My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Twenty


After the first family had gone, there was another family and then another...and another...and another...they were pretty much just lining up to say bye now. It would've been so much easier if they all just left.

By the time we said goodbye to everyone there was only my Beloveds family left. The rest of their pack had said goodbye earlier by interrupting my parents and the family they were talking to. The first one to interrupt them was the curly haired brunette male that had been with my beloved when I had first met him. He had basically shoved his way in front of the family in front and glomped my father in a bear hug before switching to my mother and I and did the same.

That seemed to have started it off as the rest of the males of the pack seemed to follow suit and did the same. The women however, had apologised profusely for their behaviour while thanking us for having them there. Majority of them even wished me a happy birthday, while the bats on the other hand, probably didn't even remember that that was the reason why they were even there.

I waited patiently as my Beloveds parents and mine started to converse and just talk about how grateful they were for being invited and for them coming. I looked to my Beloved and saw that he was just looking at me with a small smile. I returned it and saw him make his way over here. He stood by my side with his hand lightly brushing my arm.

"Meet me tomorrow night." I heard him whisper lowly into my ear.

"Where we first met." He whispered again in a voice an octave lower, sending shivers down my spine.

I was breathless as I nodded my head and turned to look at him.

"Definitely." I whispered back with a grin. Lucas returned my grin with a cheeky one of his own. It looked like he wanted to say something more but his father had just decided to extend his farewells.

"And Serenity! My Goddess you've gotten beautiful!" Michael said before he lifted me up in a backbreaking embrace.

"Th-thank you." I wheezed out as he released me. Damn, I may be immortal but that hug could easily have crushed me if it was a little stronger.

"Darling, please behave. That's where the rest of the males get their touchy feeling nature from." Elaine said as she lays a firm hand on Michaels shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Serenity, my husbands always physical when it comes any kind of contact." She says with a stunning smile.

"Oh it's alright, really! I just wasn't expecting it was all." I said with a reassuring smile. I honestly didn't mind, I actually prefer it if I was going to be honest......not that I would've told her anyways.

"Well that's good then. But I have to agree with my husband, your beauty grows more every time I lay eyes on you!" She said as she beamed at me.

I blanched at her then. If they keep on complimenting me, my head will definitely become too big to walk through the doors. It's bad enough they were saying it in front of my parents but my beloved as well?

Speaking of my beloved, I glance towards him hoping that he'll somehow save me. But he wasn't even looking at me. Instead he was smiling at his parents with a sense of......pride? Is it alright to think that he's somewhat proud of me being his?

His. I could get used to that....

But they don't even know that we're.........together? Are we together? What do we even call this? Fated together? No, that sounds weird. Mated? No no no, we haven't even......I mean we've kissed but it's not like we've......oh God what am I even thinking about right now! Stop it you pervert! Someone please save me-

"Oh darling, look at the time." Oh God thank you! "We need to go." Elaine says as she checks her wrist watch.

"Of course. It was a pleasure being here tonight Serenity and we pray that you enjoy the rest of your night." Michael says as he goes to hug me again but is stopped by Elaine. I couldn't help but let out a little laugh as Michaels face seemed to light up as he looks at Elaine with an amused smile.

Elaine also said goodbye before they both exited the ballroom with both of my parents by their side. My mum looked happy as she talked with Elaine on their way out. I guess she would since she didn't seem to be faking her kindness like she had to with the other families.

"So I guess this is goodbye then, my love." Lucas says as he turns to me and leans down so his face is right in front of mine once the double doors closed.

"It was my greatest pleasure to officially meet you." He said as he lightly ran a finger down the side of my face.

"The pleasure was all mine kind sir." I said before I curtsied, going along with the little act he was playing.

"It is a dear shame that you must be leaving so soon after our grand reunion, but I must bid you farewell." I say as I gently caress his cheek.

"For now my love, only for now." He said as he kissed the middle of my palm.

"For now." I promised as he then kissed the inside of my wrist.

"You know, this is where you're supposed to declare your love for me and beg me to stay." He said as he let go of my hand and gave me a daring look.

"I wouldn't hope for it love," I said before leaning into his ear and whispering, "I'm not the begging type." I said while trying to be seductive. It must have worked because soon enough I felt his arm snake up my back before grasping the back of my neck and holding me there.

"I would be careful if I were you little mate because I could easily turn you into the begging type." He said before sucking a spot on my neck for only a second then releasing me. Before I could even get my brain to start functioning properly Lucas was already at the doors looking back at me.

"You could still try and stop me while I'm giving you the chance." He said as he grabbed the handles while still looking at me over his shoulder.

"I'm already yours aren't I?" I ask with a smile and a slight raise of my eyebrow. His eyes seemed to darken as he stared at me.

"You are. As I am yours." His voice was barely a whisper but it felt like it echoed throughout the whole room. The butterflies that had died in my stomach must've returned from the dead because there they were again.

We stared at each other for a brief moment, soaking each other in as our time together was about to end.

"Good night Serenity." He said as he stared into my eyes with a small smile that seemed to hold a promise behind it.

"Good night Lucas." I whispered back as he opened the doors and walked out without looking back.


Sorry guys but it's a really short chapter this time. I didn't mean to make it this short promise, it just happened since I thought it was a good place to end it.........and I was sort of running out of ideas to extend the chapter hehe

So as always let me know what you think and vote if you want and hopefully my unexpected update makes up for the chapter being so short :)

Ciao until next time!


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