My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Fifteen

Lo and behold here is Chapter bloody Fifteen!! I know I know I took like 1000 years to update but here it finally is! So hate it, love it, whatever you want to do with it and if you want to know why it took so long there will be an authors note at the end :) so hurry up and read! ;) and if there's mistakes...please ignore them :D




"I'm not wearing that." I say while shaking my head and squeezing the pillow I'm holding tight.

"Why nooooot?" Annabelle whines, "Emily and I specifically ordered this for you, so you could wear it tonight."

"Do you not like it?" Emily asks with a worried look on her face.

"No! I honestly love it! It's just..." I say while looking down at the floor.

"It's just, what?" Annabelle snaps at me.

"It's's's too much!" I yell as I fling myself back on to the bed and chucking my pillow to the side in the process.

"What do you mean it's too much? It's your coming of age party for Goddess' sake!" Annabelle snaps at me making me flinch from how high her voice has gotten. I just sigh and look at the ceiling.

"I know that, I just don't wan't to be over dressed." I say as I stare at the ceiling.

"Oh my fu- are you freakin' serious right now Serenity?" she asks loudly. I don't say anything and before I know it I'm getting pulled off the bed and being stripped of everything piece of clothing I have on me.

"What are yous doing?!" I say as my mouth is filled with blue shiny fabric.

"Trust me. Once you see yourself in this, you'll change your mind straight away." Emily says as she turns me towards the full length mirror.

"I highly doubt it." I say before I look at myself and I was taken back by how beautiful the dress really is. It was stunning. When you look at it you would think that it would be heavy but as I did a little twirl it floated off the floor and the layers would gently float back down.

"See, we knew you would like it." Emily says as she stands behind me and giving my shoulder a squeeze.

"Where did you find it..?" I ask as I stare at it with wonder.

"Well," Annabelle starts to say as she sits on the bed behind me, "Emily and I designed it and then got one of my old friends to make it." she says with pride and a beaming smile.

"You guys designed this?" I ask incredibly as I turn to face the both of them. They both smile at me and nod. I look at them for a minute before tackling them into the bed and hugging while I repeatedly say thank you.

"You guys are amazing!" I yell as I still hug them tighter.

"We know we are." Annabelle says while laughing. "Now get off us before you ruin your dress."

I get off of them straight away and mumble a 'sorry' as I stand up making them laugh. Emily then got up from the bed and lead me to the vanity and sat me down.

"I'm just going to do your hair. It won't be long." With that she started to curl the ends of my hair and spraying it with hair spray. She then took parts of my hair that usually framed my face and pinned them back with pearl hair pins that matched the patterns on the dress.

"Finished." Emily says as she steps back and admires her work. I say thank you and was about to stand up when Annabelle pushed me back done.

"Hey she's the one that's finished. I haven't even started." She says as she spins me around in the chair and I see the dark glint in her eye as she winks at me.

That's when I knew...that I should've ran when I had the chance.



"Finally!" Thomas exclaims as I put my seat belt on. "The so-called 'meeting' took longer than it should've." I look through my rear view mirror and see his arms spread out and his leaning back against the headrest.

"Well the party's just getting started." Jace says next to me as he straightens up his tie and fixes his cuff links.

"I know so, how about we get this show on the road?" Thomas asks with a clap of his hands.

"Seat belt Thomas." I say as I put the key in the ignition. I see him roll his eyes through the rear view mirror and I let out a growl. I see him jump and look through the mirror and making eye contact with me. I glare at him and he coughs before looking away and mumbling a small "sorry" as he puts his seat belt on. Even though he's one of my bestfriends, I still have to show them who's boss. No matter how small the situation is.

As soon as we are all ready I start the car and drive to the front of the pack house where the rest of the pack is waiting.

As I drive to the front I see my parents in their own car waiting for me. As soon as we come into view they speed off down the drive with me hot on their tails within seconds with the rest of the pack slowly filing behind me. My parents are the only ones who knows where this chick lives so they're obviously leading the way for us. They said that we lived around 1-2 hours away from them by car, if we were running there by wolf however we'd probably make it there in a good half an hour.


After two hours of driving along the straight road, surrounded by forestry, we came up to a single lamp post which is stationed in front of a cobblestone driveway. Since it was already dark, seeing as it's already 8:30pm, there were little twinkling lights along the driveway amongst the bushes letting visitors see the road properly. But with us being werewolves and all it was pretty unnecessary since we had better enhanced senses than humans and most likely vampires.

