My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Eighteen

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I spun around faster than I thought possible as I heard the sweet whisper of my name. I knew that voice for it will forever be engraved to my soul. As I turned the sight that met me was breathtaking.

It was as if I was staring at an angel with a tearstained face from falling from the sky above.

As I fully faced her, her eyes quickly met mine and once again filled with unshed tears. I didn't understand why she was crying but it made my blood boil just thinking about someone hurting my mate. I promised myself then and there that no matter who it was, I was going to kill them.

"Serenity," I said her name softly as I reached my hand up and wiping the few tears that were rolling down her pale cheek. I felt the Sparks where our skin touched but I ignored them. Her eyes were closed but the tears kept on falling.

"Serenity, look at me please." I whispered pleadingly, making my voice come out husky. I took another step forward, making our bodies almost touch, and tilted her face up so I could look at her properly. I watched as her eyes started to slowly open, revealing her ocean blue orbs but it wasn't sadness that consumed them.

"You're real." she whispered as her eyes sparkled with happiness.

I watched as she leaned into my touch before closing her eyes with a content smile. All of my self control left me in that moment as I did the one thing I've wanted to do since the night we met. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her flush against me, lifting her off the ground a little so we were almost the same height. She gave a little shriek of surprise but then quickly sucked in a breath as I bent my head and nuzzled into her neck.

"Of course I'm real." I whispered roughly. I felt as she shuddered as my breath caressed her neck. I then felt her hands, which were on my shoulders, slowly start to move as she wrapped her arms around my head in an embrace before she too started nuzzling into me. This one moment made it feel as if time had stopped just so we could savour it. I gently moved back and placed her back on the ground. She dropped her embrace but left her hands around my neck with my hands still on her waist.

I took this moment to really look at her, to take her all in. She beautiful. I took in everything about her: her eyes, her nose, her lips, her hair, heck even her ears and they all just screamed perfection. Which was understandable because that's what she is, complete and utter perfection. She seemed to notice me staring as she tilted her head while looking at me with her eyes asking me, "what's wrong?" I shake my head at her with a smile before placing my forehead on hers, making sparks instantly shoot between where our skin touched before traveling throughout my body.

"You're so beautiful." I whisper with my eyes closed as I let this moment sink in. I feel as her hands move from around my neck, to my hair before they're resting on the sides of my head. Just before I was about to open my eyes, I felt a small pressure on my lips, making my eyes fly open as sparks, the strongest I've felt so far engulf my body making Tobias growl in need for more, but leaving me stunned.

"So are you." She says before her eyes widen. "I mean handsome! I mean you are beautiful, I can't deny that but since guys don't really like being called beautiful-or was it being called cute?" Her face then turned to that of confusion before she looks at me. Her cheeks, which were at first a light shade of pink, were growing richer in colour as I keep on staring at her which made her open her mouth again. "I-I mean unless you like being called cute? Because you are! Like really really cute! But like the ruggedly cute hot type......" She mutters and finishes quietly. Her once pink coloured cheeks were now a full blown red and before I knew it, I was laughing my ass off.

"St-stop it! It's not funny!" She stutters out as she looks at me with embarrassment covering her face. Instead of stopping, it just seemed to make it more amusing. So I stepped away from her and bent a little as my stomach started to hurt from all the laughing I was doing. As I calmed down I looked to my mate and saw as she stood there with an annoyed expression with her arms crossed in front of her. My little mate was seriously just too cute.

"Why does this feel like déjà vu?" She says with a sigh as she closes her eyes before reopening them and looking at me with amusement. "I really hope you don't plan on licking me again." She says as she lets out a little laugh. Taking this opportunity of her being distracted, I step back in front of her and pull her towards me making her crash into my chest with a squeal of surprise before placing her hands in front of her to steady herself.

"What the-" I cut her off as I bend my head next to her ear.

"Trust me my little Mate, I plan on doing much more than just a little licking. I promise you that." To emphasis my words, I bite down gently on her earlobe, making her gasp and moan in surprise. I smirk as I pepper small kisses along her jaw making her shiver with every one before I'm back in front of her. "But that won't be now of course because after all, I am still a gentleman." I say as I flash her my most charming smile. She looks at me with her once again reddened cheeks before rolling her eyes.

"You're an idiot." She mumbles with a cute little pout as she looks away from.

"Yes, but I'm your idiot, remember?" I tease as I rest my forehead back against hers. She looks back at me with that loving smile as she wraps her arms back around my neck.

"Yeah you are." She whispers. I couldn't help but glance at her tempting luscious lips and instantly felt myself leaning forward. I guess we were on the same wave length because she too started leaning forward as well. We were just a hair widths apart before-

"Sorry to interrupt this oh so precious moment but her highness is needed."

(I was actually going to stop here......until I realised how ridiculously short it was lol so carry on!)

At the sound of another voice my instincts kicked in, making me pull my Mate gently behind me as I bent and growled at the intruder who interrupted us. It was a female with a shock of red hair but female or not, I wasn't letting my guard down. Especially when she was looking at me all smug. Just as I was about to let another growl out, I felt my Mates hand touch my arm. I look back at her as she gives me a smile.

"It's alright." She says gently before she looks back at the redhead. As her eyes meet her, her expression instantly changes from cheerful, to absolutely pissed.

"You're lucky I love you Annabelle or else I swear..." She sighs as she lets the threat hang while she closes her eyes and rubs at her temples.

