My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Vampires. What the hell were they doing here?

'Dad, why does it smell like vampires?' I asked him through mind-link.

'That's what we need to talk about, now come to my office. Your sister's here.' I could tell he was grumbling about my sister being there but putting up a fight to get her to leave will only make her want to stay even more and uses too much energy.

'Alright I'll be there soon.' I say then cutting off the link. I walk through the door and make my way towards the stairs that leads to the second floor. As I walk past some of the pack members they greet me with a wave or 'Hello' from the girls and a pat on the shoulder with a 'Sup man' from the boys.

Just as I get to the stairs I hear my name being called from down the hallway.

"LUCAS!" I turn and see a head of golden hair jogging towards me. "'Bout time you get here man." Jace says while giving me a man hug.

"Yeah, I would've been here earlier if it wasn't for Leanne showing up and wasting so much time." He gives me knowing look when I mentioned Leanne.

"Well that's just how Leanne is I guess. She's cute but definitely a handful but it still beats having two annoying egoistical little twin brother's right?" Jace says while rubbing his neck then giving a bright smile after hearing two synchronized objections coming from the sitting room. I chuckle a little before turning back to Jace and start to talk to him through the mind-link.

'Jace, did you know there were vampires here?' I ask him.

He stops laughing at his brothers and turns to me with a serious look.

'I noticed when I got up this morning. They had already gone and the Alpha and my dad wanted me to help get rid of their scent before the pack woke up and made a big deal out of it. I woke up Tommyboy to help as well since the house reeked of them. I'm surprised you can still smell them though, I thought we did a pretty good job.' He says through the mind-link while looking at the ground and scratching his head.

'You did but I just so happen to be the Alphas son' I give him a grin while he rolls his eyes at me while answering my next question without me even having to ask him.

'And no, I have no idea why they were here. So go ask your dad about it and then come and tell me after okay' He says while patting my shoulder and winking at me before turning around heading off to the kitchen. Just as I was about to walk up the stairs I hear my mom call out to me.

"Lucas dear," I turn and see her standing by one of the kitchen doors "when you finish talking to your father come back down and have something to eat okay sweetie?' Usually guys my age would get embarrassed if their mother talked to them like that in front of how many people, not to mention people with enhanced hearing, but my mom talks to basically everyone like that since she's the Luna. She even talks like that to the fully grown men in our pack so everyone's used to it. I give her a grateful smile and make my way towards her. I give her a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"Thanks mum." I say while releasing her.

"Oh it's okay, that's what a mothers for right." She says while giving me one of her signature smiles. "Now shoo, I can feel your father getting impatient" She says while pushing me back towards the stairs.

I nod at her and finally make my way up towards my father's office. As I get there I stand in front of his giant wooden doors and knock.

"Come on in son." I hear him say. I turn the knob and walk into the office. I close the door behind me and make my way towards the sofa that Leanne is sitting on. I bow my head towards my father and then sit on the other of the couch.

"Well you definitely took your time getting here." My father says while leaning back in his chair and giving me a stern look.

"I was talking to mom." I tell him which isn't a lie and yet not the whole truth either. Lucky for me his expression softened when I mentioned mom.

"Well that's alright then." He says with a small smile. Oh how easy. "As you know there were vampires here." I nod my understanding while Leanne on the other hand starts to freak out.

"WHAT? Are you serious?! There were vampires HERE. In this house?!!!!" She yells while flapping her arms around with what I'm guessing an excited expression. Thank God this room is sound proof.

"Leanne." My dad interrupts her hysterical screaming. "We agreed that if you were to attend this meeting between your brother and I, then you wouldn't say or ask anything unless spoken to. Isn't that right?" He asks while raising an eyebrow at her. She stops immediately and mutters a 'oh right'.

"Okay, back to where we left off." He says while looking back at me. "Vampires were here." I nod my head, getting slightly annoyed of him repeating the same thing I already know. To my annoyance he doesn't continue.

"And why exactly were they here father?" I ask trying to make this conversation move along.

"Well," He moves so he's leaning on the desk with his hands intertwined. "They came to invite us to a party." He says while looking me in the eye.

"Us? As in just us?" I ask him slightly confused. Which he shakes his head to.

"No. Us, as in the whole pack." He says while still looking me in the eyes.

"The whole pack? But there're about 3 to 4 hundred of us!" I exclaim, with my eyes widening. I move so I'm leaning on the armrest on my left and run my fingers through my hair and looking towards the ground.

