A witch's fate

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300 years ago

The night started as any before it. The sun was setting, hiding behind the mountain line. The sky shone red, a predicament of the fate of what was to follow.

The man climbed the mountain, ignoring the beauty before him. It has been long since he enjoyed the simple things in life. His only mission was power.

A power far greater than any creature could imagine. And he will be the one to wield it.

As he stepped over the rocks and through rivers, all of the insects and bugs were hidden. They could sense the evil radiating off of this man, knowing they had to stay away. He suddenly stopped and looked up. In front of him was a cave entrance, barely big enough for him, and an endless black inside.

He lifted up his hand, muttered a few words and a ball of fire appeared. He used his magic to hold it in place and started to walk to the entrance. The light from the fire illuminated the hole, showing it let down, opening up after you enter. So he went inside.

He sensed and old power inside, letting it guide him to where he needed to be. The power rippled over him, trying to stop him. If he was any other being, it would have killed him, but he was the strongest, able to survive.

The tunnel started to open up, a bigger area in front of him. He climbed over the rocks, which were carved out to act like stairs. The cave was too big to see anything with the fireball, so he shot it into the air, whispering a spell to let it grow. It illuminated the area, making it more visible to his eyes. Only rocks were around, some big, some small and some hanging from the cave ceiling, their points sharp, waiting for a ruckus to make them drop.

He scanned the area looking for something when a rock in the middle of the cave caught his attention. It was the same dark gray color as the ones next to it, but its shape was peculiar.

He moved closer to inspect it when all of a sudden it moved. The rock unfurled, revealing a body underneath. It stood up slowly, uncurling itself. Seconds later a woman stood in front of him, only she was old. Her hair in small batches on her head, the color as white as snow. Her face was sunken in, the skin pulled tight over the bones. Black holes stood where the eyes should be. An endless black, easy to get caught in.

"Who dare disrupt my slumber." A high pitched voice echoed in the gave.

The man stepped closer, intrigued by the sight before him.

"You know who I am, seer. You know what I want." He replied.

She let out a cracked laugh and stepped closer to him.

"I knew you would come to me someday, but I do not have what you seek."

He stopped right in front of her, grabbing her by the neck. "Tell me who she is, before I kill you."

The black orbs stared at him, no emotion in her face. "My dear boy. I am older than this earth. No being can kill me, not even one as powerful as you."

A sneer passed his lips, "That may be true, but pain is a universal language even a relic like you can understand."

Both of them stood quiet, neither moving. He finally let go of her neck, dropping her to the ground.

"The one you seek has not been born yet." She explained. "But the prophecy is not about you. The power will never be yours."

A crack sounded loud as his palm met her face, anger bursting from him. That was not what he wanted to hear.

"I know the prophecy well. I have studied it my entire life. My father and his before him." He spat at her.

"You might know it but you will never understand it. Evil has clouded your sight."

Before she could respond, a bright light appeared, shining from her eyes. Her whole body rose up, floating above the ground.

Wind started blowing in the cave, a dust cloud forming around them. Her mouth opened, no sound coming out when the wind stopped abruptly. He looked around not understanding what is happening when a soft voice spoke.

He will come, the one with power

Neither one or the other, but both

A power so great

Neither good nor evil

He will decide

She will be his light, his life, his death

Only with her blood will the power be revealed

With her death, will it be chosen

Evil, the destroyer

Her body dropped to the floor, turning to dust when it made contact. She was now truly gone and he was not able to torture or kill her now. His plan had failed.

He let out a scream, anger filling him. It echoed around the room.

He will find the girl, the one the prophecy is about and then kill her. He is the only one who will own the power, the ultimate destroyer, and he will cross the planet until he finds it. Leaving a path of destruction behind.

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