The Witch of Willow Lake - 1

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Chapter 6

Two months past and the couple had settled into the cabin with me, I couldn’t bring myself to tell them to leave, I’d grown accustomed to having the pair around.

In all honesty, had they not told me they were Vampires, I’d have never known and thought they were human. Just unnaturally strong, fast-moving ones that drank blood and could hear things going on five miles away if they listened carefully.

Emmett had quickly come up with the theory that controlling my magic wasn’t much different from controlling their bloodlust. So, he’d been putting that to the test for the past few weeks and it had been fairly successful so far.

We’d gone back to Willow Lake as well. In the most significant building, there was a basement where our archives had been stored for safekeeping. By some miracle, they’d been untouched by the fire, so we retrieved as many of the books as we could carry.

The pair read up all about the coven history, while I read up on the things I could and could not do with my powers. Although the list of things I couldn’t do was minimal, as long as it didn’t mess with nature’s laws, it was more or less a free game.

For example, I couldn’t bring someone back from the dead, nor could I stop someone who was about to die from dying. However, I could heal non life-threatening injuries on a human or animal. I couldn’t change the weather or prevent natural disasters, but I could use spells to protect myself and those nearby from the elements using things like barriers and deflection spells. Although it strongly emphasized that we should not use powers for such means unless it was life or death because of the use of powerful magics.

Although, on top of all of this, I was also learning the rules were a little different for the pair. But as Alicia had put it, Vampires went against every law of nature as it was. States of life did not apply to them, because technically, they weren’t living.

I placed the oversized volume I had been reading and looked over to Emmett, and hesitantly I said, “Emmett? I want to try something, but I don’t exactly know if it will work.”

Emmett’s eyes shot open as he turned to me with a childish grin, “All right, I’m always up for an experiment, what are we doing?”

Emmett had an adventurous side, a daring side who wasn’t afraid of trying something even if it meant getting hurt or killed. He had a strong survival instinct, but he wasn’t scared. Alicia could be daring, too, although she was more mindful and far more vigilant than Emmett.

“I need your wedding ring.”

Emmett raised one of his thick eyebrows before shrugging and removing the gold band from his finger.

I took it from him carefully and encased the band in my hands. I took a deep breath, letting the energy fill me and surround me, and the small red static began sparking around my hands. All I had to do is will it, and it would be, that’s how the powers worked, mostly. There were a few exceptions, of course.

I made my will known inwardly, willing the magic to do what I needed it to do. I had no idea if it would work; I was basing it all off a simple theory in the volume. Vampires didn’t follow the laws of nature either, so I had no clue if this was breaking the rules or not.

The static faded, and I opened my hands to see his gold ring shine in the dim light, and I handed it back to him.

He studied the band carefully between his fingers. However, it looked exactly like the band did before he took it off, which left him quizzical, “what did you do to it?”

“Well, you’ll see. Put it back on and be ready to leap out of the way, just in case it hasn’t worked.” I instructed as I got up off the parlor rocker and moved to the closest window.

I took hold of the thick black cloth they’d hung up over the opening to block out the sunlight during the day. Emmett was watching my every move, his eyes darting around the space surrounding me. He was on alert and ready to pounce.

I yanked the cloth away with a sharp tug, letting a burst of evening sun pour through the window and beam directly onto Emmett.

Emmett instantly recoiled as he jumped to move into the shadows of the cabin, and a low growl rumbled from his throat. “What the fuck are you doing, Hallie?!”

“Did you get burned?” I questioned, raising my brow at him as I folded my arms across my chest.

Emmett stopped and paused for a moment, studying his bare arms. “Wait, no. What?”

Emmett tentatively held out his arm to the rays until just his fingertips touched the light. There was no burning, no smoke, nothing, and Emmett carefully stepped his full self into the beams. It had worked, and a smug smile crossed my lips.

“A sunlight protection spell.” I explained, “There was something in the volume about one during a period our coven had to take passage through a brutal desert. It mentioned taking a personal item of the person you wanted to protect and it would ward them from the rays of the sun.”

“’re a fucking genius, Hallie! This is brilliant!” Emmett danced around, causing me to laugh before he scooped me up in his broad arms, spinning me around.

Alicia groaned, stirring from her sleep as she pulled herself up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, “why do you two have to be so loud?!”

“Babe! Give her your ring, seriously, this is amazing, you have got to see this!” Emmett beamed widely towards his wife.

“Excuse me?” She questioned, clearly confused.

“Just do it please, honey, I promise, it’s worth it, trust me.”

Alicia narrowed her eyes at him before she rolled her eyes and handed me her ring.

I did the same as before, and then I handed it back with a smile, “Now, you don’t have to hide from the sunlight.”

“What?” Alicia looked at me, her head cocked slightly to the side, right before Emmett tore her off the bed and threw her into the light.

Instantly Alicia retreated and gnarled before she realized she wasn’t burning. “Wait. What? How?!”

Emmett grinned, acting as an excitable child with a new toy, “I’ve got to test this outside!”

“Wait for a second,” I sputtered before he could go rushing out. “I don’t know precisely how well the spell will work. The book didn’t go into much detail or explain if it was a spell that would last, or you’d have to replenish.”

Emmett was gone before I could finish, standing outside the front door and dancing in the evening sun, laughing.

“This is amazing! Alicia, get out here!”

Alicia hesitated for a moment before she joined him, stepping carefully and flinching as she stepped out. It took for a few moments, but she was soon laughing and dancing in the sun with Emmett.

Never in my seventeen years had I seen two people so happy, and it warmed my heart.

Alicia ran back inside and embraced me into her arms. “This is so amazing, Hallie, thank you so much! It’s been about one hundred and thirty years since I’ve been able to step out in the sun, we can live again.”

“Alicia, like I said-”

“I know.” She stopped my words and gave me a warm smile, “You don’t know how effective they are or how long it will last. But Hallie, this is the first time we’ve been able to step out into even the smallest ray for over a hundred and thirty years.”

Emmett stepped back inside with the broadest smile I’d ever seen that warmed my heart. “We can stick around, test them out, and then Hallie...we’re taking you to see the world.”

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