"I know that son. That is why I'm not sending the whole pack." I look back up at him.

"What do you mean you're not sending the whole pack? Who's not going?" I ask, my confusion increasing even more.

"The children and some fighters for protection, some of the children's' mothers might get worried so some might stay as well but that's about it." My eyebrows scrunch together.

"Do they not want children there?" I ask him. He shakes his head at me.

"No. I don't want the children there." I open my mouth to say something but he continues. "They're not needed there since they would most likely be scared since they haven't seen a vampire before and this party will most likely just make them bored anyway." He says while leaning back in his chair. I open my mouth to say something but I get interrupted again but by Leanne this time.

"What sort of party is it?" She asks with her eyes shining.

"A coming of age party." A smile breaks open on Leanne's face which quickly dies out after my dad's next words.

"But you're staying here Leanne, with the rest of the children." He says and closes his eyes, most likely waiting for her retaliation which is guaranteed to come, which of course does. Leanne stands up and marches up to father's desk while I'm deciding whether or not I should record this.

"What do you mean I have to stay here with the children!? I'm basically an adult! Not to mention YOUR daughter! So I should be going as well!' Dad looks completely un-fazed by Leanne's' screeching as he sits there with his eyes still closed and body relaxed.

"Well, my dear daughter. You are only fifteen making you a child meaning that you will be staying with the rest of the children."

"But dad-" Dad cuts her off

"Leanne. There will be no discussing this any further. You're staying and that's final." Dad says while giving her a stern look while daring her to challenge him and his wolf. Leanne holds his gaze for a minute then turns sharply on her heel with a 'Humph' noise then walking back to the couch planting herself back in the spot she was sitting in before and crossing her arms. I hear my dad give a little sigh and see him turn giving his attention back to me.

"Won't they get mad that the whole pack isn't coming?" I ask him.

"No, I already told them that the children won't be coming and they said that they were fine with it. I also told them that your mother and I will be leaving to come back to the pack house after we greet the family." He told me, well us.

"What? How come?" I ask confusion as clear as day on my face.

"Well, your mother and I both agreed that we didn't want to leave the house without us there. So, we told them that we would be leaving and they were confused as to why.'

"I guess that makes the both of us." I mutter while moving to lean forward with my elbows on my knees for support.

"Yes I know. So I told them that it would be more adequate for them to socialize with the future Alpha instead which of course, is you." He finishes saying while gesturing his hand towards me.

"So basically you're just chucking me to the sharks." I say while raising my eyebrow.

'Son if I didn't think you could handle this then I wouldn't be leaving now would I?" He said while giving me an honest look. "But I will be there at the beginning to introduce you to the important people that are going to be there so you don't have to worry about that and I'm sure you'll remember meeting some of them, like the family who's holding the party; the Alexander's" He said giving me a stern look. I look at him and wait for it to sink in before leaning back in my chair and running a hand through my hair and letting out the breath I've been holding.

The Alexander's; they're a family you could call royalty when it comes to vampires. What I remember of them is that they're the largest, wealthiest and most well-known vampire family in what I'm guessing the entire northern hemisphere. Not even the Queen of England could hold a light to them; no pun intended. I've only met two of the sons and the father but what I remember is that there are about 7 or 8 boys in the family and only one girl; her being the youngest of the lot. This reminds me.

"Who's coming of age party is it exactly dad?" I ask him. He looks up from the paper he must have started reading when I was still thinking things over.

"It is their daughters." Ah I knew it. He went to gather some more papers before handing them over to me. "These are all the documents that we have on their family, from the children now all the way to their great-grandparents."

I started to look through the documents and noticed that there was at least one page full of information about the individual. I decided to read about the current family first since I'll be dealing with them. Once I finished reading about the youngest son; Demetri, I noticed something missing. I put all the papers back together and gave them back to my father.

"Dad, I noticed that there was nothing about their daughter." I said to him.

"Ah yes there would be nothing since we know nothing about her besides her name and age." He said while putting the documents away. Then something clicked.

"What is her name?" I asked realizing that I knew absolutely nothing about this mystery girl, but it surprised me that Leanne was the one who answered me.

"Her name is Serenity; Serenity Alexander." Leanne said while checking her nails.

"And how exactly did you know that Leanne?" Dad asks her which makes her freeze for a second before looking at the ground and playing with her fingers.

"Um.......a woman's intuition?" She basically asked while giving a sheepish look at Dad. He doesn't budge and knows something's up.


