Rosy Darelin

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A young Cat Girl (Falen Girl) named Rosy Darelin finds herself in a sticky situation after catching a rare illness. to make matters worse, it occurs on the one day Rosy was to meet the princess, Princess River Pelt! Join Rosy Darelin on her journey to the princess while fighting for her life.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A Desperate Cause

“Sister! Sister! Today is the day!” I cried out, running into my big sister’s room.

When I got there, though, I could tell something wasn’t right. My sister’s usually dark pink hair was all faded and dull and she hadn’t woken up yet. Then, I noticed a strange blotch on her cheek. She got it... The new rare illness...

“Sister! Please wake up!” I cried out.

It took me awhile to get her awake, and even then, she was clearly unwell.

“Rosy...” she whispered.

“I was supposed to go see our princess today...” I whispered back.

“Go, then...” she responded, “It might be too late for me...but the princess has the cure...”

“No, Lovey!” I wailed, “You can’t die!”

“Save yourself... Go now...” Lovey insisted.

Before I could argue again, she went back to sleep, even more pale than before. That’s how I am in the situation I am in now... Princess River Pelt will not allow me to see her if I become ill. Obviously, it is to prevent the illness from wiping out the royal family, but at the same time, according to Lovey, they have the cure. Perhaps, then, it is lucky that I have been chosen for this day.

I leave Lovey behind and it hurts me so much. Lovey has been caring for me since our parents died a few years back. This is my first time in the world on my own! I hear Jebbron is huge, too! That’s my planet, by the way.

Because I am a Falen Girl (or as you would call us, Cat Girls), I transform into a cat to travel faster. I know how to get to the castle; I’ve been passed it with my sister before.

“Hey! Rosy! Where are you going in such a hurry?!” a voice calls out.

I stop for a moment and see my friend, Lime Clover. He’s a green Tom cat that really loves clovers.

“I’m heading off to see the princess!” I explain.

“Really? You’ve been chosen?” Lime asks.

“That’s right!” I say.

“Very nice... I’ve never seen her before. I never get picked...” Lime says with a sigh.

“Well, there are a lot of us to choose from,” I say.

“And I know that, but still... I think it would be super awesome!” Lime says.

“You can come with me…if you want, that is. I just can’t take you all the way up,” I say.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to see her...” Lime says, “Say! Where is your sister? Isn’t your sister supposed to follow you?”

“...if you promise not to tell anyone... I’ll tell you where she is,” I whisper.

“Okay,” Lime says, nodding.

“She’s in bed, sick...” I whisper.

Lime bites his lip and shuffles uncomfortably.

“You... You’re not sick too, are you...?” Lime asks.

“No, I don’t think so...” I say.

“Okay, but be careful... You might be carrying the illness,” Lime says.

The thought chills me to the bones. I would hate for the illness to spread because of me! Lime makes a concerned face at me.

“I’ll follow you, then,” he says.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yeah. Someone will need to report it if you collapse dead,” Lime says.

Great... Now he thinks I am about to die...

“Have you heard the news, though?” Lime asks.

I start walking again and he follows behind me.

“What news?” I ask.

“The Canen and Lopos are plotting against us!” Lime exclaims.

I glance back briefly and see he looks shocked. I rarely pay attention to the news; he should know that by now. I nearly trip, so I refocus my attention on the path in front of me.

“They are going to wipe all of us off the face of Jebbron!” Lime continues.

“Really? They don’t seem like a threat to me. A bunch of dogs can’t do anything against a bunch of cats,” I say.

“I... I guess so... I hear Queen Soul Heart is having a weapon built, though. It’s for just in case the revolt does occur. I doubt we’ll actually use it, though,” Lime says, chuckling nervously.

The ground becomes rocky and I realize we have entered the second portion of our journey. That was quick!

“This place is bad. I don’t know how anyone can stand it,” Lime comments.

“Me neither. But some cats do live out here,” I say.

A few of the cats I mentioned peer out from their rock tunnels to see what we are doing.

“Just passing through!” I say.

“Good luck!” one of the rock cats calls after us.

“Thanks!” I call back.

I get this strange feeling suddenly, a feeling that something isn’t right. My paws tingle and my tail twitches.

“Rosy?” Lime asks.

“Huh...?” I respond.

“Are you sure you aren’t sick...?” Lime asks.

“Y-Yeah...” I respond, trembling.

“You don’t look so good...” Lime comments.

I was going to tell him again that I was fine, but I couldn’t breathe. It was as if I was being crushed. After that, everything becomes dark and I can feel myself falling.
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