Glittering thorn

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"...I can't live in two world with a single soul!" An intriguing medieval period Novel with major twists. With a single word that escaped the lips of the princess, Priscilla is now a queen with a ruthless King. She joins the family that runs and kills for power, for the throne, the princess calls Glittering Thorn! With her parents forcing her and with her brother begging her, Vivien now was married to a cruel CEO and a Gang leader. Being a part of family that chases power and kill for it too, Vivien calls it a Thorn, a Glittering Thorn! But sometimes a goddesses is found in the middle of hell, right?! Cover by the amazing @KittyCatyz

Fantasy / Mystery
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The hallway was filled with a white under trailing of a tight but full dress which comprised of a long tunic together with a stylish veil which fell from the head to the grand marbles was the princess dress as she run with all she had.

She was tempestuous about the day coming through the events of her life, another foot steps trailed behind her, calling out for her was the crown prince. Upon hearing his plea Priscilla came to halt, turning to see his green and blue eyes -which she always admire upon gazing at them- with her deep blue eyes.

"Sister!" He pant, "What you did was resentful, Father is seething!"

She knew running would cause her parents a great suffer, Lords and Masters were there. But what she did was not what she gave care to about, the outrageous news she just heard was deplorable!

"I know brother, but the hand I was in did not give me a choice!"

"Aye, it was preposterous of the King and Queen.." He look around gazing for any ear, " come back it was more of your frivolous daydream that cost you hither."

"Have shame blaming me on the hook!"

"Haply thou are to move and grace the Queen, I see the Lords ere bargain you sister."

It was indeed her fault, didn't she think about the knight on the book she was reading before yelled her name from the Queen her mother, Priscilla would thoughtfully flatter their demand.

Now Princess was to change to a Queen due to her -as said- preposterous self, and was not of her parents reputation she would have refused politely. Now was no other choice of wobbling, Princess Priscilla was to marry the King of GreenWood.

And because of a word, she had sealed her faith with a impeccable envelope and sent it to GreenWood for the King's joy!!

What she didn't know was the person she was marrying is the same person the whole country fears, for good!


"Don't be silly mom, we are on the first twentieth century!"

"Vivien, it's all for your own good. You are 25 and still single, no job and to lazy for your own sanity!" Her dad speaks, crossing the table he first sat at and going to the big window that gives a clear view of the city.

"I have a boyfriend!" Vivien exclaims, defending herself with ferocity.

"If we are talking about Carol again, I would deem you are stupid!" Her brother says, seated on the other chair across his mom who now glares at him.

"No one asked you your opinion brother, take your big ass out of here and do us all a favor!" Vivien exclaims.

She couldn't really believe that her own brother was standing against her when he clearly knows the love she has for Carol, she knew he would come from the scholar he said he got, and she also knew Carol still loved her. He promised anyway, and he never broke a promise. Her subconscious was telling her that this would be the first time since he was supposed to be here 3 years ago and Carol still didn't come. A part of her was worried of him dying or being in an accident and the other half gave excuse of work.

"Look, Viv it not only benefits the company but you too.."

Vivien was lost when her mom started talking, thinking a solution since for sure her parents would be nagging her for their whole life. Making a decision of marrying the man they propose and then divorcing him as soon as Carol comes,she pause her mom without thinking of the consequences.


"What?" All of the three yelled on sync, with their eyes out of their socket and even her brother standing from where he was seated.

"Look at your baffled faces," Vivien roll her eyes chuckling, "this isn't my first time speaking the word,right?"

What Vivien didn't know though was who she was marrying, she didn't really think about the path she was taking. Weird enough, Vivien really didn't think about the person she would be marrying to divorce him later.

"Are you really thinking of the marriage Vivi?" Alec questioned, watching her with his blue and green eyes.

They were going out of the room, as their parents needed time alone. Vivien wanted to go home and so Alec was about to drive her there. Listening to his words she had the argue to throw him out of the planet if possible after strangling him and almost killing him. Shaking her violent head, she cocked a brow at her brother who had been begging her to accept the offer, she didn't know why but that was so filthy of him.

"I thought that was your wish you garbage!"

"I didn't know you would be accepting so soon as I was prepared for your heated argument, I was even re- Vivi?"

Alec turned around only to realize she went leaving him to the blabber he was making. Cursing and hiding his embarrassment from the people around the office he started walking to the elevator not believing that he was talking alone in front of the people he would be managing tomorrow!

Vivien just couldn't stop the voice in her head that was disapproving what she decided. All she could think of was chopping her own head and throwing it at the voice talking inside it,but a person couldn't live without a head and so Vivien made an attempt of ignoring it.

We have you who survived without one!

"Shut it you old cranky women!" Vivien yelled, sending her leg to the car tire and hitting it.

Knowing no one was there at the garage she started hugging her head on the car, pulling her hair like a mad women. Little did she know that not only a person was watching her like a hawk but two were.

A black car with tinted window stood far away, stalking her, and another black SUV stood almost right next to her looking at her with amusement,examining his future wife.


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Vivien is much crazier than Priscilla I guess,lol!!

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