"What?" She asked still not looking at my dad. "It's not like I sneak into your office and read the papers that are on your desk when you're not here or anything." She laughs nervously before slapping a hand over her mouth. I roll my eyes at her. She couldn't lie even if the pack depended on it. Dad just shook his head at her but continued on with the conversation as if she had never said anything after muttering "I don't even want to know how you get into my office." My father then looks back up at me with his hands together in front of his mouth.

"Her name is Serenity Alexander. She is the youngest of eight siblings and the only girl. It is her Eighteenth this Saturday which is the coming of age party we are attending and that's all we know." He says to me. He waits that little amount of information to sink into my brain before turning towards my sister.

"Okay Leanne," She looks up at our father, showing that she is listening. "I need to talk to your brother." She just nods her head, not understanding the hint he is giving her. "Alone." He says and she just sits there, her face slowly turning hard. She opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off.

"Leanne, as much as I love to argue with you, this is something that I only wish to talk about with your brother." When she saw the look her father was giving her, she sighed in defeat and stood up to leave.

"I guess I'll just help someone do something I guess." She said while walking towards the door. As she got to it and had her hand on the doorknob she stopped and turned around with a bright smile on her face.

"Can you mind-link Jace for me and tell him that he has to keep me company and to meet me on the field. Okay?" Before we gave her an answer she had already swung the door open and was running down the stairs and through the back door. I sighed and quickly mind-linked Jace to meet Leanne on the field and blocked him out before he could question why. I looked back up at my father and saw that he had stood up from his chair and was looking out the window watching over his pack. I leaned back in my chair trying to get comfortable as I had a hunch about where this conversation was heading and to confirm my suspicion my father spoke up, breaking the silence that had settled

"You need to find your Mate Lucas." He said without looking at me.

"I'm looking for her dad." In fact I've been looking for her ever since I turned sixteen, after my first shift. I've never been with another girl since I don't want my mate to think I betrayed her by being with someone else and what's the point in being in a relationship with someone who's not your mate anyway? You'll just end up leaving each other sooner or later. Plus Tobias doesn't want anyone who's not our mate which is something we agree on 100%.

"I know you have son but times running out. You're already Eighteen and you were supposed to be Alpha when it was your birthday and it's already been six months since then." He says while turning towards me.

"I know that already. Why do you think I've been looking for her like crazy dad? Yes for the packs sake but for Tobias and I as well. We're going crazy not being able to find her." I say with desperation slightly laced through my words. I run both of my hands down my face. "But we're not giving up in finding her. Not now. Not ever." I say with determination and Tobias coming through, saying it with me. My father looks at me for a long moment before heaving a sigh and turning around to look at me while leaning against the window frame.

"Son I know you've been looking for her. I know that, but we're running out of time. I'm running out of time." He said while looking me dead in the eye. "I'm giving you a month to find her and if you don't then I'll have someone arranged for you." He said while all I saw was red.

I stood up and felt anger pumping out of me towards the one person I thought I would never get angry at and right now I was on the brink loathing him.

"There is no way in HELL I'm mating someone that isn't my mate!" I roared at him while standing up. I could feel my nails start to change into claws and my teeth getting sharper. I was shaking so much that my dad looked like a blur. It took every little bit of self-control I had in my body to not let Tobias out even though I couldn't agree more with how he was acting; he wanted to rip him to shreds, father or not.

"Well you'll have to if you don't find her in a months' time." He said like it was the most easiest thing in the world, and that's when I saw nothing back blackness as Tobias took over. Before I knew what was happening both Jace and Thomas were there holding me/Tobias back and my mom was beside my dad and Jonathan, Jaces' dad, and Mathew, Thomas's dad, were in front of their Alpha protecting him.

"Lucas calm down!"Jace yelled into my ear since he was holding me by my neck but I was too busy snarling at the man I call 'Dad'.

"Lucas dear, calm down." My mother tried with a soothing voice but I could still hear her voice cracking the slightest. "Honey what did you do?" She asked him.

"I told him what needed to be heard." He said un-fazed as I was snarling at him in wolf form. My mother looked at him horrified.

"Why would you say that to him!? I told you he would act like this if you said that to him!" At least my mother was on my side. Even though Tobias had taken over I could still feel the confusion and curiosity that was emanating off the rest of the people in the room. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get to my father so I shook off Jace and Thomas and ran towards the door and out of the pack house towards the woods.

