The Journal of Orpheus: Demigod extraordinaire

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Orpheus is a college age demigod documenting his adventures. breaking into graveyards, encountering minor gods, practicing magic, encountering gods older then Gilgamesh. Anything can happen.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Living journal

“Uh hello, testing, testing. okay awesome! this thing appears to be working.” Buzzing. “ oh sorry you are not a thing you are Tim the Willow wisp. So Tim, it is nice to know you can record what I orate to you. It will be interesting to test your other powers. Um Okay so what was I going to record again? (papers shuffling) Hm,

Oh yea. Hi, My name is Orpheus. Uh Hey Tim? Buz? You can edit the Ums out right. BBuuzzz Oh, so you can’t well then I guess i better improve fast. Um( shuffles a little more) Okay so I am Orpheus. The great great great great great great great grandchild of the original Orpheus. You know that one right? The one who could play music so beautifully that the god Hades let him take his wife from the underworld if he didn’t look at her until after they reached the surface. Yea? Yeh that one who looked back and lost the chance to be with her for the rest of his life because of it. Yea it sucked. Apparently his son had to raise himself after that, since Orpheus became lost in a deep depression.

Yup the family tragedy. Since then some family members have had Orpheus’s magical musical abilities. I am one of though. I was born crying in perfect pitch so my mom decide to name me after the first. Which pitch you might ask? F sharp...

Since then I have become a pro at singing, have mastered the violin, and I am attending college to learn more about music and magic. So far Apollo has appeared to me once to congratulate me and grant me a boon, this only happens once in a generation, if not less these days. The Olympians are getting old and their children are fading too.

So, which powerful beings are taking over the world now? People like me of course, demigods, or demigod descendants. Sure our magic isn’t as strong as the gods used to be but we grow and learn from previous mistakes that others have made before us. Gods don’t learn.

It isn't really their fault I believe there is a study stating that they are some sort of quantum entities who had a lock placed in their conscious rather then their physical selves. Or something weird like that. All I know is that it means that the old gods can not change the basics of their personality. Zeus is still a horndog, Poseidon still gets angry and causes earthquakes, and Hades still likes gold and staying away from his other siblings. They are way to dramatic for him.

Humans have one form and our powers are so much more limited but we can write things down and learn from the past. We also die unfortunately. Or I should say fortunately for me, since I would not have found you , wispy. Can I call you wispy?

Buz(resigned) Okay awesome. So I found you in a graveyard where your old human had died. I guess I should start at the beginning of the tale for those who know nothing about willow wisps. For one they bond to humans. Originally they are from swamps, when enough people died there, but now in this civilized age they can be found in cemeteries.

Some will leave the graves of their old masters if they don’t like the burial place but that is rare.

So willow wisps can bound to humans. The wisp then basically acts as a servant for the human, They can record our voices so we can dictate new spells we are creating, or if you like traveling you can tell it of your adventures so you can tell others what you have done. The wisps can clean your home, although I don’t really have a home, just a college dorm room so it won’t have to much to clean. I mainly want it to record, be my immortal companion, and give me a little magical advice. I think that is all they do. I really just got one cause I was bored and read about them last week. I guess I will find more of a use for you in time.

Let me see, so. The tale of how I found the wisp. So, there I was in the library studying a book. My music ear wax was playing Tchaikovsky when I found the reference to a Willow Wisp. I had heard of them before but many magical creatures have died off since the folklore were invented. This reference was from a human descendant of Hades. Apparently they had found the willow wisp on a trip to London in the 1940s.

A lot of people were dying so the descendant had been trying to help his father ease the transition phase for those who died. The wisp had found them and had bounded to them. They had come back to California.

I skimmed through the book after this, looking for when and where they died. Boom! A cannon fired as Tchaikovsky celebrated with me. Victory I had found the page! The descendant had died in a small little town up in the mountains. So there I sat Orpheus the musical deciding if it would be fun to have a Wisp as a companion.

I knew the legends, they were dangerous, they led people in marshes to there deaths. Yet, I also knew the facts that the magical community had managed to learn. They helped those they bounded to, no one had discovered all their abilities but Wisps were said to be the best companion by those who had owned them. Five out of five stars come get your perfect servant from my cold… dead…. Hands. Wow. Um so yea. I got up from my seat and began looking for a transportation spell that worked with my music nature.

I still don’t have a car and only one of the demigods at school can teleport, but you kind of have to book her three months in advance. It apparently is a very lucrative business for her.

