My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Twelve

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It took us an hour to get to my parents house which would usually take 2 hours. My brothers' describe my driving as 'Reckless' and 'Dangerous' but I like to think of it as 'Time Conserving'. Thinking of my brothers' I wonder if all of them will be here. Not likely. I'm sure the majority of them won't be here since if they were they would've been here yesterday with Damien and Demetri for my actual birthday.

Our parents house was also located within a forest with a very long driveway leading to it, but of course their house was more on the Extravagant side than the Nature side especially since the driveway was a cobblestone one than a dirt one.

The house they lived in, and what I used to live in, was basically a mansion. No need to be humble about it 'cause my parents, well more like my father, sure wasn't. He knew he had money so he made it his job to make sure everyone and anyone who comes over, knows it too. Like the saying goes; If you got it, flaunt it. It just makes it worse that my father is a prideful vampire no less. Lucky for us children we had the life lessons taught to us from our humble loving mother. See our mother was human when she meet our dad, she was also human when she gave birth to all of us which would make you think that we were half-human half-vampire but we aren't.

You see the gene that makes Vampires vampires, completely overrides the human gene but only when we have come of age to turn. This is what makes my family special. Unlike normal vampires, who turn when get bitten, we don't turn until we're 16 and from the time we're born to the time of our change, we are completely and utterly human.

My family is the only one known to give birth to vampires instead of making them. But never in my family's history has there ever been a female to ever have been born within the family gene which caused a lot of drama within my family. It made them think that my mother had cheated on my father with a human which was complete bullshxt. Of course my dad didn't listen to them since he knew my mother would never even think of doing that to him, plus he couldn't smell another mans scent on her which just made their assumptions that much false.

So when I turned everyone had finally cooled down and accepted that I was in fact my father's daughter. My father still held a grudge against them but let it slide since it wouldn't do the family any good, especially since he's the head of the family.

I was close enough that you could see the house. All the lights were on making the drive-way illuminate from the reflection of the lights. As I drove in two men dressed like butlers came out, one with light brown hair and the other having dirty blonde hair both with their hair slicked back. They bowed as I drove around the fountain that was in the middle. They were still bowing as I pulled up next to them and didn't lift their heads until all of us had hopped out of the car and was standing in front of them. I knew one thing about them though, they were handsome and had bright red eyes. Which only meant one thing; they're also Vampires.

But this just seemed to confuse me. My father was never one to hire help from Vampires. So I'm guessing they must owe him something. I was thinking this over when the brown hair one started talking.

"Good evening Sir and Madams, my name is Carlos and I am here to escort you all to the main dining hall, where your party will be held ma'am." he says while looking at me. "Whereas Andrew" he says looking away from me and indicating towards the blonde one/Andrew, "will take all of your belongings to your rooms and park your car." he finishes while looking back at me. I turn away from him and give the keys to Andrew while giving him my thanks.

"There's a dress at the back that says 'Serenitys Dress' on it, but please bring it to our room instead." Annabelle says to Andrew.

"Of course." he replies while bowing and then moving pass us to get to the car.

"Well now if you'll all follow me then." Carlos says before turning and walking through the double doors that I was all too familiar with.


The house was still the same as I remembered it; big and open. But of course this was all a farce. They never use the house since they spent majority of their time in the hidden chambers that were located underneath the house, which was just as extravagant.

The walls were still the same, as were the windows as was everything else. I've only been here five minutes and I'm already sick of it. All I wanted to do was drive back home, see my beloved and cuddle with him until the sun came up and then repeat it the next night and so on. Thinking about my beloved instantly brought my spirits up more, so much that I almost started skipping while we were walking.

We finally made it to the hall and the two people standing by the door opened them up for us. The inside was just like I remembered; big, bright and beautiful. The walls were still the creamy white color with beautiful gold intricate patterns leading from the bottom of the wall all the way to the top then across the ceiling and connecting to the chandelier, that's hanging in the middle of the room. Each pattern different from the one before. Along one side of side of the room had open doors that lead to the garden that was just a few steps away. The garden was just as magnificent but in my opinion much better during the day.

There were long tables along the opposite side of the wall, which I'm guessing is for food and stuff, and a grand piano in the corner with people bringing more instruments in. Wait, not people, vampires. Now I am beyond confused. Why is my father having vampires help set up? Just as I was thinking that, the grand doors that were across from where we were burst open and in walked the devil himself.

"No, no, not these! I told you to bring the other ones and leave those ones where they were!" he screams at one of the maids that had just brought in a bouquet of flowers. She quickly mumbled a quiet sorry and then rushed back out of the door she came from. My father glares at the maid as she rushes out then frustratingly runs a hand through his blonde hair and mumbles something along the lines of never being able to find good help these days and so on. He then finally looks our way and I'm able to see the frustration and pent up anger melt away from his features as a warmth starts to radiate from him.

