My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Thirteen



"Drake..." I say as I see him strolling down the hall with his hands in his pockets. Carlos' hand instantly drops and he then takes a couple of steps back before bowing.

"At ease soldier." Drake says to him with a salute before that signature smirk of his graced his lips.

"Actually I think it would be best if you leave now, for your own safety of course." Drake says with a teeth-baring smile. When he saw the confused expression his smile dropped and his eyes turned a few shades darker as he narrowed them at Carlos.

"That means leave boy before I break your neck for touching my little sister so intimately." He says with menace dripping off every last word. I look at Carlos and see his already pale skin get paler, almost transparent. I was about to tell Drake to shove his concern elsewhere when Carlos muttered a 'yes sir' and walked down the hallway in the opposite direction. I watched him until he turned a corner before I turned and glared at Drakes' satisfied expression.

"You're an ass, you know that?" I ask him bitterly. He turns and looks at me with an eyebrow raised.

"I'm an ass for looking out for my little sister?" He asks while crossing his arms over his chest.

"That's the thing Drake, you weren't looking out for me. You were just picking on him to have a little fun of your own." I say with a roll of my eyes. His serious expression was then replaced with that humor filled grin of his. He then came up to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, leading us down the same way that Carlos went.

"You are right Serenity," he starts to say as he squeezes my shoulder. "I couldn't give a flying fxck about you, but the look on that boy's face really made this disgusting trip that much brighter." He says while turning his head towards me and giving me a closed-eye smile.

"Why is it disgusting?" I ask, instantly regretting it as the words left my mouth.

"Why? Why it's because we'll be celebrating the day you were born! That in itself is disgusting." He says while shuddering and increasing the pressure he's putting on my shoulders now making them strain to keep straight.

"Not only that, but I had to bring that whiny bxtch with me!" He says now shouting, making us stop in the middle of the hallway and turning my roughly to face him. "And it's all thanks to you. No one else just you." he says before shoving me into the wall behind me. To say that I was used to being treated like this by Drake was a complete understatement. I was so used to this that I am now officially over it.

"Then leave! I didn't ask for you to be here so leave already! And take that bxtch with you!" I yell at him. Who the hell does he think he is yelling at me like that! Before I could register anything I felt a sting on cheek making me stagger to my left, almost making me fall over.

"What the-" before I could finish I quickly ducked, dodging the fist that was flying towards my face and then rolling to the side as it then came flying down to the spot where I had just been ducking.

"Who the hell do you think you're calling bxtch, you little slut!" an annoying voice screeches at me.

"Oh please, shut up Cecelia." I say while standing up straight and looking her dead in the eyes. "Didn't anyone ever tell you that it's rude to eavesdrop on other peoples' conversations? I mean you're a thousand years old, I'm sure someone would of." I say while leaning back against the wall behind me and raising a brow at her. "So why don't you just run along and hide in the hole that my brother found you in, while we finish." I say while doing a shooing action with my hand.

"You little-" she says while clenching her fists but she gets cut off mid-sentence.

"I think that's enough." I turn and see my saviour; Annabelle. I give her a grateful smile but she doesn't notice since she's too busy shooting daggers back and forth between Cecelia and Drake.

"I thought I smelt trash when I walked in to the house," she says as she walks up to s and makes her way next to me. "And now I can tell the maid where to find it so she can dispose of it."

"This has nothing to do with yo-" Cecelia starts to say as she points her finger at her.

"Oh, but it has everything to do wtih me. When ever Serenity is involved," Annabelle says before walking up to Cecelia and getting in her face, making Cecelia cower away, "I'm involved, got it?"

Cecelia quickly nods and goes and hides behind Drake who's covering his mouth, obviously trying not to laugh.

"Good girl! Now Drake?" Drake looks at Anabelle and raises a brow at her in question. "Can you please have a tighter grip on the leash for your mutt? Or else I will have to step in and discipline her myself."

"Of course." he says before bowing. He gives Annabelle a wink and grabs Cecelia by the wrist and drags her down the stairs, without a second glance towards me. As they go down the stairs Cecelia turns and glowers at the both of us before she dissapears.

"Thanks." I mumble to Annabelle while turning towards her. "But I can handle Cecelia."

"I know you can ssweet heart, but it's Drake that I'm worried about." she says as she looks at me with concern. No one knows about how badly Drake treats me, besides Adrian and Annabelle. Adrian always knew and was always there for me but Annabelle only found out because she found me crying after Drake had just finished verbally abusing me.

"That boy has a tongue as sharp as knife and I will not have that when I'm there to stop it." she says while grabbing my shoulders and giving them a good rub.

"Now come on," she says as she links our arms together and leads us to the stairs. "Your party is tomorrow night and we haven't even finished decorating!" she exclaims.

Please just let this torture end! I pray to whoevers listening. The only good thing right now is that I'll be able to see my beloved in less than a day.


Photo on the side is Drake so good luck hating on that handsome devil ;)


P.S Dedicated to @cheyenne4rest for being the first one to comment what I changed in Chapter One :)

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