Glittering thorn

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The day began at sunrise when a guard trumpeted the days start. Servants would have already risen ensuring the fires -that were placed in the center of the great hallway and kitchen with a lantern tower to let the smoke out- were lit and preparing a small breakfast for the lower orders.

Priscilla couldn't really sleep the whole night, it was getting usual already. Getting dressed with the help of the maid, she made her way to the kitchen, making sure everything the Lord might need would be ready in time.

It has been fortnight from the wedding ceremony,all those days and nights,Priscilla would spend them visiting the church, saying her greetings to the masters and making her daily routine as a queen quite perfect. But,there was nothing keeping her from being bored, the books no longer gave her a sense of river flow or a view of sunset, all she felt was close to nothing. Her lord who was always busy with ruling and his mother who is always checking the castle didn't really give her any company to chat with.

The castle was enormous and beautifully designed with vaulted ceiling and pointed arch. The first day she was here was her first time seeing a grand tall designs which swept upward with height and grace. The flying buttress which were elaborately designed appeared to dart and sweep around each building, giving a sense of movement and of flight, it was decorated with intricate craving, giving a sense grandeur and importance.

She passed the broad hallway, Priscilla took the grand stairs looking at the rose windows,interested in the wall screaming royalty. Her hair was made in braids and buns, the maids used ribbons and silked bonnet.

"Good morrow my Queen!" The guard gave her a bow when she reached the castles private chapel.

It was a big room where the family of the lord gathered, furnished with priceless treasure and embellished with sword and scabbards made of gold and silver. A painting of the mother queen sat by the wall elegantly with grace and beauty. Her diamond earnings matched her necklace which shone even on the framed painting.

The kings family which consisted both of his mothers, and his step brother along with his wife and sister, were already there. Priscilla couldn't put them as a family though, his step mom, the crown Prince's mother who was the baby queen looked a little evils and her smiles were spooky, spurious even.

Prince Woven, had a stern look and poisonous green eyes which promised brutality, while his wife lady Cecilia had a look of purity and brown eyes that shone with gracious pain and story to share. Then there is princess Niamh had the same bored look she always had.

Priscilla, trying to keep her move elegant and as queenly as possible moved to her chair next to her husband's, the king and master of all.

"Good morrow my Lady!" They all stood, acknowledging her grace and status as she was now the queen of the graceful GreenWood.

"Haply your Majesties slept the most well!" She pronounce every word slowly afraid she will stutter or lessen the respect they usually get.

As she was a princess she didn't like acting as one, she loved and lived for the dresses she always try and the diamonds she always wear, other than that she hated everything. Priscilla hated the duties,she hated it when maids do her clothing as if she was a baby and couldn't do it properly, she hated that she can't act freely around masters and guests, which is always since she lives in a castle.

"Prithee, my lady, sit down and have a laugh!" Her husband speaks.

Giving her best smiles she took a sit next to him,without falling, and see the high ceiling and the words craved on the corner of each wall.

There was no laugh as she was used to,there were only barks and threatening send towards each other then. The house she bow lives in tends to amuse her and at the same time scare her, the chambers of the step family was being the south wing which means they don't get to meet often but last night,Priscilla could swore that she saw the wife of the step brother in the north wing,there lived the knights and lords of the king.

Priscilla was there talking to the Chief in General, as she got out,her eyes caught glimpse of black tresses until she saw finally Lady Cecilia, more than that was princess Niamh visiting a knight at the same time.

"Here princess, everyone is adversary. Shall you trust someone, make it your king!" She remembered the words of the king the day she step her foot inside the castle. His voice she remembered was as of a whisper not allowing even his mother to hear, close to her ear his lips moved and with the remembrance of it she shuddered.

"...I would love hearing your erratic speech dear brother, but as of a king shall do, I, your king, have a land to rule!" The king spoke giving his brother a devious smile, then turning to his wife who has a thoughtful face, "I excuse you mother, the queen, can I have a moment with the Lady of fortune?"

"Indeed your Majesty, you have no ask on your own property!" The mother queen sat nodding with a smile.

Property she says? Old twigs and berries!

Priscilla smiles widely standing next to her husband, giving a small bow courtesy before going ahead of the king knowing very carefully that it was rude and inappropriate to give your back to the king and walk in front of him with no reason. Good thing she didn't care a bit.

If he, my husband, was the king, I was a queen, his wife!

She slowed her pace hearing the slight and steady footsteps of his, turning then to make sure of her assumption. He looked at her with those gray eyes that now shone with interest and amusement.

"Pardon me my lord, I beg the mercy you give, I shouldn't have parted as I did!" She hung her head low with her back lowered to a level of knee.

" Oh my beauteous, I wanted one off to have a glimpse of your glamorous self to knee in front of my eyes, my! Such an art shall be kneeling only for a taste, my Lady!" His smirk got wider making him more handsome.


"Is the Lord chatting up with the 'glamorous' me, or have I a dream of a night?" She couldn't help the smile.

With all of a sudden, the kings face had an outrageous look, Priscilla had a horrified face when he pulled his sword and directly aiming it towards her wide eyed face. A scream then erupted her throat, echoing through the castle, informing the walls and the people behind it of the incident.


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