My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

'Yo Lucas, Alpha wants to see you." Jace says through mind-link, my soon to be Beta.

"Tell him I'm busy." I reply as I move to lie on my back with my arm over my face.

"He asked: busy doing what?"

"Sleeping" Just when I thought I could go back to sleep, my father's voice boomed through my head ensuring me in getting a headache.

"Lucas Get Up NOW!!" I flinch as it echoes in my head.

"Why? What’s wrong?" I ask while still lying in bed.

"Just be here in less than an hour" he said then cutting the link off straight after.

I groan as I fling my legs off the side of the bed and sit up. I start to rub my face as I'm sitting there and turn to look at the alarm clock on the side of my bed. 1 pm. Great, meaning I only had five hours sleep.

"Damn old man, making me get up after making me do all that paper work last night." I grumble as I make my way to the bathroom that's connected to my room. I have a quick shower and think of the reasons why my father would want to talk about. Noting that I haven't done anything bad these couple of days I turn off the shower, grab my towel and head towards my closet as I dry myself off. I picked some faded black jeans, a white tank top and a black and white checkered flannel top to wear since I most likely won't need to change into my wolf.

Once I was changed I went to my mirror that's on top of my drawers and started to style my hair. My hair was a weird brown that had bits of red in it that could only be seen in direct sunlight and moonlight which was the same when it came to my wolfs fur. Once my hair looks like I didn't spend too much time on it I make my way to my kitchen.

'You take as long as a girl to get ready' my wolf says to me as I make my way to the kitchen.

'Shut up Tobias. It takes time to look this good every day.' I see him roll his eyes and shake his head as lays back down to lay his head on his paws and closes his eyes'.

''Whatever you say boy' I chuckle as I take an apple out of the basket that's on the counter.

'I'm going to take that as an agreement.' Tobias opens his left eye and gives me a bored look which only makes me crack up at him before he blocks me out.

"Why are you laughing to yourself? It's creepy so stop before you embarrass yourself." I spun around and crouched into a fighting position as I faced the intruder who was by the way no other than the she-devil herself: Leanne. She smirks as she looks at me. "What? You’re going to protect yourself with an apple? How manly" She scoffs very un-ladylike as she moves so her legs are hanging off the table.

I throw the apple at her face hoping it hits her. To my disappointment she catches it right before it makes contact.

"I was just starting to get hungry as well! Thanks bro." Oh yeah. Did I mention that the she-devils my sister?

"What are you doing here Leanne?" I groan as I rub my hands over my face and lean against the counter.

"It's nice to see you too." She says while throwing the apple up and down in her hand.

"What do you want Leanne? And get off my table; it's for food not your butt." I say while giving her stern and bored look.

"This apple" She holds up the apple I threw at her. "Is probably the only food it has ever met" She says before taking a bite out of it. "Besides," some juice from the apple comes’ flying out of her mouth. "It probably likes the comfort that my butt is giving it." She says giving me a grin with juice running down her chin and patting the table.

"Look, as much as I love talking to you Leanne," I start to say as I grab my keys. "Dad wants to see me." I start for the door when she starts to talk.

"Dad was the one that sent me. He wanted me to make you hurry."

"Well you just seemed to waste my time instead." I say while opening the door. "Lock the door when you leave." I started walking towards the elevator when I heard her running.

"WAIT! I need a ride!" She yells while running towards me. I pressed the elevator button.

"Did you lock the door?" I ask without looking at her. She stops in the middle of the corridor. "Shit." She mumbles before turning around and going back to the apartment. Just as she locks the door the elevator arrives. I walk in with my hands in my pockets then turn to lean against the wall. Just before the doors were about to close Leanne slides herself in.

"Thanks for waiting." She says to me with a glare. I decided to ignore that and just ask her what’s been on my mind since Jace woke me up.

"Do you know what's up dads’ ass?"

She sighs before answering. "He wouldn't tell me since he knew I would end up telling you but by the way he was acting I don't think it’s good." She says while leaning on the right hand side of the elevator and staring straight ahead.

"Is he talking to both of us or just me?"

She gives me a shrug "I don't know. Either way I'll be sitting in there." She says while flashing her teeth at me. I just close my eyes and sigh because I know there's no way of stopping her from being there. The elevator comes to a halt and the doors start to open letting by the sounds of it two girls. I keep my eyes closed since I could feel their eyes on me.

"Oh my God, he's hot!" One of them whisper yells to the other so even without my werewolf hearing I would still be able to hear what they're saying.

"I know!!" The other girl replies.

Even without opening my eyes I knew my sister was rolling her eyes since she wouldn't be Leanne if she didn't.

"What about the girl? She must be his girlfriend." The first girl whispers. I hear my sister scoff and I'm guessing making a noise as if she were puking.

