My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Five

Chapter Five


We sat there looking at each other with my hands still placed on the sides of his head for about an hour which easily felt like a few moments instead. I started to move my hands from the sides of his head down to the ruff of his neck just to see what his fur felt like. As my hands got to his neck they instantly sunk into the soft and plush fur there. A small smile graced my lips as I started grasping fist fulls of it and and running my hands through it.

I could feel him watching my every movement and couldn't help but feel shy and awkward. He was still laying down with me kneeling in front of him with his eyes locked on me. I decided to look at him for a second thinking that I could look away straight away; yeah I was wrong. I couldn't look away from those beautiful chocolate eyes. All of a sudden I started getting this weird feeling in my stomach and I started to feel nervous so I forced my eyes to look at the ground. I felt my cheeks start to warm up thanks to the blood that I just recently consumed.

I removed my hands from the beautiful wolf and put them on my lap and shook my head so my hair was covering my face as I looked at the ground. I feel so embarrassed right now and I have no idea why. I didn't realize I was moving away from him until he started moving closer to me.

My beloved put his head down in front of me so he could look up at my face which gave me a fright so I turned my head to the side and felt my face getting warmer and the feeling in my stomach start to get stronger. I pursed my lips to try and control myself from tackling him in a hug since that was all I wanted to do and clenched my hands that were placed on my lap. Then I got this amazing idea.

I quickly stood up which made my beloved stand up as well going straight into defence mode, most likely thinking there was danger somewhere. I quickly placed my hand on him to try and sooth him and he relaxed immediately and stood up properly. When he was standing in front of me I didn't realize just how tall he was. His head reached basically up to my nose while his body was up to my shoulders.

Bloody hell! He's almost as tall as me! And I'm pretty tall, well at least I think I am. He was definitely taller than 4^7 ft making him one of the top three ranks which is kind of intimidating but there was no way I was scared of him. I knew he wouldn't hurt me, I'm his beloved for goodness sake's!

I moved so I was directly in front of him and put our heads together and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath in so I could fill my lungs with his scent; his scent was filled with mint and nature with a hint of citrus as well. He also had this very unique smell to it as well but I just couldn't place it. It was so intoxicating that it felt like I could get high from it by just standing there. I opened my eyes and saw that he also had his eyes closed. Perfect. I smiled and took in one more deep breath before I ran.

I ran through the woods but not too fast since I wanted him to catch up. After about two seconds I could hear him chasing after me. I glanced behind me and saw him breaking through the trees I just passed so I gave him a wicked smile and a wink before I booked it. I ran just along the border line knowing that he was right behind me. I slowed down the slightest and he was right on my heels. I turned around so I was running backwards and looked at him. I could see the amusement in his eyes as he looked at me so I decided to be cheeky.

"Your gonna have to be faster than that if you want to catch me!" I say which he lets out a playful growl to and letting his tongue lull out before I turn around, just missing a tree that was right in front of me. I hear a crash so I turn around and see that he just ran straight through it.

"Oh, how graceful." I murmur while rolling my eyes at him. He just shows his teeth which I'm guessing is him giving me a grin showing that he heard me. I shake my head with a smile and stop dead in my tracks and turn facing him as he's running. His eyes grow wide and just before he gets to me he jumps over me since he was going to fast to stop. He lands behind me and skids to a stop. I quickly take up the opportunity of him being distracted and run as fast as I can back to the clearing letting out a loud laugh. I hear him quickly chase after me but I was already at the clearing in record time. As I make my way into the clearing I go and sit atop of the boulder with my legs crossed and wait for him.

A few moments later my werewolf came rushing out of the trees and sees me just sitting there. He slowly comes up to the boulder. I was still taller than him so he put his front legs up on the boulder so we were the same height and his eyes were looking directly into mine. His eyes narrowed as if asking me to run away again. Just to tease him I lifted my hands saying "I surrender." and gave him, what I hoped look like, an innocent smile. He looked at me for a few more seconds before rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Before I had any time to react, he grabbed my sleeve with his teeth and yanked me forward making me fall off the rock.