I slow down and turn into the drive as I follow my parents, which the rest of the pack behind me does as well. As we drove further down the cobblestone drive, we started to see the house for what it was; massive. It was nowhere near the same size as the pack house but it was surely much more extravagant, which is ridiculous since I'm sure only the parents live here. Thomas gives out a low whistle as we pull up around the fountain that was located smack bang in the middle of the drive, making it into a sort of roundabout.

As we all come to a steady stop we all see two figures coming out of the house; one being male and the other being female. I watch as my parents exit out of their car, my father being a gentleman and opening my mothers door for her, and walking towards the couple. I take this as my cue to follow as I unbuckle my seatbelt and nod towards Jace and Thomas to follow as well. I exit out of the car and swiftly catch up to my parents with a reasonable gap between us with Jace and Thomas flanking me instantly.

As we come closer to the couple I can't help but stop in my tracks as I see the woman's strikingly familiar features. She had straight black hair that came up to just above her shoulders in a straight cut, curling in at the ends. Her skin was pale white, which was common for vamps, and her body being long and slender with slight curves but none of that had anything to do with me stopping. No, it was her eyes. Her ocean blue eyes.

'Luc, you alright?' I hear Jace's voice inside of my head. I subtly shake my head as I continue forward, clearing my throat to try and cover my slowly increasing heartbeat. She can't be right? There's no way she could possibly be-

"Welcome! We've been awaiting for your arrival." The blonde man announces, who I have come to realise is the head of the Alexander family. "Ahhh Michael, it's good to see you after so long!" He says with an outstretched hand towards my father. Damn what was his name again...Andrew?

My father chuckles as he shakes his hand. "It has, hasn't it Alexander." My father says as he places his other hand on his shoulder. Really? Alexander Alexander? How...original. I internally roll my eyes at that thought and wonder how I could've possibly forgotten his name.

"It's a pleasure to be invited to such a joyous occasion." He says as he lets go of Alexander's hand and takes a step back so he is standing beside my mother. "This is my mate Elaine." He says as he introduces my mother. She gives a gentle smile before she bows her head in greeting. Alexander welcomes my mother and says something about her being beautiful and too good for my dad or something "And this is my son Lucas. The future Alpha." He says with pride as he gestures towards me as I step forward so I'm just behind him.

"It's an honour to be here." I say as I give a slight bow of my head. I then lift up my head and stare straight at his smiling face noticing that it didn't reach his eyes.

"Welcome! Welcome!" He says as he slaps a hand on my shoulder and giving it a squeeze before stepping back. "This is my beloved Seneta." He introduces the woman standing next to him in exchange she gives us a warm smile but, unlike her husband, it actually reached her eyes.

"It's a pleasure to have you all here. If you could just follow us." She says with her smile still intact as she turns and starts to walk back towards the open doors they had come through.

My parents start walking first with Jace, Thomas and I right behind them. The rest of the pack slowly starts to also make their way towards us as we enter the threshold which left us completely gob smacked at the extravagant open interior. The interior was designed with mainly white marble floors and pillars with gold, which I'm certain is real, vines going up them. There were two twin stairways leading up to the second floor with two large doors between them with two men, vampires, standing in front of them.

As we come closer the two men bow low to the couple in front of us before opening both of the huge doors behind them. As the doors open many different but slightly similar scents intrude my senses but there's only one that I focus on which make my nostrils flare.

'She's here' Tobias growls which I nod inwardly towards him.

Well then, let's go find our mate.


Yes, I know what you're thinking "is this all?! After all this freaking time this is it?! You useless writer!!" Etcetera etcetera *sigh* I'm truly sorry for taking so long and I would just like to say a big juicy thank you to all of your guys support! It honestly made me extremely happy that people wanted me to continue with this story even though I was on the verge of giving up on it. So thank you thank you thank you!

Now for why it took me so long well...I had EXTREME writers block. Not because I didn't have ideas or anything but because I couldn't write out my ideas...if that even makes sense. But after reading your guys endless comments of wanting me to update my fingers just started writing (well typing) on their own and then the worse thing ever internet turned off!!! I was so mad! Just as soon as I wanted to start writing again my bloody Internet goes and gets cut off! But thank the skies above I was still able to write without Internet :D

So I really hope you guys are alright with this chapter because, trust me, the next chapter will definitely, well hopefully, be worth the wait!! :D

So vote (if you think it's worth it) and comment your likes and dislikes and I'll see you beautiful and amazing people next time! :)


P.S. pic on the side is obviously Serenitys dress ^~^

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