Rules Beyond Fantasies

By EpicKiya722 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Fancy Bathrooms and Fancy Clothes

For the next three hours, I spent my time with my grandparents. My parents had left some time ago for run some errand since my father had gotten a call. We had watched some old time movies I suggested after I opened my gifts from them.

Grandpa had gotten me a leatherback journal. He told me that he knew of my habit of reading and figured that I should try writing my own. His gift was thoughtful and I indeed found myself being grateful for it.

Grandma had gotten a trilogy of books. "They're quite entertaining and I just thought you might enjoy them as much as I did.” she told me with a small grin. I thanked them both, adding how much I loved my gifts. There wasn't any deceit either. I did appreciate the gifts they gave me.

They knew me better than my own parents probably did. When I had gotten older they were giving me guidance, not rules. Rules. That word.

"Don't do that!"

"Be careful!"

"No dessert before dinner!"


It was around six when my parents came back. After a brief good-bye to my grandparents, I was escorted to a grand sized building. It was a small castle with bronze and gold decorating the outside of it. I was sure the inside looked just extravagant. I can imagine the ivory that formed chairs and tables and the glass chandeliers. Who could forget about the golden lights? It looked to be a fancy dance hall or something of the kind. Maybe a venue where people would want to host a party or a wedding reception.

I had took notice to the many sleek cars just outside the building, too. There was valets parking the vehicles while people dressed in suits and evening dresses. My mother even changed into a pastel pink dress with her hair brushed up into a neat bun. How sophisticated. "Nathaniel, come here." I walked over to Dad when we got out the car. He handed me two wrapped boxes, one bigger than the other. On it was a card. "When we get inside, head to the restroom on the far left and change into that. I'll have someone escort you to where the party is when you're done." I just nodded and followed them inside. I managed to find the restroom on my own, seeing there was a fancy written sign with the words on it.

I went inside, catching a glimpse of the black and golden encrusted walls with golden framed mirrors. The stalls and urinals even matched!

I scoffed at the sight. This was just too much for me.

It was pompous.

So... proper.

"Or uniformed? Like rules? Remember how you use to follow them? Yelling at other kids to be careful on the slide, Nat?"

No, I don't want to remember. I don't ever want or need to remember. Ever.

"Hey." I turned, almost dropping the boxes at the sudden call. It led me to facing the door. A door that was closed. Did I close it? I swore I left it open. I shouldn't think too much on it. I went into the largest stall, locking it behind me. I spotted a small table and set the boxes on top of it. I opened the slightly smaller one and found folded clothes. I opened the note and read it.


Your father and I had this outfit tailor-made for your 17th birthday party. We had the material shipped from England to be specially made. We hope you like it.

PS. Your grandmother made the jacket for you. She wanted to contribute.

Contribute? I doubt it. I believe my grandmother wanted to give me something special.

I opened the other box and found short ankle boots, but with just zippers.

I unfolded the clothes and changed into them. The shirt was made out of a thin sheer material, colored a snow white. The sleeves of it was made of out leather (or faux) cut to past my elbows a bit. The front of my shirt had dark grey stripes going across it that was see-through to show the white material beneath it. My collar area was black and low enough to show my collarbone. My dress pants were made out the same material as the shirt, just thicker and a deep grey color.

I placed on the boots and fixed my hair by running my fingers through it. Soon after, I grabbed the jacket. It was something my grandmother would make for me. It was a vibrant vermilion with black trimmings. On the back of it was a wolf. My grandmother was quite the artist and tailor. I smiled at that.

She did know me.

One creature I had always had sympathy for was the wolf. In every fairy tale I read, I was, you could say, team wolf. To me, wolves were strong animals. It didn't matter to them if they were alone or in a pack and when they were in a pack, they stayed together. Loyalty.

I opened the jacket a bit more, spotting something white sticking out of one the inside pockets. I fished it out and read it.

I hope you like the jacket I made it for you, grandson. I thought red would be a nice color on you, symbolizing the compassion you have, the bravery I know you possess. As for the lone wolf, I think you get that one.

Love, Granny

"Thank you again, Grandma.” I whispered to myself. I packed my other clothes and shoes up after I slipped on the jacket. I walked out the restroom and into an empty hallway. I looked around and spotted no one. Not to the left, right, behind or front of me. I could hear music in the distance and began to walk in that direction.

I then felt a sudden shiver in my body. It made me stop in my tracks.

"Happy birthday, little prince."

I quickly snapped my head behind me, capturing a figure move into another hallway. My eyes narrowed in confusion and my feet had begun to move on their own instinct. It was as if I had no control within a split second.

"Hey!" I turned back to the direction of the music. A tall man that looked to be a bodyguard of a celebrity was standing there. He had cropped red hair and a face of an Olympian. He was in a plain black suit.

"Yes?” I asked. "You're Nathaniel, right? Your father sent me for you to lead you to the party. You're taking a while, kid.” he answered in a gruff baritone. He had a deep accent, too. I walked closer to him. "Yeah. I am Nathaniel." He nodded and turned, indicating for me to follow him. I hesitated at first, looking back once more to see no shadow before following him.

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