I was too shocked to try and save myself from falling so I just decided to brace myself for the impact, which never came. I was instead greeted with a mouth full of fur which for some unknown and incredibly weird reason, I didn't mind. I was lying side ways on him with my arms and head on one side of him and my legs hanging off the other side. Lovely.

I was just about to move so I was on him properly until he had the genius idea to lift his back up in a fast movement making me go up in the air for approximately 3 seconds. During those three seconds he was able to turn so I was straddling him properly. He turned his head to give me what I call a wolfy grin which in return he got a glare from me. Never in my life have I ever felt like a rag doll until that moment.

"How about a little warning next time?" I ask while patting his head, not all that gently either. He just turned his head and rolled his eyes at me making me gawk.

"Don't roll your eyes at me mister." I say, giving his head a slap, not too hard I hope. He turned his head again but instead of rolling his eyes at me he instead gave me a wink which just made me laugh.

"You're an idiot." I lean forward and wrap my arms around his neck and pulled myself forward making our heads be side by side. He turned his head with his eyes narrowed at me.

"But you're my idiot." I say while smiling sweetly at him and fluttering my eyelashes. He looked at me for a while before he leaned in closer towards me and gave me a long, slow lick on my face, from my chin all the way to my forehead, I think he got some of my hair as well.

My eyes were squeezed shut and I could feel his whole body shaking from his laughter. I pull my sleeve down my arm and wipe my face and that is when my lovely beloved decides would be a great time to laugh his wolf butt off.

"Oh you think your so funny now don't you?" I ask while wiping the last bit of his drool off my forehead. He finally got his laughter under control but I could still feel him shaking underneath me. I was sitting up properly on his back when he suddenly decided to leap forward making wrap my arms around his neck as I was launched forward. I was just about to tell him off before he made a break through the forest.

We've been running for an hour, well he has while all I've been doing was watching our shadow on the ground as he ran. I had no idea where we were going or where we were right now but I didn't care since I already trusted him. But I did know one thing though and that's that we're not in his pack's land which I was grateful for since I'm sure they wouldn't want a vampire on or anywhere near their territory.

I was still watching our shadow when I could hear something. I looked up to see if I could see anything but there were too many trees in front of us for my sight to get through. So I focused on my hearing. It sounded like water, a lot of it. Rushing water.

As we got closer, the noise got louder. We were just up to the last few lines of trees when my beloved came to a stop. I got off of him and made my way past him to go have a look but he soon came in front of me and blocked my path. I looked at him and tilted my head in question. He just looked at me and then he squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and then opened them again. I furrowed my eyebrows, not understanding what he was trying to say.

He then came closer to me and pointed at me with his snout and squeezed his eyes shut again before opening them.

"You want me to close my eyes?" I ask and he just gives me an exaggerated nod. I roll my eyes at him with a smile but comply and close my eyes. I reach my hand out for him and find his head making that delicious heat spread through me making me smile a little. I slide my hand to the ruff of his neck and hold onto the fur there. I feel him start to turn so I move with him as he leads the way.

As we moved closer the noise was getting louder and I started to get more excited. As we broke through the last line of trees the noise was as clear as day. It was definitely water and I desperately wanted to open my eyes to have a look at it.

"Can I open my eyes now?" I ask him but as a reply I felt his head move side to side as he guides me closer. The noise from the water wasn't a loud crashing sound, it was more of a soft calming sound instead. We stop after a few more steps and I asked him if could open my eyes and he nodded. I slowly began to open my eyes with them focused on the ground. I slowly began to move my eyes up and what I saw took my breath away.

In front of me was a beautiful waterfall that looked like it was glowing thanks to the moon shining. There was a little pool of water where it fell into with little streams around it leading into the forest. There were little lights floating just above the water, fireflies. There were plenty of them just flying around making the place look magical and surreal. The plant life around it made it more beautiful with hanging down from the branches that were just above the water.

"It's beautiful." I say a little breathlessly while still gazing at it. It truly was beautiful though. Never in my life have I seen nature this way and it was truly amazing. I sit down close to the edge of the water and watch the fireflies fly around in circles above the water. My beloved moved behind me and layed down, surrounding me with his heat and laying his head my lap. My hand instantly went to stroke his fur. I bent down and a kiss on his head and whispered:

"Thank you."

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