My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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The Alexander Brothers - Not a Chapter

Heeyo so this is not a chapter. This is just who the brothers are since I'm sure most of you guys, including myself sometimes, get confused on who's who. It will basically be a description of who they are, what the look like and who their beloved's are. They will be in order from youngest to oldest :)

Demetri - Blond Hair, Green Eyes - Beloved: Annabelle (Turned)

Daniel - Black Hair, Green Eyes - Beloved: Lillian (Human)

David - Twin - Died one year ago

Dylan - Davids Twin - Blonde Hair, Green Eyes - Beloved: Diane (Turned)

Drake - Brown Hair, Green Eyes - Beloved: Cecilia (Turned)

Damien - Black Hair, Green Eyes - Beloved: Emily (Turned)

Adrian - Black Hair, Blue Eyes - Beloved: ???

Turned = Vampire

??? = Will be announced in future chapters

So in total she has 7 brothers but only 6 are still alive. I really hope this helps but if your still confused then please comment or message me :) Oh and remember that Daniel and Dylan will not be at the party. Well that's about it. The next update will be this weekend and if not then sometime at the beginning of next week :) Thank you guys so much for all the support for MBW and keep looking forward to future updates ^_^



Picture on the side is their parents house.

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