My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)

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Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine


"What did you say?"

"I said; I. Will. Leave. The. Pack." I say again, emphasizing each and every word. He looked at me and I mean really looked at me. Searching for something, and I guess he found it when all seriousness left his face and a megawatt smile took over.

"That's my boy!" he said while laughing. He then got up, as did I, and walked around the desk to stand in front of me. He stood in front of me and I realized that we were the same height, if not me being a little taller. He was still wearing his winning smile when he clasped his hand on my shoulder and said:

"Son, if you accept your mate then I will as well." He says to me, with his smile getting brighter and brighter by the minute. It made him lose the edge that being Alpha usually gave him. Now he actually looked his age, if not younger.

"Now lets see what your moms cooking 'cause it smells delicious." He says while wrapping an arm around my shoulders and guiding me towards the door. I looked at my father and saw him still smiling brightly which of course made me start smiling as well. It was nice having my dad like this, instead of being the stuck-up Alpha he usually is. I still needed to talk to him about that Vampire party we were invited to and was wondering if we should talk about it now, but seeing my dad like this made me want to savour it.

I'll just talk to him about it later.

As my father and I entered the dining hall we were greeted with different varieties of delicious aromas and booming laughter that echoed off the walls.

Since our pack was so big, we had to create a place where everyone could fit and eat comfortably and even though not everyone in the pack lived in the pack house, we all still loved sharing our meals together. So that's why our dining hall ended up looking like a restaurant: it had plenty of tables, an open kitchen area, and people bringing food around to every family but without those ridiculous waiter uniforms. But instead of all the tables spread out, most were joined together creating three long lanes with single tables surrounding them. People could choose where to sit but most people in the pack usually sat with others who were around the same age group as them which resulted with the naming of the tables; the Teens table, the Young Adults table and the Adults table, the adults table being the middle lane. The children and the elderly sat on the tables surrounding the lanes.

Being the Alpha of the pack we had our table at the front on a higher level but with us being us we just ended up sitting wherever we wanted, Leanne and I usually just ended up eating with our friends while our dad would either be in his office still working or walking around the hall getting acquainted with everyone and sharing laughs with each other. My mother would either be in the kitchen preparing more food with the pack moms or walking around asking if anyone needed anything. The mothers usually ate when most of the pack was clearing out.

As my father and I walked towards the front many people on the way stopped to greet both of us and talked to us just for the sake of talking to us. As we both stood there listening to one of my dads close friends talk about something that happened while he was on patrol, I felt a hand on my arm.

I turned to look and saw that it was my mother. I gave her a warm smile and she gestured for me to follow her. I nodded and started to follow while my dad was to busy laughing his butt off to notice me leaving. As I walked away I looked back and saw more people joining in the conversation that my dad was having.

Jeez, they're like moths to a flame when it comes to dad. I thought to myself as I watch them surround him with glowing smiles, wanting to know what was so funny.

'Your father is a great Alpha.' Tobias says to me.

Tell me about it. I say with a smile. Only hoping that I will be like him when I become Alpha.

'You will be boy. You and that man are like two peas in a pod and sometimes that isn't a good thing.' Tobias said and I couln't help but chuckle.

Well either way I'm still taking that as a compliment. I say to Tobias just as I leave the hall. I keep following my mother until she suddenly stops and turns to face me with a bright smile on her face.

"So I'm guessing everything went well with your father then?" she says more as a statement than a question.

"Yeah. For once I didn't get mad and rebellious towards him." I say with a laugh. My mother sends me a warm smile before hugging me.

"I love it when you two get along. It makes everyone else get along better." she says before releasing me and walking back to the entry holding the door open for me.

"Well come along you must be starving." she says to me. I walk to the door and before entering I bent down to kiss her cheek before striding in looking for Jace and Tom. But before I could get very far my mother called out to me, causing the people that were close to turn as well.

"I want to know where you stayed last night since you never went home at all last night." she said with a sly look before shutting the door, most likely heading to the kitchen through the back way. As the door shut howls and whistles resounded all around me making me shake my head with a smile plastered on my face. I decided to start walking towards the front and as I walked there were still plenty of people, mainly the guys, howling and whistling. As I got to the front I turned and faced everyone and yelled 'Enough already!' at them all.

"Look! He's blushing!" I hear Thomas yell from the Adults table which earned the whole pack to start booming with laughter. I give Thomas a death glare which he just gives me a wink in return. Not being able to resist it any longer, I ended up giving them a smirk which made hoots and jeers sound through out the hall making me join in on the laughter.

As my father came to stand next to me the pack instantly died down until everyone was quiet and waited patiently for dad to start talking.

"Well it's good to see that everyone's in good spirits this lovely morning." He says with that bright smile still plastered on his face. "Well I just wanted to let everyone know that we were invited to a party that is being held tomorrow night." The pack burst into cheers at just the mention of a party.

Wait. WHAT?! He's telling them now?!! I still have to talk to him about it! I think frantically.

I tried to keep my face as placid as possible as my father calmed them down and continued to talk.

"As you all know, we are living side-by-side with Vampires." He says to everyone and they replied with nods and 'yeahs' with the usual 'who cares' type of attitude that was always present when talking about Vamps.