So I hunted, I perused, I dug deep into the darkest part of the library. Few could use music magic, but in the end I was able to find something I might be able to use, “The uses of multiple strings(using strings and string theory in your magic"

I took the book back to my table and began to read. Let me tell you, that book was so full of science I felt my mind explode. You would think entities who use magic have to know a lot of science to know what they are doing. Most don’t though. Our magic normally runs off of feeling what is inside of us, sure it has science we just don't know it. We can learn different magic that is not our specialty by reading science books and figuring out how our powers can be used to achieve the new spell but a lot are content to simply feel and let themselves be limited by that feeling.

So there I was reading the book with half my brain leaking out of the exploded half when I got this feeling. I stood up, half lifting the book before dropping it onto the table. I knew what to do.

Wow. I guess my subconscious is awesome! I walked out of the library as fast as I could. As soon as I got out of the library I ran to my dorm. I was excited you see and one never knows how long inspiration would last. I kind of understood what my instincts planed to do but it was complex so I didn’t want to forget it.

I made it to my dorm, found my violin and took it with me as I left my dorm. This spell may be messy so I needed more room to work it. I found the nearest field and began to play. I pulled the feeling from.. Um where are feelings from? The brain? The heart? Or the stomach? I think this one came from the stomach.

Anyway I pulled it into my hands and began to work the magic. It was an interesting song. Not at all appealing to the human heart. So I changed it slightly, adding a melody with my voice. The air hummed with the power I was summoning.

Birds, squirrels, and some cat began to gather outside of the aura of power. I had to hurry before any humans were attracted to the music. I didn’t really want anyone to know I could teleport. Yet, I had to know if it worked multiple times. Maybe then I could give the demigoddess a run for her money and open a teleportation business too.

The power hit its overflow point and activated just as I completed the little melody. The power was released from the weaving and pushed its way out into the world. I felt myself move with the power and I thought of where I needed to go. My world went black and the feeling in my stomach transitioned from inspiration to expulsion.

I landed on my feet and fell over. Yea I am definitely going to have to work on that spell, the return journey wasn’t any easier. So I puked a bit and then i managed to stand up and look around myself.

It was forestry, so i assumed i had made it to obscurity. Brown leaves shuffled and crunched under my feet as I hiked about. I should have looked at a map to see where the cemetery was but I had been excited and just thought of the towns name and its rough location on the globe.

What can I say except that I was excited to try the spell. So i kind of walked around till sundown then I managed to find a gas station and asked for directions. The cashier of the gas station knew exactly where it was, ’ only cemetery on this side of the mountain.” I doubted that but nodded along with them as they pointed this way and that. I began walking again. Night truly fell and after about a mile I found the cemetery.

I have always wanted to go into a cemetery at night so I walked up to the gate and rattled it. A deep voice whispered from the darkness behind me.

“It is locked child” I may have jumped into the air. I am not really sure. my heart was a little distracting beating fifty thousand miles an hour in my chest. I turned towards the voice and looked at the darkness.A shape moved, “ Why does someone like you want to go into a place like that? Are you planning to desecrate a grave? Or perhaps you are trying to perform a ritual.” A blinding white smile appeared where the shadow was.

At this point I was wondering which god this was. I hadn’t sensed anything as I had approached. I would know if a human had been around since I can hear the music coming out of every mortals heart. I try not to listen, it can be a little distracting sometimes but it happens and I had been listening.

I told him I was looking for something interesting.

“ah a grave robber then.” The smile widened as if it was going to consume me.

I asked him which god he was.

“Guess child”

I played along for a while, asking if he was Anubis? He should his head in negation. Hades? “that old coot? Naw!” okay so that clue got rid of my next choice, Nergal second lord of the underworld in Babylon. Hm who was younger then the greek gods? They were one of the youngest after all. “ Jesus? He burst into laughter,” what do they teach you kids in school these days? I am Baron Samedi a loa of haitian voodoo! Patreon of death, cemeteries, obscenities, drinking, smoking, and spirits. Shit that was a mouthful, i am sorry.

"Blame the saints and what they are known for. Don’t you remember your lessons kid?"

I hadn’t recognized him but I knew the name. The Loa were the "Americans". They were based on Catholic Saints and then changed by African Americans, incorporating their own gods into "Appropriate tales" It stopped some beatings I imagines, not many though. I believe the process is called Syncretism, It is a little complex. But then again a lot of things are.

