My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Two

Chapter Two

I couldn't move. I couldn't even turn around to see where or should I say who that came from nor did I want to anyway but unfortunately I knew I had to. I slowly started to turn around and saw where that growl came from: a very, very, large wolf that could only be a werewolf. It was a dark brown colour with bits of red mixed in to it. Its body was probably the same height as the boulder with its head being just higher than it. My eyes stopped at its eyes'. They were black. So black you couldn't see the pupils in them but somehow I couldn't look away.

The wolf took a step forward and I instinctively took a step back which made it give me another but louder growl. Then suddenly everything Damien told me about werewolves came crashing into my head.

"Okay are you listening Serenity?" Damien asks as he stands in front of my desk.

"Yeeeeees" I say as I twirl my pen with my fingers.

"Good now listen carefully, werewolves always want to be on top-"

"Gross!" I yell as I cover my ears and close my eyes.

"Not like that you idiot!" Damien yells as he chucks a pen at me which I dodge with my eyes still closed. "I mean on top of everyone, the one in control of everything." he says with his hands going everywhere to gesture to what he's talking about.

"Why didn't you just say that?" I asked as I pick up the pen he threw at me.

He ignored me and kept going on with this little lesson of his. "They hate it when it comes to collision especially if the other party is looking for a fight. If the other party seems to be any sort of threat to their pack they will attack immediately."

"What if you're not a threat to the pack? What do you do then?"

"You be submissive. You show you're not a threat."

"And how do you do that?"

"Usually if it's another werewolf they usually lay on the ground in front of them, so I guess if it were one of us we were to just bow our head and tell them."

"You guess?" raising my eyebrow at him.

"Hey I've never come across a werewolf without permission so your guess is as good as mine." He says while lifting his hands in surrender.

"But you've seen a werewolf right? Are they big?"

"They usually range from 4 feet to around 4^7. But those are usually the size of the wolves who have no rank."

"There're different ranks?" I ask while tilting my head.

"Yes. There are three main and important ranks. The top and most important rank being the Alpha: the leader. The one who makes the decisions that concerns the safety of the pack basically what you could call the 'Father' of the pack if you may. The other rank is the Beta: the Alphas second in command. They are basically the Alphas first hand man who usually does what the Alpha says if the Alpha himself can't do it. The next rank is Gamma: The third in command. The one who goes with the Alpha when he has to leave the pack to visit another Alpha or on a business trip, leaving the Beta in charge of the pack until they both get back: One person for each rank."

"What about the rest of the pack?"

"Are just part of the pack."

"But, how do you tell the difference?" I ask while tilting my head.

"When they are in human form the Alpha wolf is always the one in front of the rest of them, the one who has a very intimidating aura that demands respect from their subordinates. The Beta and Gamma flanking him: Beta on his right, Gamma on his left."

"And when they're in wolf form?" Damien stops walking around and decides to take a seat in front of me.

"If you are ever come face to face with a werewolf, I don't care how big they are, you become submissive straight away. You bow your head until they change back into human form. Once they do you tell them straight away that you are no threat to them or they're pack and don't you dare think about pissing them off because they have the worst tempers you will ever come across." Damien says while pointing his finger at me. I sit there shocked at how serious he has become so instead of saying anything, I just nod my head to show that I understand.

"Good." He starts to get up and heads towards the door. "I think that's enough about those mutts. How about we go hunting?" He turns and asks me. Which I smile eagerly at and run in the same direction he went.

As realization hits me, my head lowered immediately. I opened my mouth to tell the wolf that I was no threat but nothing came out. I shut it quickly and squeezed my eyes shut holding in my breath. I didn't move but I could hear the wolf getting closer to me until it was right in front of me.

Omg, I'm going to die on my birthday! I thought warily.

Before I could do anything at all, I heard a soft whine come from in front of me which made my eyes snap open and my head to shoot up straight away and there I saw it. The werewolf was lying down in front of me with its head on its paws. As I kept on staring at it another whine came out and it moved a little closer to me. I flinched away slightly because of the sudden movement but still kept on staring at it, not knowing what to do.

As if knowing my confusion the werewolf lifted its head and nudged my left hand with the tip of its nose. It barely touched me but I could still feel the heat that came from it. It was like something finally clicked in my head as I stared at the wolf. It wanted me to pat it. Understanding crossed my face as I started to lift my hand towards it very slowly. Was I scared? Shitless. Was I curious to see what that fur felt like?.......a little.

As my hand got closer, the shaking started to stop and I was no longer scared. I guess curiosity got the best of me. As soon as I touched its fur, warmth spread from my hand and consumed my whole body. It was the best feeling I've ever felt in my entire life and I wanted more.

I moved my hand from the top of its head to its left cheek. As my hand landed on its cheek, its black pupil-less eyes closed and leaned its head in to my hand which made a huge smile spread across my face as it did this. I started to move my hand across its cheek, stroking it. I heard a low rumble come from its chest as if it was purring. I moved my hand slightly away from it and it turned its face and licked my hand which caused a small laugh too pass my lips.

When the wolf heard my laugh its eyes snapped open and made contact with my eyes. They were no longer black but instead a rich chocolate brown with specks of gold in them.

Its eyes held mine and it was like the earth stood still: like we were the only ones alive on earth. Through his eyes I was able to see my past, present and future. I slowly got on my knees, never breaking eye contact, in front of the laying wolf and lifted my right hand and gently placed it on the other side of its head with the same thing going over and over again in my mind:

I found my Beloved........and he's a Werewolf.

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