signed an alliance with the Howling Wolf pack considering we are living right next to their territory, the forest being the only thing that separates us, and their pack being one of the largest packs in the country. So my parents decided to invite them as well as all the other vampire families in the area to my 'Coming of Age' party, to try and make each other bond as well as celebrate my birthday.

Since I have never come across a werewolf I am little scared as to what they are going to look like. I imagine towering bodies that make you cower in fear with an intimidating presence that sends one to their knees. Yup, that is what I imagine and I don't think I'll be able to handle a werewolf being my beloved.

I start to tune back in to reality when my throat starts to tighten. Reaching my hand up I start to rub my throat.

"Are you alright there sis?" Demetri asks. I look up at them and they all give me a knowing look. What the hell?

"When was the last time you had a meal little one? Your eyes have turned red." Damien says with a concerned look.

Ooooooooh "Um about a week or two? I was going to eat last night but someone rudely intervened and stole my prey" I say while shooting daggers at Demetri with my eyes. He just smirks at me.

"That's your own fault little sis. You're as slow as a human when it comes to hunting."

"It's called taking my time Demetri." I say as I start getting up "I won't take long"

"Maybe one of us should come with you?" Emily says as Annabelle starts to get up..

I stop at the door and turn around to look at them. "Actually, I just really want to be by myself right now." I say while giving them a small smile. "Looking and not finding your beloved really takes a lot out of you" I opened the door and ran towards the woods but not before I saw the sympathy that were in their eyes after what I said to them and that just made me want to cry.

I ran towards the first heart beat that I could hear with my fangs already extended. I just wanted to forget today ever happened so I let my instincts take over and got lost in my chase.

I watched as the deer's' corpse fell from my hands on to the ground in front of me. Ten. Now that should help me last for at least a week without feeding. I wiped my chin with the back of my hand before the blood could fall on to my top. I could hear a stream nearby so I started to walk towards it.

It was the same stream I was at this morning. I quickly got on my knees and used the water to wipe the blood that was still on my face. I sat there until the water settled back and I could see my reflection clearly. My eyes were back to its dark blue colour but they were bright and alive thanks to the blood I just consumed but they still looked sad. My skin had a bit of colour but was still its pale white colour. Many people have called me 'Beautiful' but if they're not my beloved then they're opinion of me really didn't matter to me which made me wonder, would my beloved think the same thing? Or would he be absolutely repulsed by what he sees?

I got up from the stream suddenly sick of what I was looking at. I started to follow the stream back to the clearing I was at this morning. I couldn't smell any other scents here meaning that no one else has found this place.

I walked towards the boulder and placed my hand on it as a small smile crossed my lips when I breathed in all the natural scents surrounding me. The boulder was the same temperature as me, not cold but cool. I climbed on it and sat with my legs crossed on top of it and looked up at the sky. It was a full moon tonight just like I predicted. It was almost directly above me showing that midnight was closing in.

I decided to let the tears fall from my eyes as I stared at the moon. I may never find my beloved I thought to myself. I know you all may be thinking that I still have the rest of my life to find him but you see you're wrong. My great uncle was the only relative that didn't find his beloved on his Eighteenth birthday and still hasn't to this day and he has been alive for 100 years now. I don't want to live like that; forever by myself with no one to comfort me, no one to help me through a hard time, not being able to have children of my own. That's another thing with beloveds; you are only able to bear children if the person you do the dirty with is your beloved. The tears started to fall faster down my face.

A gust of wind suddenly blew past me which made my hair blow across my face from my left-hand side, some sticking to my tear stricken face. I wiped my face dry and jumped down from the boulder deciding that I've been out long enough. As I took a step back in the direction I came from I heard a growl coming from the right side of the clearing making me freeze on the spot.

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