"No way! They could pass as twins." Yes, me and Leanne could pass as twins since we inherited the same colour hair and skin tone. The only difference being she has our dads hazel eye colour while I on the other hand got our mothers brown eyes, but they didn't know that since my eyes were still closed. I'm also older than Leanne by three years; her being fifteen and me being eighteen. She has one more year until she gets to shift making her more human than wolf right now but her hearing and sense of smell were more enhanced just not as much as a werewolf's.

The two human girls were still talking about who knows what when I felt the elevator come to a stop. I opened my eyes as the doors started to separate and left the elevator before they could fully open not even sparing the two girls a glance with my sister in tow.

I started to make way towards the forest when I noticed Leanna wasn't following. I turned around and gave her a questioning look.

"Leanne? What's wrong?" I say while making my way back towards her.

"Um Lucas. I still haven't shifted yet so I can't run with you. Why don't we take your car?" she asks me while giving me a sheepish smile which makes me remember when she was still young and asked me if she could borrow something of mine.

"Nope were going by wolf since its faster okay." I say while pinching her cheek. She swats my hand away, not that gently either, and sighs.

"Fine but if you drop me I swear I will kick you so hard where the sun don’t shine and ensure you can’t have kids got it?" she says while putting her hands on her hips and giving the exact same look our mother use to give me when I used to live at home.

"Yeah, yeah." I say wincing internally while turning around and waving my hand over my shoulder. "Now wait here while I go shift." I walk towards the forest and stand behind a big tree. I strip off all the clothes I'm wearing, fold them and put them in a pile. I stand there and take in my surroundings. I took in all of the trees surrounding me, the birds flying from branch to branch, the different shades of green from the leaves when the sun shined on them. I closed my eyes and let my wolf take over; my sense of smell and hearing enhancing as I start to shift. I can feel my bones starting to bend and break and I soon found myself standing on all fours. I picked up my clothes with my mouth and moved to a space between the trees so Leanne could see me. As soon as she saw me in wolf form she started making her way towards me with a smile plastered on her face.

"Hello Tobias, haven't seen you in a while." She says while patting my head. I internally rolled my eyes while Tobias on the other hand basked in the attention my sister was giving him. She grabbed the clothes from my mouth and put them between my shoulder blades before she started to try and hop on my back, the keyword being; tried.

I started to shake my head at her pathetic attempts of getting on and chuckling lowly to myself.

She huffed out her cheeks after her many failed attempts of getting on and started to point frustratingly at me. "Why the hell are you so freaking huge?!" she accused me like it was my fault.

I just rolled my eyes at her and started to lie down so I was on my stomach. Her face beamed at me like I just found the solution to stopping poverty. She quickly climbed onto my back and wrapped her arms around my neck, making sure my clothes were secure. I was just about to run until she decided to open her big as mouth.

"Onwards my trusty stead to thy Pack House!!" She screeched right into my ear and using her right arm to point in the direction of the pack house. I slowly turned towards her with my eyes as slits which only made her smirk at how much pain I was in thanks to my enhanced hearing. Just to wipe that smirk off of her face, I jumped forward only to stop straight away making her face plant into the back of my skull which of course earned me the groan I wanted. I turned my head slightly so I was just able to see her rubbing her nose which earned me to laugh out loud which most likely just sounded like cackling since I'm in my wolf form.

"Argh, can we just go already?" She asks as she re-wraps her arms around my neck. I just roll my eyes and start to run towards the house.

The pack house is located in the middle of the forest since my grandparents, the ones who built it, want the pack to be able to shift whenever they wanted without any humans seeing them by accident. It also helps when we have to do runs around our territory but the downside is that is close to the outskirts of our territory meaning our enemies can easily attack us. When I tried telling my parents that they just said that the forest is huge and most rogues won't come on to our land since we are the biggest pack in the country. I still don't agree with them but I will have to do something once I become Alpha or should I say when I find my mate since there's no way in me becoming Alpha if I don't have my mate.

I kept on running until I saw the entrance to the pack house and started making my way towards a tree. I lay down on the ground so Leanne can get off. Once she did she took my clothes off my back and put it next to me.

"I'm going to go see dad and get mom to make us something to eat okay?" she asks. I nod my head at her.

"Okay, well I'll see you inside then." she says while turning and sprinting towards the house.

I quickly stand up and move further behind the tree and start to shift back to my human form. I close my eyes and start to feel the air around me start to vibrate and my bones starting to retract and go back to normal until I'm standing up straight in my human form. I put my clothes back on and make my way to the front of the house. Just as I'm about to open the door I take a deep breath to prepare myself for what my father wants to talk about but instead get a lung full of a scent that I thought would be the last I'd ever come across at my pack house.

Vampires. What the hell were they doing here?

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