My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Nineteen



"You're blushing"

"Shut up."

"Oh my goodness , look how red you are."

"Shut up!" I whisper yell at Annabelle as we enter back into the ballroom. I love her...but she was really pissing me off.

"But it's so cute to see these cheeks with so much colour. I've never seen them like this before." As she goes to squeeze my cheeks, I quickly move out of the way before pushing her away from me. As she falls back a few steps, she looks absolutely stunned like she couldn't believe I just did that. I poke my tongue at her before smirking.

"Oh, you're going to regret that little one." She says using the nick name my brothers use. I watch as she readies herself by bending slightly. I take her stance as a challenge, so being the hard headed person I am, I mimic her stance and ready myself as well. I look at Annabelle and quickly see her eyes flick behind me for split second but brush it off as she bends lower. I quickly mimic her as my smirk grows wider, no doubt showing off my pointed teeth. I watch as Annabelle starts to countdown from three and just as I'm about to pounce on her I'm quickly yanked up from under my arms and lifted in the air, like a child. I give a shout of surprise, causing majority of the people in the room to turn, and was just about to swear my head off at whoever was holding me until I heard a deep, silky and all too familiar voice.

"Serenity Dakota Alexander. Here I was, waiting in your room for God knows how long and here you are, playing around with Annabelle. Why am I not surprised?" I froze before I savagely ripped myself from his arms, making me land back on the floor and, as quickly as I could, spun to face my eldest brother.

"Adrian!" I basically squealed as I lunged at him in a hug. "You're late you dummy." I murmur into his chest.

Adrian was by far the tallest of my brothers. Not just because he was older but just because it was in his genes. Adrian was also the only one with blue eyes and black hair. Many people have also said that if it weren't for his ridiculous height and the fact that I'm a female, we sooooo could've passed for twins.

As I let go of him, I can tell straight away that plenty of people are staring at us. Well more like at Adrian since they probably didn't even know who the hell he was. Adrian was......different from my brothers and I. Well lets just say he's half different from us. He was always the tall brooding type that Damien always tried to master but just couldn't pull off as well as Adrian does. He hates gatherings of my fathers side, even when it comes to birthdays and such. He thinks its more meaningful if it was just our immediate family, which I agree with of course. Especially since majority of the people who come to these things are just a bunch of old, young looking, nosy, bunch of bats with their egoistical little brats. His words, not mine, since mine actually had a lot more vulgar words that described them which he found 'very unladylike'. But by having that reason in mind, he would never come to gatherings like this, which I envied indefinitely. The only thing worse than being around them was having to socialize with them. Absolute effing bore I tell you and a complete waste of time.

So it was expected of me to be surprised when I heard he was coming and even more surprised when he actually showed up. So him being here really showed he cared.

I felt so many eyes on us, well most likely on him, I was just in the way. I looked up at him and saw him smiling down at me. I give him one of my own, fangs showing, smile and see his smile morph into a wary expression.

"Don't smile like that. It's creepy and such a waste with a face like yours." He said as he wipes his hand down my face, as if to wipe my expression away. I roll my eyes at him as I take a step back. I look to my right as Lucas' scent hits my senses and see him not far from the door Annabelle and I had just came through standing there while looking at Adrian with a confused, apprehensive expression before his eyes landed on me. I tried to subtly nod in Adrian's direction while mouthing his name as well...he just looked at me with a twitching smile and a shaky nod, like he was holding in his laughter. Great Beloved he is.

I glare at him before poking my tongue out at him. He just returns it with a sly smirk and a wink before turning around and walking the other way.

"What are you doing?" My head snaps up at the question as I look up at Adrian. He was wearing a confused expression as he eyed me warily. I open my mouth to answer him but get interrupted as Annabelle interjects like usual.

"Flirting, most likely." She says as she smirks at me. I glare at her while Adrian just raises his eyebrows in question but shrugs it off.

"Well come on little one, I still need to give you your present." He said as he turned and motioned me to follow him. I knew without anyone needing to tell me that my eyes were sparkling, from the moment Adrian mentioned the word 'present', especially since none of my other brothers have gotten me anything that I know of.

"I guess I should be looking for your other brother now. Especially since I know for a fact that some bloodsucking whore will be trying to get in his pants." Annabelle says as her expression started morphing into a sneer as her eyes wandered across the ballroom. "And when I find her, I'm going to rip her throat out."

"And you say I'm dramatic." I say under my breath as I look away from her.

"You're the queen of being dramatic Serenity." Annabelle said as she turned and waved her hand nonchalantly at me. "But for me, I'm all logic." She says as she taps the side of her head before taking off into the sea of what humans refer to as fictional creatures.

