The Resurrection of Jay Mauser

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"In a time of darkness, all you need is a hero." Darkness never won - or so they thought. The Mausers defeated the demon that murdered their parents, but there's more evil waiting around the corner, and it's not afraid to pounce. After witnessing the death of his little brother, Jude will seek revenge of those who'd done him wrong: specifically Lucifer. But it'll take a lot more than just taking his life. There are two more keys that will open the gateway to Hell, and with those, Jude will have the power angels and demons will bow down before. Including the Devil himself. Meanwhile, Jay wakes up free from Hell and completely alone. Paranoia creeping from every corner as a shadowed man follows him everywhere he goes, he knows he has to find his brother. But there's one problem: he doesn't have a pulse, and he can move things with his mind. Jay cannot remember anything that happened in Hell, or how he ended up there in the first place. But there's only one thing that can help him: Shannon Louis. But she has a secret. And it isn't pretty.

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Part One: The Dark

Part one: The Dark

"Are you afraid of the dark?" Jude murmured.

Shannon stared at the ground for a long moment before the fallen angel finally said, "There's always something we're afraid of, right?"

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