My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten


"C'mon Belle, say something." I whisper yell at her as she stands there like a statue carved by angels. As soon as I said that to her, it was like her shock slowly started to melt away leaving her with absolute disbelief. I watched as her expression started to slowly change into one that I knew too well.

Uh-oh. I had to do something quick because that expression only meant one thing; she's going to explode and I had to do something now.

"You-!" before she could get another word out I quickly went behind her and covered her mouth and basically dragged her downstairs to the cellar, like I was kidnapping her. I opened a door that blended in well with the wall and quickly shoved her in and then went in behind her before quickly bolting the door shut. This was the only room in the whole house that is completely and utterly soundproof so that even the most ancient and experienced vampire wouldn't be able to eavesdrop on us.

I stood by the door with my back facing her, to scared to face her wrath. None of us said anything and hell no was I going to start a conversation now. We stood there for a few more minutes and it was just starting to get awkward and when it gets awkward, I get fidgety. I started playing with the sleeve of my shirt, picking at things that weren't even there until Annabelle finally broke the silence.

"So...your beloved is a werewolf huh." She says and I tilt my head a little and sneak a peak at her. She was leaning against the opposite wall with her arms crossed and eyes closed.

Oh God. I can't read her at all.

I turn so I'm facing her and start wringing my hands as she continues to keep her eyes closed and when she finally did, I literally flinched expecting the worse. She doesn't say anything as she stares at me with just this blank look, like she didn't know what to do and then I start to panic. I quickly rush towards her and grab her arms.

"Belle, no matter what, you can't tell Demetri okay?" I beg her. Her eyes then widen and before I know she starts to move.

"I have to tell your brother!" she exclaims as she makes her way towards the door.

Are you freakin' serious?

I quickly throw myself in front of the door just before she could reach it.

"I just said you can't!!" I yell at her.

"Well I have to tell someone!" she yells back as she reaches for the door knob. I quickly snatch up her hand and hold it close to me as I look in to her eyes pleadingly.

"You can't! Please Belle, I'm not ready to tell them, not yet." I say shakily as I squeeze my eyes shut. I feel her slowly start to stop fighting me and the hand that I wasn't holding on to being placed on the side of my head. I open my eyes and look and see her give me a smile.

"I won't tell anyone, I promise." she says while pulling me into her arms. "I guess I just kinda....freaked out." she says while letting me go.

Kinda she says. Biggest understatement ever.

"Anyways we'll be seeing him at your party! So you better show me who he is and I can see if he's worthy enough to be your beloved" she says while giving me a wink and a slap on my arm.

"Well it'll be the first time I'll see him in person as well." I say while rubbing my arm, not like it hurt...much.

"What do you mean you haven't seen him in person? You were with him all night." she says to me. I then look up and see her thoroughly confused expression. I sigh and end up telling her the whole story and when I say the whole story, I mean the whole story; every little detail.

As I finished I didn't realize I had sat down on the floor. I was leaning against the door and was playing with my hair.

"Oh my Goddess, your smitten aren't ya?" she asks while leaning forward. I then notice that she's sitting on the floor with me with her legs crossed. I sheepishly look away from her and press my lips together.

"I don't even know what he looks like." I mutter.

"Well it's your birthday party tomorrow so we'll both get to see what he looks like!" she says while beaming at me. Jeez she seems more excited than I do. Not. No one could be more excited than I am...or scared.

"Yeah, you're right but..." I say hesitantly.

"But, what?" she asks with big eyes.

"What if...he ends up rejecting me?" I quietly say without making eye contact. All of a sudden she yanks my chin up, forcing me to make eye contact with her. I struggle a little but then end up giving in, knowing that I wouldn't be able to get out of her steel-like grip.

"Now you listen and listen closely. He would never even think about rejecting you; you're beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and have a great sense of humour. Why the hell would he ever reject you?" she angrily says.

"But-" I say but instantly get interrupted.

"No, don't you dare 'but' me. No one in their right state of mind would ever and I mean ever think about rejecting their other halves. If they do they just end up regretting it later and they end up getting together anyways." she says while crossing her arms and giving out a hmph sound before looking back at me.

"Besides even if he does, he'll have some explaining to do before I end up killing him." she says as she's getting up and dusting off her butt and reaching her hand out for me to grab. I roll my eyes at her and end up taking her hand. She gently helps me off the ground before she goes and unbolts the door. She opened up the door while I was going to say something, but instead of saying anything I just let out yelp and hide behind Annabelle.

"Good God women, how long must you talk for? Serenity stop squealing, it's hurting my ears." I stop squealing straight away, not realizing I had carried on.

"How long were you waiting?" Annabelle asks as she makes her way towards my brothers waiting arms.

"Since you went into that room. I heard you struggling and followed your scent down here." He says while tightening his arms around her and breathing in her scent. "Now are you going to tell me what you two were talking about or is it a secret?" He says with a raised eyebrow at me. I make a face at him while he just narrows his eyes at me. Annabelle then pats his face to get his attention.

"Well, it was all girls talk really." she says while dragging him to the stairs leading out of the cellar. "And I really don't think you want to know." she says while turning around and giving him a look. Demetri looks at her and then nods in agreement.

"Most likely." he mutters as he follows her up. I had to hold back from doing the noise of a whip as I look at my brother and how easily he takes the bait from Annabelle. She then sends me a wink over his head before they're both out of sight. I sigh and slowly start to make my way towards the staircase as I hear Annabelle say to me:

"We'll see you when we wake up okay sweetie." I answer with a 'yup' and make my way to the sitting room deciding to watch some T.V. just to pass the time. Unlike my family, I only sleep once a month and when I do it's for an entire week and it's totally unpredictable. Weird but I'm too used to it to question it. Since I've already had my sleep this month I won't have to worry until next, but even that isn't too faraway. I think only a fortnight until it's the First.

Meh, whatever. I think to myself as I sit on the couch and swing my legs up. I grab the remote and press the standby button. The first thing that comes on the screen was the sports channel. Ugh, no thank you. I then switch it and on comes the Good Morning Show. It said in the corner that it was only 7:50am.

Oh great. Just another 12 more hours before it's dark enough for us to leave. I think bitterly. What the heck am I supposed to do for 12 freakin' hours?! I then fling my body back against the couch and throw my arms up in frustration.

I wish it was night. I think sadly. Cause at least then I'd be able to see my beloved while they slept. I sigh before facing the T.V. and curling into a ball and changing the channel to a movie that I didn't even bother trying to watch.

Instead I just thought about my beloved with only one question swirling through my mind:

I wonder what he looks like.

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