Black Wolf

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In today's society, humans live amongst an ancient race of werewolves, almost forgotten. The story is under the perception that is still a fairytale told to children before bed at night. Nina Eze, an alpha female of her pack dedicates her life to protect her people from humans and to keep her race as well as her culture hidden. She rehabilitates "New Bloods" who are werewolves that just started their first shift and are inexperienced at keeping their beast under control. She meets Eli Black, who is a late bloomer and has a hard time taming his wolf.

Fantasy / Thriller
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It’s her..It’s that woman again. She’s calling my name.’

In the middle of the night through the depths of the dark forest, Eli rushed as fast as he could on his dark claws as he felt the dirt and gravel under his paws. His mouth lolled, panting to catch up to the woman’s voice. The branches of bushes combed against his raven black fur as crows scattered throughout the forest at the sight of him. His long bushy tail flagged high in excitement as he kept running. His limbs wouldn’t let him stop. No, his instincts wouldn’t let him stop. It was as if his mind was telling him to keep going until you find her.

Where are you?’ he called out to the voice. ’Tell me where you are.’

Honestly, he doesn’t know why he is following this voice in the first place but something feels right about it. It was as if this woman’s voice was made for him. If only he knew her scent, it would have been so much easier to find this mysterious woman that keeps calling his name. Almost every night, he does this none stop journey through the same thick forest to find this unknown woman. He rushed through every bush and dashed past every tree to find her.

Her voice became silent as his tall ears moved about to listen to her soft voice again. Eli stopped in his tracks as his paws drove into the dirt, leaving nothing but dirt dust behind him. His panting stopped as he waited to listen for a moment. Then his ears perked as he heard his name one more.


This time he didn’t run to find her, she was close enough for him to walk through the thick bushes where he caught the scent of water. He prowled slowly through as he stopped to the sight of a lake. The full moon had a clear view as it cascaded over the body of water, making it sparkle like a diamond. Then his golden eyes widen as he finally saw her, the woman that has been calling him.

There she was as she floated, naked in the middle of the lake, her back to him. Eli’s tongue ran across his dark lips, almost salivating by the sight of her. She looked beautiful as the rays of the moonlight touched her coffee colored skin. Eli couldn’t tear his eyes away from her as she bathed in front of him. Her face was practically covered by the wet bush of her thick coily hair that clung to her slender shoulders. Eli stepped closer to get a better look at her but she seized her bathing as she heard twigs breaking under his large paws. Then she called his name once more “Eli?”

Yes..?’ he answered in hopes to see her face.

The woman began to turn around to face him but before he could see her face, a flock of crows surrounded her like a tornado as her body faded away like water vapor.

Wait! Don’t go yet!’ he called out. The crows swirled around him as he heard her voice again “Don’t worry, we will meet.” Eli’s ears went flat against his head as he snarled in frustration, just to see this woman. The crows flew away from him as he held out his chest and howled to the high moon in hopes she would answer him. His voice echoed through the forest, scaring away every bird, every animals that was a mile away from him. A deep moaning cry in need to see her just one more time.

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