So he was a Loa. They are kind of gods, but the demi gods don’t really say they are gods. Mainly because there children don’t really become demigods, for some reason. Then again very few have mated with humans, several are paired with each other and had children together but humans are small creatures to them. They would feast with humans, give them advice, and then leave them alone to go about their own business. They were odd gods, but hey all gods were unique.

I told him I remembered who he was.

He laughed, “only after a minute of thinking. Then again we are used to being overlooked. As long as the few remember us we will remain with humanity. Once that is done we will go play with the other worlds.” This was the first time I had heard a god talk positively of dying.

Was it really dying for them? I wasn’t and still am not sure. I tried to excuse myself by turning back to the lock and taking out a pin to pick it. Buzz? Yes I always bring a pick on my journeys they are simple to carry and useful. Bz. Thank you.

Okay so I was trying to unlock the door when the baron said, “ I am holding it closed, that won’t work.”

“Why are you holding the door closed?”

Cause I am the protector of cemeteries and you haven’t told me the real reason you want access. If my senses are correct you only told me half of the reason why you want to enter.” The baron leaned against the gate, watching me, “So speak up little twit.”

I was a little annoyed so I said some smart assery. The next second I was on the ground and the baron was sitting on my chesy smoking a cigar. “Shit, what was that kid? I am getting old and my hearing is going.” He pushed himself into me and leaned his head towards my mouth.

So I told him the truth. I was looking for a Willow Wisp to bound with.

“Oh that old thing.” The baron stood and picked me up by the scruff of my shirt, “ I know where that grave is. That thing has been weeping for the past forty years, It would be my pleasure to let you in and to take.” The gate creek open as he said this and he bowed and gestured towards it, “ Have fun child.”

I walked through the gates and heard them crash closed behind me. I walked on hoping the Baron would let me out when I needed to leave. Then again I figured I could use magic to leave once I found the wisp. I walked on looking for the angel headstone described, and the fountain that was supposed to be next to it. The graveyard was fuller then I thought it would be though. Graves stood right next to each other. I thought america had a lot of room a built large cemeteries. Or at least the ones I had seen were large. So I wandered around trying to think of a spell I could use to help me locate the grave.

I couldn’t think of anything. So I tried to kick a grave stone, unfortunately I found myself hanging upside down before my foot conceded. “ Please don’t hurt the inhabitants kid, I forgot to tell you the rules.” Baron Samedi had appeared and was holding me by the offending leg, “ Basically all rules fall into one, Don’t be an asshole. Got it kid?” I nodded, “Good. Why were you trying to attack a stone anyway?”

“I can’t find the gravestone I am looking for.” He looked at me in disbelief.

“Idiot child, if you didn’t know where it was why didn’t you ask?”

“You would have told me?”

“Yes I want you both out of here as soon as possible. The grave is four rows north and to the second to the left.”

I fell to the ground and heard a faint laugh but nothing else of the Baron was around. Please remind me in the future to avoid the Loa wisp. Buuuuuzzz. I know they are helpful but they are a little abrupt. Buz. Thanks.

So I found the grave where he said it would be. Oh I forgot to mention I was carrying my violin still, shit. I am not very good at this story telling thing.

Um Okay so I used my violin to open the grave. That is when the bounding process began. The dead in other graves around me broke from there resting place. I began playing music trying to get them to sleep again. They didn’t really like that so the screamed and charged at me. Oh by the way there were five. So these five undead attacked.

I hardened my violin bow with a musical note and made it hot with another. Then I swung the bow at the nearest zombie. Its arm fell off. Yes all of my music has magical quality and yes I made a lightsaber, basically. What can I say I am a star wars fan. So i fought with my laser bow.swiping this way and that, ducking and jumping on to graves. Launching myself off them to swing at the zombies heads.

BBBBUUUUZZZZZ. Uh what do you mean that is not what happened? That is what it felt like. BUUUUZZ. Oh okay so I guess I swung my laser bow a few times and severed the magics connection to the bodies.

So after that I reached into the grave and pulled out the wisp. It is a small pulsing bluish flame that flickers every now and again, sending out a nice pulse of warmth like a fire when it does this. I recited the spell your supposed to say to bound the wisp and that was that. I screamed a little maybe and cried at the mental trauma of becoming connected to a millennia old entity but otherwise the connection went well.

I put the wisp into my pocket and began to play my transportation spell. It worked like it did last time. Kind of, I may have lost my hair in transition that time, but I didn’t puke and I got exactly where I wanted go. So I improved.

So I guess that is it for this journal entry. Um this is Orpheus signing off.

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