Rules Beyond Fantasies

By EpicKiya722 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

He's Very Touchy

Before I knew it, I was out into the parking lot. It was clouded by a darkness. I looked up and noticed just how luminescent the full moon looked without the stars scattered around it. It was painfully beautiful. It reflected just how I felt. Alone.

"Not for long."

At the voice, I looked over to where a red car was. Leaning against it was some guy. The first thing I noticed about him was his eyes. Shaped in a sharp almond, his eyes stood out in a hot crimson between thin eyelashes. His stare was intense as if he was burning holes into me.

My eyes lingered from the pair of flames and took in more of him. He was a bit taller than me, maybe by a foot. His skin was an odd pale with a sheer of grey. His hair was long cascading to his shoulders in snowfalls and black smoke. He wore complete black, making him more hidden in the night if he stepped away from the car. What troubled me most though was his smile. It stood out as sinister, like he was thinking about hurting me. But something told me it was something deeper. Something more… disturbing.

I didn’t move from where I had stopped. I stood stiff in my place, watching him as he was watching me. Neither of us said a word. I didn’t think I could. My voice felt caught up into my cords. It was hidden from this stranger. “So, are you going to ask me who I am or what am I doing here?” he asked. I narrowed my eyes a little, but I still didn’t speak. The smirk he had disappeared as he chuckled dryly, moving away from the car. He took a few steps towards me. And yet, I didn’t move. “Hm.” He didn’t directly stepped up to me. Instead, he curved his steps, walking around me with his hands behind his back. “Still not saying anything?”

“Don’t talk to strangers.”

The words swam through my mind in circles.

“Still not saying a word to me? Guess you’re not a big talker, are you?”

“Don’t talk to strangers. Run away!”

My eyes averted to the ground. The pavement was slightly wet and my feet looked dry against it. Like dry, dry stone. So hard to move, to pick up. Desperate I was. Desperate.

“So tell me, Nathaniel. What has you so speechless?”

With my consent, my head whipped around to face him. “How did you know my name?” The words came out before I even thought about them. I was shook by it. I stepped back, not noticing his smile returning. “So now you speak! Glory! I was just about to figure you mute.” he mocked. I turned from him, my face hot with total embarrassment. He swirled around me, lifting me by my chin. “I was only joking. No need to be coy.”

“I don’t joke.” I spat, my blush now gone and ridding me of shame. “Ever.”

“Something told me you were one with an attitude.”

“Detective, much?” I sassed, turning away from him once again. Of course, that still didn’t stop him from bothering me. The dude didn’t get it at all. He halted my movement, putting his hands on my shoulders with a grin on his lips. “No. Don’t go anywhere. I have to take you somewhere.”

“You’re not taking me anywhere. I promise you that much.”

He removed his hands, eyebrow rising in question. “Is that a threat, dear prince?”

“No. It’s an absolute promise.” I hissed out with much venom I could muster. “I’m not in the mood for any shenanigans at all. So this is the nicest I’m going to ask you to leave my presence and let me wallow in my own misery. Got it?” He let me walk around him, heading off to a random direction. But then, his words stopped me in my tracks. “Why do that when you can get away from reality? When you can ignore everyone else in this world and relax with others in the next? Why don’t you take this chance to rewrite your own fairy tale?”

I whipped my head to him with a wide eyed gaze of both bafflement and curiosity. “What?”

He held out his hand for me to take. “You heard me, Nathaniel. Why stay here in this world with people who don’t care about you? With a father who takes no concern for what you want to do with your life? Or a mother who’s a total involved with being the perfect wife and mother to her child when she’s literally becoming some lifeless doll? Why stay here and tolerate that, huh? Just grab my hand if you rather let loose.” I stared at his hand for a brief moment before at him. “Why the hell would I do that?” “You really are the stubborn one, aren’t ya?” he teased, dropping his hand and shaking his head. His duo colored hair swayed a bit in doing so. “I promised her I’ll bring you to her. And I’m not going to let you and your pigheadedness stop me.” I scoffed, feeling insulted. “I’m sorry. Did you just call me pigheaded?”

“I didn’t stutter.” I growled, leaping forward at him. Before my hands made contact with his face, he grabbed onto them, pinning me against a random car. I struggled, but no success. “Hey! Let me go, you son of a---“

“Watch it, tiny. Mother wouldn’t approve that filthy mouth of yours, would she?”

“I could care less.” And I did. At this point, my mother was nothing but an outright bother in my life. My father was number one. “I bet.”

He then hiked me over his shoulder. I had let out a squeal in surprise and begun to struggle again. “This is uncalled for! Honestly, have anyone taught you manners?!”

“No need. Besides, I tried to get you to come along nicely. But you didn’t want to corporate, remember?”

I growled, having the urge to kick him right in the torso. “Well, excuse me for being a sane person to not wanting to go with a stranger! You might want to murder me!”

“I would have been done that the moment you backed away from me.”

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