"Are you coming?" Adrian asks as he keeps walking towards the doors Emily, Annabelle, and I had entered through.

I quickly follow him and come into step behind him. I stayed behind as he stood in front of the doors with two men in front of them who were the ones that I had met when we first arrived, Carlos and Andrew. I thought they were going to open them, but instead they just stood there.

"Can you please open the doors." Adrian asked but after a moment of them still standing, he added, "Or move so I can open them myself."

"I'm sorry Sir, but all guests must stay within this room." Andrew said since Carlos was looking towards the party behind us.

"Well either you open the doors or move out of the way so I can open them myself." Adrian says as he takes an intimidating step forward. The both of them flinch slightly before looking at one another before looking back at my brother. I'm guessing he was making that face that he makes when he's extremely pissed, because the look of horror that mirrored on both of their faces could only be the result of that.

They quickly grab at the doorknobs and pull the door open. I really wanted to laugh at them but I knew if I did, I'd probably get in trouble. So as we walk past them I just smirk while walking with my head held high like I actually did something. Once we enter the hallway Adrian turns to me and pulls out a blue velvety box with a white ribbon on it from out of his jacket. It was a long box so he either got me a necklace or a really expensive pen.

"Happy Birthday little one." He says as he hands me my present.

"No pop-up card with a big picture of your face? Or one with confetti coming out of it?" I ask teasingly as I accept the present with both of my hands. For my 16th birthday my brothers thought it would be funny to see who could get me the most outrageous gift. Adrian had gotten me an A2 sized card that had a picture of him with twinkling lights surrounding it with an opera version of the happy birthday song playing. It was great, for him, but he didn't win, Demitri did. I think I still have that statue of him doing the thinking pose lying around somewhere at home......actually, I reeeeeeeally hope I don't.

As I open the case, I am met with the most stunning necklace I have ever seen. It was a diamond studded necklace with a blue crystal hanging in the middle of it.

"It's a sapphire." Adrian murmurs as I pick it up to look at properly.

"It's beautiful." I whisper as I stare at the crystal adoringly.

"It matches your eyes." He says as I release the clasp.

"Our eyes." I corrected him. "So, feel free to borrow it if any special occasions come up." I say to him with a cheeky wink as I fasten the necklace around my neck. It wasn't as heavy as it looked, it was just heavy enough for me to notice that I was wearing a necklace.

"I knew it would suit you." He murmured, easily ignoring my snarky comment. "I'm sorry I couldn't make it on time for your actual birthday little one. If I had, I wouldn't have needed to come to this farce of a party."

"Oh wow Adrian, now tell me how you really feel." I mumble sarcastically as I give him the stink eye. He waves a hand at me nonchalantly with a matching facial expression to go with it.

"You know what I mean little one, but I'm still glad that I came." He says as he turns back the way we came from.

"Aw did you miss me?" I cooed as I went to follow him. He merely scoffed as he turned his head slightly towards me.

"Unfortunately for you little one, that's not the reason I'm glad for coming." He said with a smirk 

"Sheesh, how rude. You could've at least pretended that I was the reason." I complain as we near the double doors. "Then what is the reason?"

He stops in front of the doors and stands there without saying anything. I wait to see if he was going to reply and after a couple of seconds, he exhales slowly.

I didn't even know he was holding his breath.

"I can smell her." He whispers so softly I would've missed it if we weren't alone. My eyes widen and I can practically feel them bulging out of their sockets.

"She's here?!" I exclaim while whispering. I quickly move so I can see his face. His eyes were open and focused on the doors in front of us, like he could see through them.

"I can smell her, but she isn't here. It's so faint that I would've missed it if I hadn't have come here earlier." He says as he clenches his hands into fists, his pale knuckles turning a shade lighter. "But she smells...............different." He hisses through his teeth before he pulls open the doors and strides forward into the sea of bodies only a couple of metres away. I watch as he briskly walks through the crowd with grace that he was most likely unaware of, before leaving through the doors on the other side.

Whether he was leaving or not, I had no idea 

I look back towards the crowd and notice my parents saying goodbye to a family not far from the doors. I slowly walk towards them as I notice my mother indicating for me to go over to them. I resist the urge to roll my eyes and quickly make my way to them and stand respectively behind my father with a smile that was too overly sweet for it to even be considered real.

I start to make my way towards them with a grimace I knew was present on my face.

I guess it's time to face the music.


I was going to write more but I really didn't know how to write it. Well, here it is! The chapter that took almost a year to come. I know it's not the best and I'll probably end up changing it in the future. I hope whoever still reads my story enjoys it lol and hopefully I can update much sooner than this one took :)


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