My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Seventeen

This chapter is dedicated to @booklover26091 for being amazing and helping me with this chapter :)

Also WARNING! Majority of this chapter was written on my phone and my phone is pretty shit so there will be mistakes!



I stared at him with my eyes widened as that one word seemed to echo throughout my head.


This, handsome devil, is my beloved? The future Alpha of the Howling Wolf pack is my Beloved?!

Well things just got a lot more complicated. I think bitterly.

I look behind him and see the two boys, well men, staring at my Beloved with wide eyes as if not believing he actually did that. I realize that he was still holding my hand and with much reluctance, on my part, I removed it from his grasp and folded both my hands in front of me, unconsciously rubbing circles over the spot where he kissed my knuckles.

I wanted so badly to jump him right this instant, and I so would've if it wasn't for the stupid crowd of people, but two things stopped me: first one being the crowd, obviously, and the second one being my fathers hand now firmly attached to my right elbow. I actually just realized it was there and I think so did my Beloved because I see his eyes glance towards my fathers hand and narrow slightly before they come back up to meeting my gaze. His facial expression instantly softens as he gazes back at me which makes a small smile appear on my lips. But it instantly disappears as my father suddenly coughs and interrupts our little moment.

"Yes, well it's a pleasure to have you here." My father says in an overly friendly tone which would sound welcoming to any one listening but I knew my father and I knew that that tone was completely and utterly fake. I'm not surprised that he didn't mention anything about my Beloveds little 'initiation' since he had said it so low that only I was able to hear it which I was grateful for.

"So sweetie," my father starts to say as he turns me towards him, "how about we go back to the Levines'? You promised their son a dance, remember?" He says as he drags me away from my Beloved.

"I remember no such thing!" I exclaim quietly as I try to pull my arm out of his grasp but after a few more tugs I knew it was no use. I sigh before looking at my Beloved beneath my eyelashes. The first thing I noticed was him glaring at my father with his hands and jaw clenched. Once his eyes landed on mine and he saw me watching him, his eyes changed instantly from rage to that of wanting and longing. I feel my chest clench as he stares at me with that look which I know is mirrored on mine.

I could feel the pull drawing me to him, like the first night in the woods and it took all of my will power not to crush him into a hug. So instead of running to him like I so desperately wanted to, I knew now was not the time nor the place. So as I was being dragged away from him I gave him what I hoped was a reassuring smile and pushed the idea of giving him a thumbs up away.

"Of course you wouldn't sweetie since I was the one who promised you would." My father says as he sends a cheeky grin at me over his shoulder, which I in return rolled my eyes at him.

"But dad I don't want to." I say to him quietly just so he can hear me.

"Well unfortunately my sweet, you have no choice in the matter." He whispers back at me just as we were coming to a halt in front of the Levines'. They were a good looking family, just like most Vampire families were. They were a different sort of family than ours. They were like how most families here were; born human, raise a family and then they changed once they've had enough. No one but my family were born human and then changed by our own blood instead of by drinking the blood of a vampires.

Their son, Nate or Nathan or something, was a good looking dirty blonde haired boy with blue eyes, probably a shade lighter than my own. I watched as he stepped forward and offered a hand out to me with a confident smile gracing his lips.

"May I have this dance Miss Serenity Alexander?" He says as he bows with his hand still outstretched towards me. I look towards my father, basically begging him to not make me which he returns with a look that makes me stop and turn back towards 'whatshisface'. I forgot how scary my father could be. I hide my grimace with a smile as I hesitantly take his hand which in return he grins triumphantly. I don't say anything as he leads me to the dance floor where many other couples were already dancing where I started to discreetly search the crowd for my Beloved. I spotted him instantly near the back near the beverage table with the same two guys he was with before but I wasn't looking at them since my eyes were locked with the warm coloured eyes that were gazing straight back at me. His gaze was so intense it made me breathless.

I gave him a small smile which vanished as soon as the man leading me turned with that same triumphant smile still plastered on his face. I watched it as it slowly changed into a smirk before he bowed and offered his left hand to me.

"Milady." He says gesturing me to take it. I looked at it with a moment of hesitation before placing my own on it. Just touching this man made me feel cold. Before I would've embraced it but after knowing how warm my beloveds hand truly was made me cringe inwardly at the bitter cold I felt now.

Before I could even think of removing my hand, I was suddenly pulled forward making me bump into the mans chest and have his hand firmly placed on my hip, holding me captive.

Well at least to me it felt like that.

I stared wide-eyed at my captor and tried to hide my grimace as he threw a charming smile my way which would've made any other girl swoon but not me. I'm not into blondes considering nearly all of my brothers' have blonde hair as well. I'm more into the tall, dark and extremely handsome type. Like the type that was staring at me right now.

I jolt in surprise as my blue eyes connect with the familiar brown orbs.

Willing myself not to smile at my Beloved I bit down my bottom lip just in case it decided to betray me. As if knowing what I was thinking, I watched as his gaze slowly travelled down to my lips and narrowed with his top lip lifting as he let out a silent growl. I closed my eyes as shivers consumed me as I imagined just what that growl would've sounded like, making me bite my lip harder.

"Are you okay?"

My eyes fly open at the sudden voice. I look up and see a worried expression on my captors face. I open my mouth to tell him that I'm okay before an idea pops into my head.

"Actually I'm a bit parched so if you'll excuse me." I say as I curtsey and bow my head slowly before getting back up and giving him a small smile. I turn to leave but a hand on my arm stops me.

"Please, let me get it for you."

"No!" I say urgently as I stop him. Realising that my actions had caught a few stares from a few people around us I quickly begin talking again.

