My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Sixteen

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She's not here. I've been looking everywhere in this damn ballroom but the beauty that is my mate is nowhere to be seen. Even her scent is as clear as day in this room, but her presence is rather lacking.

It's just going on to 10pm and Alexander and his beloved, Seneta, has already introduced my parents and I to about everyone that's here. My parents were supposed to leave about an hour ago but everyone wanted to talk to them, instead of a child like me.

My dad was fuming through the mind-link while I on the other hand inwardly rolled my eyes when one of the men had called me a 'child' since I was basically towering over his little stature. So in the end my parents, well my dad, mind-linked the members that stayed that they won't be coming until it's finished.

I was standing with Jace near the tables with all the food and drinks watching Thomas trying to secretly stuff his mouth with as much food as possible without any of the vamps noticing but of course they noticed since Thomas had food all over his mouth. Well it didn't really matter anyway, since not long after he decided to give up and just started shamelessly shoving handfuls after handfuls of food in to his mouth and whenever someone grimaced at him, he would give them a big open smile with food and all hanging out of his mouth. To say he was our entertainment for the night was pretty accurate.

Just as Thomas was about to shove more food into his mouth, the two huge doors on the left side of the room opened.

All conversations in the room stopped as all heads turned towards the doors. As soon as they opened my nose was assaulted with the scent that made my wolf howl and growl one word; Mate.



I stood a few steps back as the two men in front of the two doors bowed and started to open the doors in front of me with Annabelle and Emily just behind me. As the doors opened so many different scents hit me that they made me slightly dizzy. Since I wasn't used to so many scents invading my senses, I felt slightly disoriented.

When I looked into the room I could easily differentiate who was of which species; the pale people being vampires and the people with much more colour to their complexion being werewolves. This instantly made me wonder, well more like hope, that my beloved was in this very room.

I didn't have much time to wonder that thought for long since I could feel both Annabelle's and Emily's hands urging me forward and reminding me quietly to smile. So as I plastered a smile on my face I hesitantly took a step forward but lucky for me my father was already by my side with his arm out, gesturing for me to take it.

"You look lovely sweetie." He says before he kisses the side of my head and leads us towards my mother who is waiting a couple of steps in front of the audience known as guests to my party. I give him a smile as I say a quiet thank you.

"Now," he says as we stand next to my mother, who loops her arm with my own. "I think it's time to introduce you to our guests." He says with a brilliant smile. I hide my grimace as I look at the many people here. Yippee.


I was introduced to so many Lords and Madams and their sons and daughters that I didn't even bother remembering their names because let's face it, I honestly didn't care. All I cared about was finding my beloved who was somewhere in this damn forsaken ballroom.

I had smelt a whiff of his intoxicating scent only a few minutes ago but was instantly replaced as the next couple of guests being introduced to me at the time. With my sense of smell not being as top notch as many others I wasn't able to trace it and had instantly lost it the second I had it. To say I was frustrated was an understatement.

After what felt like forever, I was finally done with the introductions for the last vampire couple and finally got to move on towards the Howling Wolf Pack. I was extremely nervous but hid it with my little facade of confidence and walked slightly behind my parents as they lead me towards an extremely good looking couple.

"Serenity, I would like to introduce you to both the Alpha and the Luna of the Howling Wolf Pack; Michael and Elaine Knight." My father says as he gestures towards the breathtaking couple in front of me.

As I looked at them I couldn't help but admire their features; the man, known as Michael, was very tall and even through the suit he was wearing you could easily tell that there was nothing but muscle underneath. He had a very chiseled and muscular jawline with slightly tousled shoulder length wavy dark brown hair and piercing yet warm hazel eyes. I gave him a quick curtsy as his eyes locked with mine, which he returned with a warm crinkle eyed, dimple filled smile. I forced the blush, that was very close to erupting, down as I my eyes connected with the woman's; Elaine. She was stunning. She had long brown and red hair that reached halfway down her back and flawless brown skin which was a couple of shades lighter than her husbands-wait I mean mates. She had high cheekbones, a straight nose and plump lips that made her look striking and exotic. Damn, their children must be beautiful.

I tried to keep the shock from showing on my face as my eyes connected with strikingly familiar brown eyes. They instantly reminded me of my werewolf which made an idea pop in my head. But that was crazy. There was no way my beloved could be-

"It's so nice to finally be able to meet you." I hear before I feel arms wrap around me in a tight embrace. I stand still as shock invades my system but easily melts away as I gingerly wrap my arms around the beautiful woman with a smile growing on my face.

"It's a pleasure to have you both here." I say as she stops hugging me but leaves her hands on my shoulders.

"My Goddess, you're the spitting image of your mother. Well a younger version anyways." She says as she winks at me which I can't help but let out a small laugh.

"Thank you" I say as Michael steps forward and wraps an arm around Elaine's waist as she let's go of my shoulders. As I looked at the both of them I could easily tell that they were indeed the Alpha male and female. You can just tell by the way they hold themselves and by the air around them. It just oozed power.

"Well as you know, I am the Alpha of my pack." He says which I nod to. "So it is only right that I introduce you to the future Alpha of the pack. My son." He says as a smile tugs at his mouth. I feel butterflies invade my stomach as he finishes his sentence. I have no idea why I was feeling nervous, and slightly excited, but I didn't have time to decipher the feeling as he called out one name.

"Lucas!" It wasn't loud as he called for his son, probably just an octave louder, but somehow it turned the butterflies that were once fluttering in my stomach into overdrive. It made me suck in a breath and hold it to keep me from gasping from the feeling. I felt more than I saw as someone approached us with two other people flanking them, as my eyes were now glued to the floor.

"Lucas, I'd like to introduce you to the star of the party and the birthday girl, Serenity Alexander. The only daughter of Alexander and Seneta Alexander." I sneak a peak at Michael, mentally forcing myself to keep my eyes off his, most likely, incredibly handsome son on his left, to see his right hand gesture towards me to his son. Damnit Serenity! You have a Beloved!

"Serenity, this is my son and also the future Alpha for the Howling Wolf pack, Lucas." He continues and says this with so much pride that I so desperately wanted to look up but the feeling of the butterflies in my stomach morphing into elephants made me keep my eyes down.

Not knowing what else to do, I lift up my dress a little and do a long curtsy.

"It's a pleasure to have you here." I try to say confidently but ended up sounding squeaky. I honestly, right then and there, wanted to punch myself. I clench my eyes shut as I start to stand back up with my head still bowed but they instantly flew open as warmth and sparks engulfed my left hand.

I watched as the much larger hand lifted my left hand from where it hung limply on my side up to a pair of a delicious set of lips. As I stared at them, I watched as they pressed a light kiss on my knuckles which made the breath I was still amazingly holding come out in a whoosh and the blush I was holding all but erupted. I felt electricity zap through my whole body in an instant as the intoxicating scent enveloped all around me.

"The pleasures all mine." The set of lips huskily said against my skin. I held back the shiver my body almost did as his voice seemed to reverberate through my entire body. I couldn't help but let my eyes roam over his body appreciatively, although he was bowing, so I had to make do with the view I had before they went back to those perfect set of lips. He had bent down so he was just about the same height as me and he was still holding my hand. I gazed longingly at his lips and was just wishing that he was kissing something else besides my hand, or kept on kissing my hand since it felt that amazing.

I swallowed the saliva that seemed to had gathered in my mouth as my eyes moved from the now smirking pair of lips past his straight refined nose to the all too familiar warm gold flecked brown eyes. Before I could do anything I watched as his eyes changed from his beautiful brown colour to a predatory black. He then whispered the one word that was my undoing.




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