My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Fourteen

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The sun was slowly starting to rise, making the sky change from blue to orange and pink. The birds were up singing their songs all the while I was waiting for something that I knew wasn't going to happen. I knew from the moment I stepped into the clearing that she wouldn't come tonight but I still had to try. I wanted to see her in my human form so I could touch her and hold her properly. So I could run my fingers through her hair and see just how smooth and soft it was. Damn I wanted to see her.

Heaving a sigh, I slowly got up from leaning against the boulder and clicked all of my joints back together since I felt stiff all over.

'Ugh, stuff it. Wanna go for a run?' I ask Tobias as I click my back back in to place.

'Do you really need to ask?'

'Aright then' I say before stripping down. I close my eyes and focus; feeling my body start to tremble and before I know it I'm on all fours. I stretch and then shake out my coat.

Just before I let Tobias take over I look back over my shoulder just hoping that my mate would come crashing through the line of trees that I last saw her run through yesterday.

'She's not coming, we would've smelled her already if she were.' Tobias says to me. I keep looking at the line of trees, just hoping that Tobias is wrong, but he's not. I turn back around, pick up my clothes with my teeth and let Tobias take over. All the while I just watch as the trees start flying past us.


We had only been running for a good 2 hours when Jaces' voice invaded my head.

'Yo Lucas, you have to get to the pack house ASAP. Alphas orders. Oh and Thomas said to bring him some of your shoes for the party tonight as well.' and with that he was gone, not even waiting for a reply. I swear him and Thomas better learn some respect before I'm Alpha!

I laugh as the apartment building I live in comes into view, just thinking of how naive I would be if I thought they would actually respect me since they have never respected my in their entire lives.

I remember when we were 10 years old and we'd be playing at the back of the pack house; Jace, Thomas and me. We would always play a game where we would wrestle each other and the winner would become 'Alpha' and the two who lost would both have to do one thing the 'Alpha' says. Then when the losers finished what they were told, we'd end up wrestling again for the title. I would always win so as a handicap they would either tie one of my arms behind my back or blindfold me but since I had Alpha blood I was still able to win, not every time but majority of it. We would continue playing until dinner was ready and then play again until our mothers came out and dragged us inside and everytime we would play, the handicaps they would give me would get worse and worse.

I was still laughing as I opened the door to my apartment using the spare key I leave outside in the woods for when I run back home.

The apartment was just as I left it two days ago. Woah wait a minute...I haven't been home for two whole days? Well I need a shower.

I go and turn on the shower and while the water warms up I get some clothes out to wear on the way back to the pack house, deciding that I'll be driving there since I'll need a car for the party tonight. I turn and see steam coming out of my bathroom and decide that it's ready.

I finish my shower and get dressed in the t-shirt and jeans I picked out and then start looking for some dress shoes for Thomas. I walk into my wardrobe and look where the shoes are and start looking for some. Just as I found a pair that would fit him his voice, just like Jaces', invades my head but just 10 times louder.

'LUCAS! Where are you man? You're taking forever!' He basically screams as he mind-links me.

'Thomas, SHUT THE HELL UP!' I yell at which earns me whimper from him.

'Woah calm down, it was only a question.' He pouts to me.

'Well ask it quietly.' I say back to him, 'anyway I've got your shoes I'll be there in 10 minutes.' I say to him before closing the mind-link and blocking him out. There's only so much of Thomas that Tobias and I can tolerate.

I then pick up the shoes for him and make my way to the kitchen. Since I always eat back at the pack house, I never bother buying food for here so I couldn't eat here even if I wanted to. So I just quickly grab my keys and head out.


I had just driven down the drive and the pack house seemed eerily quiet. I then park my car just in front of the pack house then make my way inside just to find that it was empty.

They must be eating. I think to myself as I head towards the dining hall just to realize that that too was empty.

Um...okay where the hell is everyone? I then mind-link Jace and Thomas and ask them where they are but the only thing that answers me is silence. Where the hell are they? Well since they won't answer me I guess I'll just have to find them myself. With that thought in mind I walk outside the dining hall and close my eyes and let all my senses heighten. I listen carefully for any sounds that could indicate where everyone is and what are growls...and a lot of them.

Before I even realize Tobias has taken over and we were sprinting down the dirt path that lead to the clearing where members of the pack usually train in wolf form and as I got closer the growls grew more evident making us run that much faster, deciding to ditch the track and just ran straight through the trees.

As soon as I broke through the last line of trees I saw both Jace and Thomas circling eachother right before they started running towards one another with their teeth exposed and snarling. Without thinking twice about it I jumped between them.

'ENOUGH!' I shout at both of them through the mind-link with all the Alpha blood in me going into that one command. They both skidded to stop only a hair width away from me before they both bowed with their snouts touching the ground in front of them. I glare down at the both of them before I realize that we weren't the only one out here in the clearing; the whole pack was here. Some were in their wolf forms while others were still in their human form.

'What the hell is going on here?!' I growl at them. They both look at each other before looking behind me, which just pissed me off.

'Answer me!' They both flinch but the one to talk first is Jace.

'We were sparring.' He says through the mind-link which leaves me completely dumbfounded.

'Why the hell for?' I ask him and I see him look behind me before looking towards Thomas, who was looking anywhere but at Jace and I.

'Well spit it out!' I say to Jace, getting extremely frustrated. Jace quickly looks behind me for a second before sighing.

'It was your dads idea.' With that I swung around and marched towards my father who was directly behind me, figuring out that he was the one they were looking at.

'Care to tell me why you were making both my Second and Third command spar against each other dad?' I ask when I'm directly in front of him with a couple of feet between us.

"Well son, it was because they were pissing me off." He says to me before turning towards the pack and telling them that it was time for everyone to start cleaning themselves up and getting ready for tonight. As soon as the pack left and it was just my father and I, plus Jace and Thomas who were still on the ground, I shifted back into human form so I could talk to them properly.

"Okay how exactly did they piss you off dad?" I ask him while crossing my arms over my chest and raising an eyebrow, ignoring the fact that I was naked.

"They bicker like women son! No elderly women! No an elderly couple!" He exclaims as he flings his arms out exasperatingly. "So, with me and everyone else in a hundred mile radius being fed up with their squabbling I decided that it would be best for them to just spar. Not only will it take care of their frustrations for one another but it would also be entertaining for the pack to watch." He finishes saying as he gives both Jace and Thomas the stink eye.

"You guys are complete idiots!" I yell as I turn to them. "God help you both if I'm ever there to hear your guy's bickering I swear I will make that moment a living hell for the both of you! You hear me?" They both nod in unison and I brush my hand through my hair just to relieve some of the frustration dumb and dumber caused.

"Okay then get up. We have to get ready, it's already lunch time." I say before shifting and heading back to the dining hall.

I hear Thomas and Jace get up and fall in step with me.

'Sorry man.' They both say which I just shrug to. I was used to their bickering but there is still only so much I could tolerate some days.

'Atleast you guys got a good work-out out of it.'

'Yeah we did! But I sooooo would've won if you didn't jump in between us man!' Thomas says as he skips next to me with a lopsided wolfy grin on.

'In your dreams Tommy-boy! Your lucky Lucas jumped in to save your ass!' Jace says back to Thomas. Before they start to bicker I cut them both off with a growl.

'Stop it now or I'll make you both wear dresses tonight!' I snap at them, earning me some peace and quiet.

'Good girls.' I say to the both of them as I walk in front.

The dinning hall was just coming into view when I quickly sent a prayer up to the Moon Goddess.

Please make time go faster. Since the faster time goes by the faster I'll be able to see my mate. In human form.



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