"Well, it's the main family's daughter's coming of age party. Serenity Alexander. She will be turning Eighteen and they have welcomed the entire pack to join in the celebrations of their daughters birthday."

'Sounds to me like they just want to rub their riches in our faces' Tom says through the mind link between him, Jace and I. I look at the back of the hall where Jace is leaning against the back wall and see him subtly nod in agreement to what Thomas just said.

"But. Even though the whole pack was invited, the children under the age of Sixteen will be staying here with the mothers who would also like to stay." Dad stopped talking then and waited for the words to sink in and was just about to carry on when someone called out.

"Wait, so we're just going to leave them here unprotected?" a man on the Adults table asked.

"No. My best fighters will be staying as well to protect them until my mate and I get back." He said tp everyone.

"Wait, only you and our Luna? What about the rest of us?" One of my friends from school called out.

"The rest of you will stay there and get acquainted with them." He said sternly which sadly caused an uproar from majority of the pack.

"What? You can't be serious!"

"We have to stay there while our Alpha's not there?!"

"That's crazy!"

Everyone was yelling at us as my father and I stood there, waiting for them to calm down. He then looked to me and nodded. I looked at him and understood that he was motioning for me to take over. Well, you don't have to tell me twice.

"ENOUGH!" I yelled which caused everyone to stop and look at me and for people who had stood up to sit back down. With this Jace and Thomas both came to the front and flanked me: Jace on my right and Thomas on my left.

"Even though my mother and father will not be there, I will. I am the future Alpha and I will protect our pack with my life." I practically yell at them with a look that was daring them to interrupt me.

"I will be there for the whole night from beginning to end. The reason for this is because within a month I will be your Alpha and it is only logical for them to be more acquainted with the next in line Alpha than the soon-to-be retired Alpha." With that my father slightly turned his head towards me and raised an eyebrow at me.

'Is that so?' He mind linked to me. I felt the corners of my mouth twitch but carried on.

"Anyone who has a problem then speak now." I say with finality and not coming as a surprise no one said anything. "Now that is all that needed to be said so everyone can get ba-"

"Wait, does that mean you found your mate?!" I hear a high-pitch voice basically scream. I look and see that it came from a girl sitting on the Teens table. She had stood up and was leaning on the table with her hands flat against it. I narrow my eyes at her which caused her to sit back down quietly with her head bowed.

"That is for me to know and for you to find out when I think is best." I say not only to the girl but to everyone else who was curious about my mate. "Now with everything said and done please enjoy your meals." With that everyone hungrily got to eating. I turned to my dad and see him smiling at me with pride in his eyes.

"Well done!" He says to me while slapping my shoulder with his hand, hard. "I taught you well! Now come on lets eat 'cause I'm starving!" He says while guiding me to the table in the front and sitting me down.

"You even had me shaking a little!" Thomas says with a shiver as he and Jace joins us.

"C'mon, I wasn't that bad!" I say while laughing but then stopped. "Wait, was I?" I ask suddenly nervous.

"Nah, you did great Alpha." Jace says with a wink. I roll my eyes at him and see my mom and a few pack moms coming with some plates and trays of food with my mother smiling brightly at me. As she placed the tray on the table she came around the table hugged me.

"My little boy is growing up!" She says with a sob but before I could do anything stood up properly and rubbed away the non-existent tears off her cheeks making me roll my eyes. All of sudden I felt a sting at the back of my head.

"What the fu-" I say turning and seeing my mom with a wooden spoon in her hand. Where the hell did she get that from?

"Don't you dare roll your eyes at me boy and don't you even think-" she suddenly points her spoon at me "about using that language around me." she says with menace. I gulped loudly.

"Yes ma'am. Sorry ma'am." I say quickly. I was barely aware of the snickers I got from around the table but didn't dare look away from the woman in front of me. Her face then instantly softened up and then she turned towards the table with a bright smile.

"Well everyone eat up!" She said then went on her merry way back to the kitchen. I sighed loudly and leaned back in my chair which caused Thomas to explode with laughter.

"Oh man I love your mom!" he says as he started to calm down.

"You only love her when your not on the recieving end of her wrath." Jace say before he shoves couple of fried eggs into his mouth.

"Yeah cause it's funnier when someone else gets in trouble." Thomas says, defending himself rather pitifully.

"You boys have seen nothing compared to when she was younger." He says making us all turn to him and see a distant look in his eyes before he shudders and shakes his head before looking back at us. "Trust me." He says before filling his plate.

"Oh we do." I say before digging in to the food in front of me.

We sat there just talking about anything and everything until all the trays of food were cleaned out and took our plates to kitchen. Jace and Thomas followed me to the forest deciding that we were gonna go for a run before planning on what we're gonna do about the party tomorrow.

We quickly undressed and shifted. Jace was a dirty blonde colored wolf while Thomas was a light brown color. I was the biggest out of all of us which was normal since I have Alpha blood in me. We then turned and ran, Having turns on chasing each other and play fighting just like we used to play when we were kids but in our human form than our wolf.

The whole time I was debating on whether or not I should tell anyone that I had found my mate.

As we made our back towards the pack after shifting and changing I had decided.

I'm just going to leave it all to fate.

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