To Be The Second

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****A Werewolf Short Story**** When a wolf looses its' mate, the pain is beyond description. It looses sanity, feels betrayed and mostly feels empty. Trying to fix a heart that has lost it's importance, is beyond difficult to repair. Until Irene. Irene summers. 20 year old girl, born in as an omega, has yet to find her mate. Attending a party, held for the alphas son, happened to be the same place she meets her mate. Alpha Zander stone. His name even giving off the impression. He is heartless, malicious, uncaring, has ice in his veins, and, most of all lost his mate. Trying to help an alpha that has suffered is difficult to accomplish, but being Irene, nothing is impossible. Through ups and downs, Hurt and pain, can Irene melt the ice covering his heart, or does she give up? ©RamataMaguiraga 2016 Copyright All Rights Reserved. This is a fictional book, therefore no characters or places exist.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Scrub, scrub, scrub till the pot is clean. Wash, wash, wash all the clothes in the hamper. Sweep, sweep, sweep till you can see your reflection on the ground.

“Irene!” I heard my mother yell. I put the broom aside as I walked to the hallway. There she stood, mopping the kitchen floor, but she had dropped water all over the place. She turned around as I chuckled at the scene before me.

She held that smile upon her face, which said she had done something, which I wouldn’t appreciate. “what is it this time mom?” I asked as my smile began to falter.

“oh, nothing as big. I just happened to run into Cole.” Mom said.

Cole is the alpha of our pack, as well as a good friend. But he is absolutely flirtatious and he has always taken a liking to me, trying to get my hand in marriage. “and so?” I asked the grinning woman before me.

“he asked my permission for you to be his date, to his birthday party.” Mother said as she lifted her hand to her mouth giggling.

“and you said no right?” I asked her curiously, silently praying that she had. But instead she shook her head, making me lose all hope.

“why don’t you just woman up and marry him?” mother asked.

“no mom, I told you, my mate is somewhere out there and he will be upset if he finds out I’m married to someone other than him. after all, I’m sure he’s been waiting for me, right?” I smiled. The thought of finding my mate is beyond happiness. Even though it’s been two years since I turned 18. Now I’m a 20-year-old girl, loner, just waiting for her mate to come out of dim light to claim me.

“would you stop with you fantasy honey? I know you have been waiting for your mate, but how sure are you that he wants you? For all I know that mate of yours could be a psychopath.” Mother said thinking of the worst. After all, Cole did get in her head, by planting seeds of hope there. Like telling her she would have many grandchildren and also power, whatever the else.

“mom, don’t kill my dream. Nothing is impossible if I’m Irene.” I said smiling.

“well you are your father’s child.” Mom said as a sadness crossed her eyes. Dad passed on 2 years ago in a rouge war. And now it’s just been my mom and I.

“anyway mom!” I said trying to get the sadness out of her eyes. “m going to finish my chores and I’m only going to go with Cole because you seem to want it very much. But mom, me marrying Cole is not going to happen.” I said pulling my tongue at her like a child making her chuckle. That’s my mom. I laughed walking towards the other side of the pack house. And I absolutely regret it.

“Irene, baby, did you miss me?” Cole asked as he twirled his golden hair around his finger, giving a 100% pearly smile.

“no Cole, I did not. now would you move out of my way so I can pass and go finish my chores.” I asked him as he continued to stand blocking my path.

“you see Irene, if you agree to marry me you won’t have to do chores anymore, the only thing you would be doing is being my wife and carrying my babies, so what do you say?” he asked.

I shook my head at him, as I chuckled. “nice try, but not going to happen.” I finalised, pushing him aside, so I could pass.

“well I’ll get you next time.” He promised, typical idiot, “anyway Irene, I’m sure your mom told you that I was going to ask you to be my date to my birthday party, so would you?” he asked, a blush crossing his face. Aww.

“yes, yes, I’ll go, but only for mom’s sake. So what should I wear?” I asked him.

“wear something short and sexy.” He said making me glare at him. “I’m joking, joking! Wear anything really, just look good.” He said. I nodded at him.

“who is going to be there?” I asked as I picked up the broom to finish sweeping.

“well, there will be alphas and lunas, there will be a couple of friends, a lot of different people, and our pack members.” He concluded the guest list. “so there’s roughly around 500 people attending.” He said, making my breath hitch. 500 people? I can’t live around 10 to say 500.

“okay, I’ll be done at 6:30, you can pick me up at seven.” I said to him. Cole lives in his own house, a few blocks away from the pack house.

“yeah, okay. See you at 7” he concluded, with his signature smile, as he walked away from me. I shook my head continuing to sweep.

Very soon little footsteps were heard approaching me, and in front of me Damien stood. He panted at the speed he ran.

“Damien! You better show yourself!” an angry Momma was heard.

“Irene, you have to help me.” he pleaded. Damien is a cute 6-year-old with an angry Momma and a strict father. Shame for him.

“what did you do this time?” I asked him accusingly.

“nothing.” He drawled. I looked at him with a knowing glare as he let out a sigh, “okay, I may have washed mom’s makeup in the sink, causing her to get angry. And I may have flushed her lipstick and mascara in the toilet.” He blurted. “but you have to believe me it was an accident, now please Reen, hide me.” he begged. I rolled my eyes, as I pointed to the empty room, where barely anyone goes. He pulled me down quickly pecking my cheek, as he ran to the room.

“Irene, did you see Damien?” Stephanie, his mom asked. I shook my head at her.

“no, he was here but ran away.” I said to her. She nodded going the opposite direction.

Damien came out and hugged me, “thanks, Reen.” He said with a smile before disappearing yet again. I chucked at the naughty boy.


I was seated in front of the mirror. My hair in curls, my makeup simple, my blue dress sitting perfect. Well I guess Cole will love this, and of course he would.

A knock echoed in my room as it opened. There mom stood a smile on her face. She looked so happy she could pop. “Irene, my beautiful baby.” She said to me as she hugged me, “you look so beautiful.” She complemented.

“thanks mom.” I smiled happily.

She pushed a few strands of hair behind my ears as she whispered in my ear. “I hope you find your mate.” I smiled. She knew I was hoping to find him at this party I was attending. I nodded at her.

“well Cole is waiting downstairs for you, don’t keep the boy waiting.” Mom said. I hurriedly grabbed my purse and sprayed some perfume as I rushed out the bedroom. I pecked mom’s cheek, and sped down the stairs. Cole looked up and stared for a moment.

He wolfs whistled looking at me from top to bottom. “you look hot!” he said making a sizzling sound at the end. I chuckled punching his arm.

“no time to be flirtatious, let’s get going.” I said. he nodded and we walked out the pack house to his car. He opened the door for me as I sat inside and he then closed it, going to his side.

“how gentlemen of you.” I praised him. he began grinning like an idiot. I shook my head at him as I smiled.

“let’s partaay!” he cheered as we set off to his party venue. I’m just hoping, wishing, that I’ll find him there. My mate. Mine.

Guys this is the first chapter hope you enjoyed it!

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