Glittering thorn

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"Open the door, Vivien!"

Another yell was heard, Elmer was beyond frustrated while on the other side, Vivien couldn't be more proud of herself. As soon as the wedding was done with -which was as fast as a storm - Elmer and Vivien went to their honeymoon.

Though as they reach there without even speaking to each other on the plane, Vivien was the first to run to the room they were to stay at and locked it after her. Elmer had every of his material in that room and he couldn't be more angrier than he is now.

After a while of smirking and doing a happy dance she turn to the bang on the door, watching as it leaves it's appropriate place and falling to the ground with a thud. Vivien shocked looked at her furious husband, glaring at him when his eyes shamelessly raked her body which was now only covered with a thin garment.

"What the hell are you doing?" Vivien yelled, pulling Elmer from his fantasy.

He didn't speak any word, rather answered her by dragging her out of the room. Vivien was screaming when Elmer picked her bridal style and running to the front door.

"Put me down you useless bastard!" She tried everything a person would do to save themselves.

When she couldn't do anything except one, and as her heart start hammering with the panic rushing through her veins, she raised her hand to his cheek, slapping him with everything she got. He stop for a minute his grip on her tight and deadly, before he continue running to the door.

His gray eyes were red, his pupil radiating his anger. The cheek she slapped him on was pink and her fingerprints were there. Anxiety kicked in when a 'tick tick' sound resonated from the house.

The moment she made it to the floor with him on top of her the whole house which Vivien didn't get to admire exploded. Sighing Elmer got off her and stood like the house didn't just blow up in front of them, dusting his trouser and glaring at her.

"What!" She exclaims standing after she pulled herself from the shock and when everything settles in.

He scoff, thinking a way of murdering her without the media knowing. Elmer pulled his gun from his back, a cruel face masking his thoughtful gaze he pulled the trigger looking at Vivien whose eyes were wide and mouth a little agape.

"What are you doing?" She ask managing to without stuttering, recoiling further from him.

Elmer start moving the tiny space between them, watching his gun with a smirk and terrible vile look. Vivien couldn't think of a solution, running would be stupid since she knew that she would fall after three steps - if she even made it till there, that is - and other than that would be screaming, never did she think screaming would aggravate a situation, until now cause it did.

"Shut up damn it!" Elmer would love to really kill this women and get rid of her already, "what the hell is your problem?"

She noticed him looking around the place, then back to her every few second.

"Please don't kill me." The other solution Vivien got was begging for her life, and so she did hoping none of her friends are watching her, "please? I'll do anything!"

Vivien would insult and get angry whenever a women would beg saying she would do anything but now her mouth was rather trapped on their own as she continued to beg and beg. She couldn't be more pathetic than she is now. Elmer loved it when she beg, it was an entertaining sight to see.

"I think those hands would do something more than slapping,right wifey?" With a crocked brow his eyes shifted to her lips and then her deep blue eyes.

Filthy prevert!

She nods smiling sweetly.

"Now can you shoot?"

"I can do anything to kill you!" Vivien slapped her mouth right after the words slipped her stupid mouth.

"Can I hear that again?" Elmer couldn't help his amusement.

"Yes, I mean no, you know..." She didn't really know what she talking about, she was in shambles.

"Take this.." He gave her the gun, "...and don't you ever try doing something absurd and get yourself killed!"

Her inner self quietly smirking she took the heavy metal from him and start to plot his death scene. Nodding at him with a charming smile of her own she spoke.

"Oh no, never! You are ridiculous!" She laughed, ignoring the bewildered look of his.

Weird lady! Elmer thought,pulling another gun from his leg showing the belt strapped by his leg.

Vivien couldn't believe she was in this incident, it all dawned on her when a black BMW X5 stood right in front of them. Vivien stood admiring the car briefly until a suited man made his way to them, giving a slight bow to Elmer who nodded and whispered something to him.

The guy gazed upon Vivien before nodding and taking a leave with another car that came after him, though this time there was nothing to admire as it was a simple Toyota. As the car left Elmer turned to Vivien and nodded at her.

"You need to live, you will need to shot!"

"I am not killing a person!" Vivien defend throwing the gun, "that is despicable!"

"Welcome to the real world princess." Elmer roll his eyes, turning to the drivers side and opening the door.

Vivien let out an inhumanly sound stomping her feet and joining him on the car, taking the passengers side.

"The gun?" Elmer sounded irritated.

With an innocent smile and a glower she opened the door she just closed and brought the gun she dropped a while ago. Muttering in what she got her self into. Engrossed by regret, Vivien didn't notice the bunch of black cars following them. For a while she thought they were guards of Elmer and what a showoff he was, but that changed to confusion when they start shooting at them.

"Why are your guards shooting at us?" She ask turning to him with a perplexed look.

"Cause they are not my guards!" He pulled his window down, for a moment leaving the wheel to shoot at them from the window.

Vivien screamed when she saw the wheel riding itself and speedily got a hold of it. Hearing her scream Elmer got down from the window looking at her with wide eyes.

"Are you trying to get us killed?" She yell.

"The gun is given for you to shoot!" He demand.

"Which part of my 'I am not a murderer' do you not understand?" She shout, again looking at the gun on her hand, screaming with a screech then when Elmer shoot his bullet on her.


This is a story of two worlds so I hope you don't get confused when coming to the gun and the cars. Chapter 0 included the years and how Priscilla and Vivien are matched!!

Don't forget to vote and comment, I hope you enjoyed reading!!


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