Glittering thorn

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A number of pearls and jewels sewn into Priscilla's dress as a clear indication of regal link, with the extensive use of furs and highly expensive materials such as blue silks for trimming and golden threads for lace works were used on her white flared gown.

Her mother the queen with a happy tear hang the two rich-made expensive robes indicating her greater wealth among the other Nobel's and princess on her daughters shoulder. The wedding was today and the castle was decorated flawlessly.

The maids and gatekeepers along with some people were doing the needed chores from moping the whole house to decorating each walls of the castle with golds and pure silver. As the Queen ordered not even the candle holders were rusty and not gold plated. Invitation papers and letters were send from the far north to the downtown east, except the peasants and hobos every one was coming to the great wedding of their princess.

Priscilla the bride though felt no happiness, every discomfort a person could feel tugged at the pit of her stomach. She was nervous and afraid of losing the ring or pronouncing the oath ambiguously. What if she elucidate her true feelings?

"Can't you be less hot under the collar sister, the princess to be Queen and the bride for the decorated palace?" Her brother the prince teased, noting her anger that even her own mother didn't realize.

"Blimey brother, can't you lessen the teasing and sod off!"

She turn to the crown prince noticing his elegant wearing, which was meant to depict his status as the incumbent ruler after his father, the king. He was superior to the nobility of the period and so rich embellishment and decorations were used on his white trousers, leggings and his tunic -which was the outermost garment decorated with embroider, gold lacing and other elements- reflecting his elevated status.

His sword that hung above his waist was also embellished with gold and silver, the leather scabbard was made of ruby and silk. Priscilla made a smile,noticing the complacent smirk.

"Oh my lord, your gaze is appealing to the eyes of the mistresses closed behind the hall!" She compliments him,fixing his blonde hair.

"You take the most breath away sister, the dazzling beauty of yours will open the pearly gates!" Edwin gave her his best smiles.

"Wear your heart on your sleeve brother, I am getting hooked off!" Priscilla teases.

"I had taken an oath of keeping you safe sister, my Queen, and I ought to keep it! The husband you meet would do good and you shall be happy."

After a little chat, the wedding ceremony was to start. The prince; Edwin moved with his sister to the hall where chatters and laughter echoed across the walls, though as soon as the gatekeeper and soldier announced the person by the door everyone was silent and the steady footsteps of the prince and his sister could be heard. Her blue trimmed white dress flows freely to the clean and sparkling floor of the hall.

During the ceremony she and the king, who she didn't know the name of, sit at a raised dias facing the guests with other important members of the bridal party. The guests sit banquet style as opposed to rounds, with a jongleur wandering through the crowd and singing love songs and reciting poems for the entertainment of them.

Priscilla didn't dare utter a word, smiling to her brother whenever he looks at her and then politely acknowledging the guests when they come to send their happy regards. While the King of GreenWood keeps his stern look and nods to what his introduced mother would say.

He wore an expensive attire made with the golds and silks, a high status robs hang on his tunic. Ruby made crown and scabbard completed his look. Priscilla didn't get a chance to see other than those for she was afraid of what her eyes would bring her. What she didn't know was that his beauty was beyond what her eyes could handle.

After dinner, dancing was made traditionally. The bride and groom were allowed to say their Hello's to the guests and so Priscilla took her leave and to the balcony she made her way.

The cold night breeze send a whoosh of air to the princess body, passing the cloth of her body and into her bones, settling there for a little while. Everything blazed to the other world when she turn to face two pair of gray eyes. Her breath constricted with the unexpected visit of the her husband and the king of her new home, imminently to happen soon.

"Your Majesty." She gave a small bow,receiving another tad bow from him.

Priscilla thought of him old and a father of two as he was a king of a big nation. What she saw now staggered her to the cliff, since he was no old but rather a young lad around his early thirties.

His gray eyes shone with the moonlight and a story worth hearing,a face with straight jawline shaved clean and his brown hair combed backwards featuring his dark eyebrows, wide and full. Priscilla slowly swallowed the lump with a great effort as she saw his lips, crooked and pink.

"I take that your Majesty the queen are entertained by the look of mine!" She heard his sonorous, deeply felt - as a tight fist on her face - sound.


"I would deny that my lord so politely!" She smile up at him, trying her best not to insult him and get herself troubled.

"Why so my lady, if it wasn't my eyes lying to the body of mine, I perchance saw your eyes trailing the art."

"Yea, the art was that of God's and was a sight to behold."

Her subconscious was smirking at her witty answer and she was too proud for her own sanity. The king was amused by her and was resisting a smile with a quirk of his lips.

"The carouse will be needing us and I shall go to there," she gave a slight bow again, "your grace would be needing a fresh air,I would refuse to be on the way."

As she started walking, she couldn't help but blush with a smile. A red glow featuring her face she made it to the hall until a feeling erupted inside her, forcing her to turn.

"My Lady, your highness!"

She didn't know the man, he had a clock hiding his face and the malicious smirk was only in view.

"What may I help you with?" She ask, almost in a whisper afraid her voice would betray her, "may I assume you are from GreenWood?"

"Your say is correctly assumed my Queen." His voice had a sinister face.

"And what may I be helpful with?"

"Oh! Such a beautiful queen would be helpful by just a glimpse my lady," she tried to give him a smile without crackling, "I then shall go your gracefulness, an intelligent young lady such as yourself would by now know how to be careful. Well met my queen, I bid thee farewell!"

When the words register through the princesses brain, the man was no longer there anymore.

What was the ramble about?


Hey guys, how r u all? I hope you enjoyed the first real chapter and the wedding too. I couldn't make it fancier than this since the medieval period wedding weren't like ours are and so it took an effort to be inside it and right a scene.

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