"Serenity." He sighs and opens up his arms towards me with a loving smile gracing his features. Even though my father is an arrogant snob...he did know how to show his love towards his kids. Especially me since I'm the only girl and the youngest, plus he's not me at least.

As soon as he opened up his arms for me, I was already running towards him. He quickly snatched me up and spun me around just like when I was younger, making me laugh like I was five years old again.

"You're finally here." he says while placing me back on the floor. "Your mother and I were expecting you to be here yesterday with your brothers but instead only one of them came back, by himself." he finishes and giving Demetri an accusing look. Deciding that I didn't want him to know that it was my fault that we were a day late, I thought it best to change the subject.

"So has any more of my brothers arrived yet?" I ask while looking towards the door that he came from, expecting all of them to burst through the doors like my father just had.

"Unfortunately Daniel won't be able to make it. Lilian is supposed to be giving birth this month and he doesn't want her flying. Dylan also won't be able to make it since the weather is too bad to be able to fly in and he can't exactly swim across the pacific ocean in one night." he says while giving me a small smile.

Daniel is the third youngest of us kids and lived in Europe, which country? No idea. Like everyone in my family, he found his beloved when he turned Eighteen; her names Lilian and she's human. They met when he was travelling around the world and has never left her side ever since. Dylan is the fifth youngest. He used to be a twin to my other brother David...but David died a year ago after his beloved died in a freak accident. No one took it well, especially Dylan. The only person he could talk to was his beloved, Diane, which lasted a full three months. Ever since then he was able to slowly change back to the happy, carefree Dylan we knew. I was saddened that they weren't able to make it but I knew they couldn't help it.

I smile back at my father with understanding and nod for him to continue.

"Drake is in his room with Cecelia and Adrian said he would be here by tomorrow evening."

Drake is the third oldest and the most rebellious. We've never been able to get along properly so it was a surprise when my father had said he was here but the surprise was quickly forgotten when he mentioned Adrian. Adrian is the oldest out of all of us and was always the one that looked after me. When I was younger I was a real crybaby which basically encouraged my brothers' to pick on me. So whenever Adrian caught any of them making me cry he would always beat them up and make them apologize to me and do whatever I told them to do.

Ah, the life. I think to myself as the memories of me making them carry me around the house came flooding in.

"So, where's mom?" I turn and see Demetri and Annabelle walking towards us. I noticed that Emily was no longer with them so my guess is that she most likely went to look for Damien as soon as we walked in.

"You know what your mothers like, always wanting every minor detail to be perfect. So she could be anywhere right now." he says with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Well I guess I'll go look for her." I say as I step away from my father and move towards the doors that he came through.

"Carlos, please escort her." I hear my father say and before I know it, Carlos is there holding the door open for me.

"Of course Sir." he says as I walk through the doorway with him following my lead. He then walks in front of me and leads me towards the dining room.

"You know...I don't need an escort. This is, well was my home." I say awkwardly.

"It may seem so, but if your father wishes for me escort you, than I shall." He says to me without faltering in his steps.

"Can I ask why?" I ask hesitantly, afraid I might have over stepped my boudary which I obviously did when I saw him tense up but keep on walking.

"No." he replied with a tone that meant I couldn't ask anymore questions. So the rest of the walk was filled with awkward silence with only the slight patter our feet would make to break it.

We finally reached the dining room and Carlos opened the door for me. I gave him a grateful smile which was a waste of time since he wasn't even looking at me.

As I step through the doors my mother turns around and sees me. I give her a big smile but instead of smiling and coming to hug me, she narrowed her eyes at me and pointed at the doors we had just come through. She must've seen the confusion on my face because she was then in my face shoving me back. Before I could do or say anything to stop her, I was on my butt with the doors being slammed in my face.

"Okaay what the hell just happened?" I ask completely dumbfounded. I see a hand in front of me and see that it's Carlos giving me hand. I sheepishly smile at him and let him assist me. I dust the non-existent dirt off me and glare at the now closed doors in front of me.

Well, I guess she's definitely mad at me. I think bitterly. I try opening the door but of course, it was locked. I sigh and look at Carlos and get surprised when I see him staring at me.

"Um..." I say trying to break the awkwardness. To make things worse he takes a step closer towards me which makes me jump and take a step away from him which inevitably makes me hit the door behind me. He then takes another step forward, making me press myself further against the door.

I don't like this. I think frantically. He was now right in front of me, our bodies only a mere inch apart. He then lifts a hand and strokes my cheek with the back of his fingers. I was too shocked to do anything but stare in to his eyes. His eyes held something... like a puzzle... that I didn't want to decipher; at all.

Just as I was about to make a run for it, an all too familiar voice rang through the hall way. Basically seeping with mischief and arrogance.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"



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