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Joshua is the only survivor of a mass disaster, but, after a long life on earth, can he turn it around when he is faced with demons, dragons and evil wizards and become a hero...

Fantasy / Scifi
Luke walker
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The end.

Nobody knows how it happened. The inilalation of earth was so quick, so mysterious.

There had been only one survivor, his name was Joshua, Josh for short. He didn't know what had happened either, or why he had survived and everybody else in the world, dead.

Propelled fiercely from his small flat block in Mansfield, he had ended up far away from civilization, deep space in fact. Floating. He was floating around in the middle of deep space, at a pretty even speed but still, floating. I can tell you now, because I know, he was there for a long time, but, when you're floating around in deep space for a exceptionally good amount of time, the only things to do is look, hear, and think, I wasn't there, bit as far as I know, the mostly thought.

Joshua hadn't had a great time on Earth, a endless loop of crime and punishments. The corrupted government called this, the infinity loop, but, as you read on, you'll find that this loop that you already know, is not the one that our character will come to know, and is not the one in the title...

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