My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Eleven



By the time it was 7:00pm I started to hear movement coming from upstairs.

They're finally waking up.

I have been up by myself for almost 12 hours and have done absolutely nothing, besides thinking of how my mate would look like. The end result you ask? I have no clue. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't conjure up a single image of him. So instead I just kept on replaying last nights events over and over again and somehow that seemed to make time go by faster.

I looked away from the ceiling and turned when I heard someone coming downstairs. It was Emily. She looks like she didn't get a wink of sleep at all.

"What's wrong?" I ask her as she makes her way to the kitchen table. "It looks like you didn't even have a sleep." I say as I sit down next to her.

"More like couldn't." she says before yawning. "I can't fall asleep knowing your brother is so far away from me. It's uncomfortable." she says while leaning on the table with her chin placed on her hand. I grabbed the hand she wasn't leaning on and gave it a squeeze.

"I'm sure he's feeling the exact same way right now. Maybe even worse. But it doesn't matter anyway, you'll both be seeing each other in a couple of hours so just be patient." I say while giving her a reassuring smile and one last squeeze before letting go. She sighs and nods her head.

"Your right." she says before smiling at me. "Y'know, sometimes I think your more mature than your brother at times." Before I could say anything, someone had already beat me to it.

"I really hope you're talking about Damien instead of me Emily." Demetri says while descending down the stairs, dragging a very tired looking Annabelle behind him. Emily smirks at him.

"Why, I was talking about both of yous of course. You both are idiots." she says with a serious face but you could see the humour in her eyes. Demetri puts a hand on his chest and acts like was physically hurt with what Emily had said but before he could retort, Annabelle had already replied.

"Hey," she mumbled as she leaned against Demetris' back. Demetri turned back to look at her and his face made me miss my beloved about ten times more. The way he looks at Annabelle is the look I can only hope my beloved looks at me with.

"C'mon love, it's time to wake up." he says as he carefully turns around so he's holding her and then gently tries to shake her to wake her up properly. Annabelle just ends up snuggling into him more.

"I don't wanna." we hear her mumble which made the three of us chuckle. Even though Annabelle is the oldest, she's still able to act like the youngest.

Demetri shakes his head and then ends up bringing her to the table and the both sit on the opposite side of me. Annabelle then rested her head against Demetris' shoulder, slowly starting to wake up.

"Okay. Well I guess we'll leave when Annabelle fully wakes then." I say as I lean back against the chair. I glance outside and see that the sun is now setting. I couldn't help but think that my beloved was out there, waiting for me. I sigh to myself before turning back and listening in to what Emily and Demetri are talking about.

"Are you sure you have everything?" Demetri asks Emily and by the look on Emily's face I'm guessing it's not the first time hes asked that either.

"I already said that I packed everything now, didn't I?" Emily said irritated.

"Did you pack Serenity's dress?" Annabelle asks, seeming much more awake than she did before. She was still leaning on my brother's shoulder but her eyes are now open.

"Dress? But we couldn't find a dress." I say confused.

"No sweetie," Emily starts to say "you didn't find a dress. We just ordered one for you. It's basically our present to you." she says with a warm smile.

"Aww you guys!" I say while giving both of their hands and squeezing them.

"So can I see it?" I ask excitedly and stand up and make my way towards the stairs. Before I could take one step however, I was already being shoved into my chair with two sets of arms holding me down.

"Okay I guess not." I say a little hurt.

"You guessed correctly little one." Annabelle says as she pushes my chair back and kneels in front of me. I feel Emily's hands leave me and hear her going up the stairs.

"We want you to first see it when it's your first time wearing it." she says with a smile. I lift an eyebrow at her since it was the only thing that was able to stop me from rolling my eyes at her. She can really be sometimes I swear.

"Well, that's fine." I say while pushing myself off of the chair when I heard Emily close trunk of the car. "but I see no need for the both of you to man-handle me like that." I say giving both of them a look as Emily comes inside.

"Well, that was just for us." Annabelle says while winking at Emily who laughs in return. This time I did roll my eyes at them but soon joined in with the laughter.

"Well as precious as this little moment is," Demetri says while getting up "I think it would be best if we get going now." he says while grabbing Annabelle's hand and leading her towards the door. We all just nod and follow suit.

"Wait, aren't you going to bring anything with you?" Emily asks.

"Nah, I'm coming straight back here when the party's over anyway." I say as I lock the door behind me. We all make our way towards the car and I see Demetri heading towards the drivers seat and no way was I going to let him drive. I quickly ran and jumped into the seat just as he had opened the door.

"Thanks!" I say to him before slamming the door in his face. I look to the passenger side and see that Emily had done the exact same thing as me but instead to Annabelle. They both stand there for a moment before they start yelling.

"Get out Serenity!" he yells at me while yanking on the door handle but obviously, I had already looked.

"No." I say while putting my seat belt on before looking back at him.

"If you were to drive it would take us forever. So hurry up and get your ass to the back before I leave without you." I say while pointing my thumb at the backseat. He stands there with narrowed eyes looking right at me before he finally gives up and stomps his way to the back while grumbling something like 'little sisters are the devils work' and blah blah blah. I see Annabelle notice that Demetri had gone to the back which, of course, makes her basically forget Emily and hop in the back as well. She cuddles up to him straight away which he returns instantaneously.

"See," I turn and give them my most innocent smile "I did this for you guys."

"Shut up and drive Serenity." Demetri says while still glaring daggers at me. I roll my eyes at him before turning around and doing what I'm told. Not before turning on the radio and blasting it.

"I wonder how mom and dad are." I say to myself more than to them as I drive down the drive-way.

"I'm sure they're pissed." Demetri mutters which makes me grin.

"Yu-p." I say, popping the 'p'. They're going to be pissed since we were supposed to be there yesterday with Damien.

Oh well, thanks to being late I was able to find my beloved.

With that thought I knew I'd be able to face my parents with a smile no matter how mad they're going to be.



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