An opening to Wonderland

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Callie is one of the invisible girls. Her only friend is Derek. Her supportive best friend from kindergarden. Though, it can be tough to keep him close when all the girls are fighting over him. Especially Sabrina. The only girl she actually wishes to be invisible for, but is definitely not. Callie wishes to get away from all her miseries. Only in her dreams, is it possible for her to escape the harsh reality. But what happens if the dreams suddenly follow you into reality? If you no longer can't tell the difference between what's real and what's not? What if it is not only the dreams but also the nightmares?

Fantasy / Romance
Bex Michaelson
Age Rating:


I sank deeper and deeper into the dark. It was quiet. The silence was comforting. No more mean comments. No more feelings. No more questions. Nothing. My body was flowing freely.

A loud sound cut through the air. Pulled me back to reality. My father was throwing around the dishes downstairs. He was already in a bad mood.

I didn’t have the power to deal with them today, so I got up and did my best to avoid them. I opened the front door and hear my mother: “Callie? Is that you?” I got out as fast as I could. I had gotten through the first part of the day, but my mind couldn’t stop worrying about what the rest of the day had planned for me.

I arrived at school and walked to my locker. The first lecture was in history. I gathered my books, put them in my backpack and closed the locker. “Morning!” I almost had a heart attack. “Jesus Derek! Don’t just walk up on me like that!” I slapped his arm and laughed. “Sorry, you are just so easy,” he laughed. “Well, it is good that someone is having some fun upon my miseries.” The bell rang

“Goddammit! I’m late again!” Derek giggled and started to run with me. “Not funny! Mr P. is going to kill me!” I shouted at him. “And it is funny every time!” He laughed. I tried to maintain my serious face, but it failed and burst into laughter as well.

“Late again, Callie. It’s the third time this week!” “I am so sorry, Mr P. It won’t happen again.” “This is your last chance, Callie. Next time I’ll have to call your parents.” “No..!” Mr P. looked at me. I even surprised myself. I normally wouldn’t dare to talk back, but this just slipped. “I mean... It won’t happen again, I promise.” “Good. Let’s begin.” I had to get it together. If my parents was contacted by the school, I would be punished beyond my grave.

Time passed slowly. When the bell finally rang, I grabbed my bag and ran towards one of my favourite places in the school. We were close to the forest. I had once found a pond where I couldn’t hear any of the other students shouting. I grabbed my sketching block and pencil from my bag and started sketching. I always sketched my dreams. They brought back the feeling I had experienced from the dream. I can never exactly remember my dreams, only the blurry pictures and the feelings, so I always end up drawing a mix of something that feels right.

A branch snapped somewhere in the woods. I turned around. There was no one there. Maybe it was just an animal. I continued to sketch until I heard laughter. Her laughter. Sabrina. She appeared between some trees ahead of me with her followers in the background. “What’s this?” She asked. “My sketching block,” I answered with a cold attitude. I didn’t care much for her. She had been bullying me ever since we first met. She was jealous of my relationship with Derek, and never believed that we were nothing more than friends. But it had never gone further than words and small suggestions. She usually got bored when I ignored her and I’m actually amazed, that she keeps on trying.

She picked up my block. “Hey!” I reached for it, but she was too fast. “What are these drawings? They don’t look like anything.” “They are nothing you would understand. Now, can I have it back?” I asked. “What a confusing world you’re living in.” “Very.” My hand started shaking. I really needed that book back. It contained so much comfort and I often needed it. Sabrina noticed my upcoming panic. “This seems kind of important to you,” she said and showed it around to her friends. I chose not to answer. “Well, I think I am going to keep this for a while.” My body went numb. “Every time I see you near Derek, I will rip out one page,” she threatened. “You can’t do that! He is my best friend! Nothing more.” She knew that she had me on my weak spot. One of my only weak spots. And she was not gonna let it go without a fight.

“Well, isn’t that too bad? Then I am gonna guess that you have to choose between your precious and your ‘friendship’ with Derek.” She giggled, turned around and walked away. I was frozen. I couldn’t move, couldn’t chase after her, no matter how much I wanted to. She had finally won.

I spend the rest of my day avoiding Derek. I felt bad but I knew that Sabrina wasn’t making empty threats. My sketchbook meant nothing to her and everything to me. She didn’t have any problem with ripping it apart.

As soon as I got home I went to bed. I just wanted to drift into my escape.Start writing here…

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