My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight


I watched as my mate disappeared through the forest with my mind racing. I stayed there for a while before I ran back towards the waterfall. As much as I didn't want to, I had to get rid of her scent. I didn't want the pack to get suspicious of anything, not like most of them even knew what a vampire smelt like anyway.

As soon as I go to the waterfall I ran straight towards the deep end and jumped, shifting in mid-air and diving in. I stayed just under the waters surface, thinking about only the silence that only being underwater provided. Just as I broke through the surface of the water a soft gentle voice entered my mind.


I sigh knowing that I couldn't possibly block her out.

'Yeah mom?'

'Are you okay sweetie? Where are you?' she asks me and I almost feel guilty for making her worry.

'Where is he?' I ask her. She sighs before answering, knowing fully well that I won't be telling her where I am.

'In his office waiting for you to come back.' I knew I had to go back and talk to my father, it was inevitable.

'I'll be there soon. Can you leave some clothes out in the woods for me please.' I ask gently. She's not the one I'm pissed at. Wait, am I even mad anymore?

'Of course sweetie.' And with that I cut off the link and walked up the bank and laid on the soft ground.

Judging by the sky, I'm guessing it's only about eight in the morning meaning that I only had about five to six hours sleep when I was with my mate. And man did I feel refreshed. Those were the best hours sleep I've had since I was only a pup. Just remembering her had me in a trance. How soft her body was, how gentle her caressing was, how melodious her voice was, how beautiful she was, and the way she looked at me...just made my heart soar.

Argh! I sound like a fxcking girl! I quickly sit up and rub both my hands up and down my face trying to get a grip on my emotions, because all I wanted to do right now was run back and find my mate.

I sniff myself and feel disappointed when I can't smell my mate anymore but relieved as well. I quickly start to get up and stretch, wondering if I should just run back like this. I laugh thinking about if I ran into someone like this. That would be hilarious.

Shaking my head of the idea I quickly got on all fours and shifted; the cracking and moulding of my bones soothing me in a way.

I stood there for a while and took in my surroundings. For some reason this all seemed out of place without my mate here and she was only here once. I let out a whine without realizing and dashed back to our packs territory.

It was faster getting back to the pack house than it was going to the small clearing where I found my mate. Damn it! Stop thinking about her already

'Boy, are you stupid? She's our mate. She's all we're ever going to be thinking about.' Tobias says to me angrily.

'I know! I just don't want to be thinking about her when I'm talking to dad.' I reply back to him. He's quiet for a while before I see him nod his head in agreement. I quickly block him out as I see the pack house through the trees.

I quickly sniff out the clothes my mother left out for me and find them a few feet away from where I was standing. I shift back and quickly change noticing that they were my clothes from yesterday.

Just as I broke out through the last line of trees I see Jace and Thomas running up to me.

"Hey man! I thought you were gonna go M.I.A. on us after what happened yesterday." Thomas says while swinging his arm around my shoulders.

I see Jace roll his eyes at Thomas before coming up to us and shoving him away from me.

"Give him some space to breathe man." Jace says to Thomas before turning back and looking at me.

"You okay man? It seemed pretty intense there yesterday." He says with a concerned look on his face. I give him an honest smile before patting him on the shoulder as I walked past.

"Yeah I'm good. I had plenty of time to cool down." And find my mate along the way.

"Well" Thomas starts to say as he runs up to catch up with me "where were you last night?" he asks while wriggling his eyebrows at me "Your mom sent us to your apartment to check on you and looks like you weren't there the whole night!" he exclaims as he starts to walk backwards in front of Jace and I. looking at me suggestively.

I roll my eyes at him and shove him away from me.

"I'm not like you Tommy boy; I don't go around chasing anything that wears a skirt."

"Hey! That guy had amazing legs! I honestly thought that was a chick for a second, before y'know, he turned around." Thomas said with a sad look.

"Dude you really shouldn't think about it, it just makes you depressed." Jace says from the right hand side of me. We just reached the front door of the pack house when I stopped.

"He's right Thomas." I say while putting my hand on top of his shoulder and giving it squeeze. "Don't be so sad about it." He looks up at me with hope and I give him a smile. "I'm sure your mate will look exactly like him." I say with a smirk before opening the front door and walking in.

"You bastard!" I hear him shout and all I could do was laugh as one of the pack mothers yelled out "Language!" from the kitchen.

My mood quickly darkened as I stood outside my fathers office. I knew there was no way of avoiding this talk so I knocked twice before walking in. My father was looking through documents when I walked in and gestured towards a chair in front of him without even looking at me. I sat down in front of him watching his every move just trying to figure out what he was thinking right now.

About ten minutes of him reading through documents and me watching him, he finally settled everything down onto his desk and for the first time since I've been in here decided to look at me. His eyes gave away nothing as he stared at me with the same blank expression that I was staring at him with.

"What do you want old man?" I ask him finally getting tired of the staring competition that was going on. He didn't answer me straight away, as usual, but did after a minute or so of observing me.

"I won't take back what I said yesterday Lucas. I'm only giving you a month and that's final." He says while looking at me as if he were daring me to protest against him. Well there was no point, I already found my mate.

"I understand." I say and I see his eyes narrow at me.

"You understand?" He asks with obvious disbelief dripping of his every word.

"Yes Sir." I say suppressing the urge to roll my eyes. I could see he wasn't convinced and expected me to lash out at him again.

"But I have one condition." Obviously my dad didn't suppress his urge because he ended up rolling his eyes at me muttering an 'of course you do'. He leaned back into his chair and gestured with his hand for me to carry on.

"No matter who my mate is, you have to accept her." I said looking straight into his eyes with determination.

"And if I don't?" He questions with a raise of his eyebrow.

"Then I will leave the pack."

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