"I couldn't possibly stop you from enjoying a dance." Before he could say anything I quickly grabbed a girl that was standing close and placed her in front of him.

"Here you go. Enjoy." I say with a cheerful smile and quickly make my escape before either of them could say a word.

I start to make my way towards the beverage table and saying my thanks to majority of the people that I passed for coming.

Once I finally made it to the table I looked around only to see the two guys my Beloved was with before. One of them had black shoulder length curly hair with deep olive toned skin while was basically the total opposite with his buzz cut blonde hair and lightly tanned skin.

They both noticed me instantly and bowed their head in greeting which I returned with a genuine smile since if they were with my Beloved then they must be close to one another. While the curly haired one returned my smile with one of his own charming smiles, showing off his pearly whites then looking back towards the party, the other simply kept his gaze locked on me which was filled with curiosity and.....confusion? I didn't know.

I gazed back at him with a questioning look before noticing the glass in his hand which instantly reminded me of my excuse for being here. I quickly turn back to the table and grabbed a glass with unscented chilled blood which instantly put a grimace on my face. I didn't need a scent to tell me that this was human blood. I held on to it though just to keep up the idea of me being too parched to dance. I turn then and my eyes instantly dart around the ballroom searching for the one presence I was yearning for.

"He's outside."

My head snaps towards the voice and I'm met with the side of the blonde guys face as he picks up a drink from the table behind me. He looks at me sideways before turning towards me and giving me a sly smirk before bowing his head and walking back towards his curly haired friend. My face erupts into a bright smile as I realise he had just told me where my Beloved was. I see as he turns back and looks at me as he stands next to his friend. I mouth the words 'Thank you' before turning and heading towards the open doors to my left not too far from me before walking towards them, but of course fate has other things planned for me.

"And where do you think you're going missy?" I let out a groan as I look at my red haired sister-in-law.

"Please Annabelle, not now." I say as I stare at the doors not far from my reach.

"Well if you just tell me where you're going then I'll let you on your merry way." She says as she places her hands on her hips. She was wearing a blood red dress the hug her body nicely, showing off her flawless curves.

"Wait, actually you can help me." I say as I grab her arm and pull her towards me.

"Help with what?" She asks as I quickly look around to make sure no ones in hearing distance before I quickly look back at her.

"I need you to create a distraction for me. One that will get everyone's attention."

"And what do you need this distraction for exactly?" She asks as she crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow at me.

"Um...I just need to go outside" I mutter as I watch the blood swish around in my cup. I sneak a peek at Annabelle to see her face plastered with a knowing smirk.

"I mean it's just...y' crowded and stuff and I just want air"

"Oh for all that is bloody! Just stop already!" She exclaims as she snatches my glass away from. "I swear, you are the worst liar I have ever met in my life!"

"Wow that's really saying something considering how long your life actually is." I huff out as I cross my arms together.

"Don't push your luck little miss or I'll reconsider helping you." She says as she points her index finger at me. I just simply roll my eyes at her. It not like I was lying, she's lived a long-ass life.

"Okay okay, so how exactly do you plan on helping me?"

"Well," she starts to say as she stares at the blood in the cup, "you know how that bitch Cecilia is wearing that horrendous over-the-top White dress?" She asks rhetorically as she looks at me with a now mischievous glint in her eyes. "And you know how I just love the colour red on her right?" She asks apprehensively which I smile wickedly as I realise where she's going with this.

"Well I just thought that I should add...a splash of colour to her wardrobe." She finally says as she lifts up her glass for emphasis.

"Sister in law, you truly are the devil in disguise." I say as I shake my head with the same wicked smile on my face.

"I know. So when you hear a scream that's your cue to go got it?"

"Yes ma'am." I say with a playful salute. She gives me a gentle shove before turning in, what I'm guessing, the direction of where Cecilia is.

"Oh and little sister?" I look to her and see her head slightly turned this way. "I'll make sure no one goes outside while you're out there." I see the right side of her lips turn up in a smile before she turns back around and becomes one with the crowd. I smile to myself before turning and standing next to the open doors to my left as I wait for my signal.

A slight breeze drifts through doors and all I can smell is my Beloveds intoxicating scent. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in.

Come on Annabelle.

As if hearing my thoughts a loud, high-pitched and extremely annoying scream erupts on the other side of the ballroom which in returns has all heads turning in that direction. Without missing a beat, I quickly turned on my heels and headed out the doors. I am instantly met with the cool air the night has brought and the twinkling light that adorn th garden in front of me. But that is not what takes my breath away.

No. It is the figure ten metres in front of me with his back turned. I admiringly look over his tall and masculine stature; from his slightly tousled hair to his broad shoulders down his masculine back which lead to his round-I quickly shook my head to stop myself from becoming a real pervert.

I look to my Beloved and see he is still standing the same, indicating that he doesn't realise that I'm here. I take a few tentative steps forward, as quietly as possible, and step down the two steps so I am now on the grass, only five metres away from him. I will myself to move forward but it's like my body's frozen. I lift up my hand and realise I'm shaking. I lift my shaky hand to my face and realise that my cheek is damp.

I'm crying.

I place my hand flat against my cheek and wipe away the oncoming tears. Why am I crying? My Beloved is right in front of me!

I wrap my arms around me as if I'm cold and look to my Beloved. He wasn't staring straight ahead anymore, but now at the almost-full moon. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted my Beloved. I wanted him to touch me, to hold me, to look at me! But this all felt like a dream to me. As if the moment I touch him, his image will shatter and I'll wake up to the emptiness my life has been. So without thinking my mouth opened and formed the one name that will forever mean the world to me.



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