I ran and ran and ran. Not seeing or feeling anything but anger. I ran until I reached the outskirts of our lands and laid there for hours just thinking over what my father had said.

A month; that was all he was giving me to find the love of my life. I was over being angry but Tobias wasn't; he was furious. I looked up from where I was laying and realized that it was night time and that Jace and Thomas were trying to get through to me through the mind-link since they knew better than to come and find me. I let them in and I was bombarded with questions.

'Where are you? Are you alright? What happened? What did he say to you? Want to talk about it?' I sigh before answering them.

'I'm fine you guys. I just needed to go for a run or else I would have ripped him to shreds and I'll tell you what happened later 'cause right now i just want to go to bed.' I tell them before blocking them out again. I didn't have the energy to replay everything that happened with my dad, even though it wasn't all that much but it hurt just thinking about it. I stood and slowly walked back towards the pack house but on the outskirts of the border just to take longer to get there.

I kept walking for about half an hour when it hit me; The most delicious, sweetest and most intoxicating scent I have ever smelt in my entire life. I froze and breathed in deeply, inhaling as much as I can of it before I sprinted towards it. I was no longer in charge as Tobias took over which I didn't really care since he was leading us closer to the person who owned this amazing scent.

When we were a few metres away, I managed to make us slow down since I didn't want to frighten her. As we got closer, the scent got stronger and I could see a clearing just up ahead. Just as we broke through the trees I realized something, I could smell a vampire but it was mixed in with the scent meaning only one thing; she's the vampire.

No, it can't be. My MATE can't be vampire! It's not possible! I felt myself start to get angry which caused Tobias to get agitated. As I was fuming I heard movement in front of me and Tobias growled. We both couldn't see since we were both still angry so we took an intimidating step forward but I felt movement again thinking that they were stepping towards us so Tobias let out another growl but louder. We felt her still, shaking slightly but not moving so I forced my anger down so I could see through the angry haze that was blocking my vision and saw my mate for what she was; Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The most stunning and alluring being I have ever set eyes on.

She had long silky straight black hair that cascaded down to the top of her hip, framing her face perfectly. She had a long slender body that had curves that made me want to howl in delight. Her skin was pale all over where her clothing showed skin. Her face was heart-shaped with full pouty pink lips and a cute little nose. Her eyes were what had me holding my breath. She had long thick eyelashes framing her deep blue colored eyes, they were the same color as the ocean and I was swimming in them, bathing in them, but she wasn't looking at me.

Before I could do anything her head snapped down as she bowed, hiding her face from me. Then I realized she was submitting to me! I slowly started making my way towards her, using caution with every step that I took to make sure she knew that I wasn't going to hurt her. When I was directly in front of her I bent down to look at her face and saw that her eyes were squeezed shut and I could tell she was scared since it was rolling off of her in waves. Why was she scared? Then it hit me like walking into a pole. She was scared because of me! I wanted her to see that I wasn't a threat so I laid down and did what I had to do; I whined.

Never in my life have I whined before nor would anyone expect me to. I've known this girl what? A minute? and she already had me changing, not like I cared. All I cared about right now was for her to not be scared of me. I saw her head snap up but she didn't do anything so I whined again and moved closer to her. She flinched but didn't move away from me which I found was a good sign. So I slowly moved my head and nudged her hand just so I could get the hint in what I wanted her to do. I merely brushed her skin but even that sent shocks through my entire body making Tobias howl inside of me.

Clicking to what I wanted her to do, I saw her hand slowly rise from her side and reach towards me trembling slightly. As her hand got closer, the trembling started to stop. When her hand reached my cheek my eyes shut instantly at the shocks that came from it. Her skin was nice and cool for my high temperature body which was soothing. I unconsciously leaned into her hand trying to get more of a feel of her hand. As she started to stroke my cheek I let out a low pleasure filled moan rumble through my chest. I felt her hand move away from my face and couldn't help but lick it. She had the most delicious taste; it was sweet with a little bit of sourness like lollies just a thousand times better, wait make that a million times better. When I licked her hand I heard the most angelic noise in the world and my eyes flew open connecting with the most beautiful set of deep blue shining eyes.

When our eyes connected I felt nothing but her and me right here, right now. I did nothing but stared at her with love oozing out of me as her hands grasped my face. I felt nothing but at the same time everything as we stared at each other.

I knew that if war were to break out right now I wouldn't care, because I finally found the love of my life.

I found my mate.

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