"Oh stop being so dramatic." The redhead, known as Annabelle, says as she rolls her eyes and walks down the few step leading to where we were. She stops a couple of feet in front of us and looks directly at me and inspects me from head to toe. Her eyes were travelling down my body and just as she was about to reach abdomen, Serenity quickly stood in front of me with her arm out.

"Okay, okay inspections over Annabelle, you nosy old hag." I let out a laugh before covering up with a cough as I look to my mate. She looks at me from over her shoulder as she mouths the word 'smooth' to me which I return with a wink.

"I'm just making sure he's good enough for you Serenity." She says nonchalantly with a shrug of her shoulder. Before I can react, Serenity is already beating me to it.

"What the hell do you mean if he's good enough? He's perfect for me!" My little Mate exclaims as she looks at Annabelle. My heart swelled with pride as she said those words. I couldn't see her face but I knew that she was pissed which I found incredibly hot. I stepped forward and placed my hands on her waist and pulled her slightly towards me.

"Damn straight I am." I say as I snake my arms around her. She looks up at me and flashes me a dazzling smile before turning back to Annabelle.

"Which was what I was going to say." She sighs as she mutters 'kids nowadays' with a shake of her head. I stand there in shock as her words sink in. She agreed with us...but she's a vampire. As this thought passes through my mind, doubt starts to seep in.

"What's the catch?" I ask her.

"What catch?" She asks with an eyebrow raised.

"Why are you so accepting of us?" I ask her with narrowed eyes as my arms tighten around my Mate.

"Because that girl you're holding means the world to me and all I want is for her to be happy." She says as she sends a love filled smile to Serenity before looking back at me but this time with a serious and cold expression. "But I swear on all things bloody that if you ever hurt her, either physically or mentally, I will hunt you down and make you wish you were never born." She says as her eyes turn to slits. A growl instantly builds at the threat as Tobias rises with the obvious challenge but I hold him back as well as the growl that was forming at the back of my throat as I look at her straight in the eyes.

"You don't have to worry because I could never and would never hurt her. I can bet my life on that." I say with narrowed eyes. I hated the fact that I was being threatened and it didn't help that my Alpha lineage made it ten times worse but I understood where she coming from. She was just looking out for her. But it still pissed me off that she would even think that I could ever hurt Serenity. She is now and forever always will be the world to me.

"Good," she says before looking back to Serenity who was extremely quiet throughout this whole ordeal, "now guess who's here?" Annabelle asks enthusiastically. Serenity just looks at her before turning slightly and wrapping her arms around me, making me smile down at her.

"The pope?" She guesses as she looks back to her. I let out a low chuckle as Annabelle gives her an annoyed look.

"Ha-ha but no. It's Adrian! He's looking for you. So being the amazing person I am, I came to get you."she says with a hand placed on her chest.

Adrian? Who the hell is Adrian? I think bitterly as I watch my Mates face light up.

"Adrian's here?! Why didn't tell me sooner! Where is he?" She asks as she unwraps her arms from around and steps towards Annabelle.

"Well you were busy and that's why I came to get you. So I can take you to him. He went to your room since, you know how he feels about crowded places." She says as Serenity nods in understanding.

Woah woah woah! He's in her room? Who the hell is this pervert! I growl internally. I quickly grab my Mate as she starts to move closer towards Annabelle. She looks back at me in question.

"Who's Adrian?" I ask as calmly as possible. Her expression changes to realisation while Annabelle's forms a sly smirk. Just as Serenity was about to answer me, Annabelle quickly interjects.

"Don't tell me your jealous wolf-boy?" She says with a mocking shocked expression. I growl at her but otherwise ignore her as I look to my mate. She was looking at Annabelle with a confused expression.

"Jealous? Why would he get jealous? Adrian's my brother." She says as she looks at Annabelle with a disgusted expression.

"Brother?" I ask confused. By what I've read, all her brothers names should be starting with a 'D'.

"Yup, my eldest brother." She says with a proud smile.

Her eldest? But isn't her eldest brother Damien? I think to myself, confused. Something wasn't adding up.

"I see." I say as I regrettably let her go.

"Who is waiting for you, I might add." Annabelle says with an impatient

"Oh right." Serenity mutters as she makes a move to go but stops instantly. She then turned to me with a worried expression. She opens her mouth to speak but I put a finger on her lips to stop her.

"I'll be alright." I tell her with a smile. She opens her mouth again but I stop her again as I place my lips on hers. Her lips were so soft and plump and I would've kept on kissing her if we didn't have a third wheel with us. So with much restraint I stopped and leaned back up so I was standing straight up. I looked at her and her cheeks were flushed and she was wearing a shocked expression as she looked up at me. She was just too cute.

"You better go before I fulfil that promise I made earlier." I say with a smirk. She looks at me in embarrassment before poking her tongue out at me and turning towards Annabelle.

"Let's go." She says to her and they both start making their way back towards the party. Just before they reached the steps, Serenity slightly turned to look at me.

"Don't leave without saying goodbye, okay?" She says which I nod to.

"I promise." I say with a smile which she returns with her own dazzling smile before turning back around. I watch as they walk up the steps and head back inside, leaving me all alone. I stand there for awhile, just looking at the sky before heading in with a task at hand. I needed to find my father because I needed to know more about this new brother.

Adrian. Where the hell did you come from?


Whoop whoop whoooooooooop!! Chapter bloody Eighteen is here!!

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