Glittering thorn

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The appalled face of Vivien gave Elmer the want to laugh and it scared him, it actually terrified him. The want to laugh of even smile was concealed long time ago, and he sometimes tired to make his mom happy.

After realizing what Elmer did and that the gun wasn't for her head, Vivien sighed, watching the gun again. She felt like a star doing movie now, she was never in this type of situation and thus she out of no where started laughing, like really laughing until her stomach hurt and tears spilled from her eyes.

Staggered, Elmer couldn't focus on saving their life, watching her with an incredulous look, he was keen on slapping the stark out of her but somehow without really knowing how and why he was staring at her, her beauty and her clumsy self. Slowly again involuntarily his lips crack to a smile, none of them noticed though that is until a bullet passed right from Elmer's head going to Vivien's shattered window.

A scream she pulled before her hand along her gun and without thinking she shot the person on the other gun, then watched the blood cracking from his head due to her fired bullet. Vivien sat still, no really believing that she killed someone, her first person, she deflowered her virginity of being a professional murderess.

Elmer worried looked at her paralyzed form, not even her hands were down from their previous position. He knew what she was feeling like since he felt the same way the first time he killed someone. He was feeling guilty, he was thinking if the person he killed had someone he cared for or even someone who was cared for, he was thinking of the people that would be ruined and damaged because of him, because he killed a father, or a son, a friend and even a husband, or a boyfriend! Now, now was Vivien's turn and it was all his fault, if he was alert of the situation or if he hadn't gave her the gun, she would be just afraid and nothing else. He was about to apologize and conciliate her.

What he didn't know was what Vivien really felt. And he got a glimpse of it when she start squealing.

"I can't believe it!"

Elmer was again hardly focusing, and so another bullet was sent, this time Vivien did exactly did what Elmer told her. Plus something stupid, just to really feel a superstar she picked his sunglass from the place it was seated and wore it before struggling to get her body out of the window, - bad for her superstar side - and seating comfortably, squealing when she was about to fall.

Elmer smirked, for the first time not feeling his wife was a burden, before he himself start firing his gun. A little while later his own guards were surrounding the enemies car which Vivien knew nothing about, thus feeling so proud of herself and ecstatic about her achievement she sat on her chair, blowing air on the gun like she saw the hot guys doing at Netflix, she flip her blonde locks with a complacent smirk.

"How do you feel?" Elmer was afraid of his question, but asked anyway to make sure, hoping she doesn't cry, he really has no idea how to act when being in front of a crying person, specially girls.

Vivien didn't know what to answer but one thing was for sure.

"This is the best honeymoon ever!" She then squealed after finishing her words.

And for her, it sure was, this was the first honeymoon that was spent killing people rather than killing stamina and energy on a bed! Vivien couldn't feel more elated. She saw the look of horror on Elmer's face and blinked.

"What! Did you expect a crying baby? OK, I admit the sense of killing someone is horrible but hey, it's the enemy we killed!"

"You don't say that killing someone is horrible with a smirk and spooky smiles, Vivien!" Her name rolled if his tongue swiftly, as if he was testing it and hearing it from him was more delicious, - at least Vivien thought -

"Now what are we going to do?" Vivien asked, worried, "the place we were to stay at where to be seen? Oh my freaking God! What are we going to tell the police?"

Wrecked and worried, Vivien started eating her nails - a bad bad bad habit she did whenever she was nervous and in mess - randomly speaking words and forming sentences that were in no dictionary named English!

"Relax! Nothing will happen." Elmer gave her a reassuring face, "and we will be staying in a hotel for the time being, I have already booked one. I want you to change the cloth at the back-"

"I am not changing in front of you! Stupid prevert!" All the nervous was out if her unbelievable look.

Her breathing got raged when Elmer slowly start scooting to her, his warm and roughly felt hands settling on her bare knees bringing heat and sending waves of excitement to her body. They were inches apart when his other hand start trailing on the side of her face, then her eyes which she closed right away, blocking his intense eyes, then to her lips, staying there for a while.

Elmer didn't know what he was doing, never had he felt wild before, at least not this much, not to the point he want to lose control. He stare at her feature, the face he couldn't stop from admiring, he stare at her taking his chance as her eyes were closed, and even though he wanted them open, even if he wanted to dive to the depth of theirs he wouldn't have allowed himself to do so. Again, controlling his unbearable want to taste those lips, he breath at them - at least giving her something - before scooting nearer and to her ears he whispered,


Vivien heard the door of the car being opened and closed, embarrassed but also so disappointed he left her craving for more she shake her head attempting to erase her wild thoughts, calming her breath and controlling her argue to whine or scream in frustration, or even get the hell out of this car and kiss the hell out of her husband she planned in divorcing, she turn to find a dress covered with a cartoon, funny how she didn't see it. How could she anyway, when she was killing before she got killed. Or worse, when she was acting her superman scene?!

She really felt irritated with herself, she let him touch her for nothing! He just blew his goddamn addicting minty breath on her and left! He lefuckingft!

Changing to the simple black dress with so much struggle to mention, she went out of the vehicle, noting to never change a cloth in a car ever again! Elmer had his back to her and a phone glued to his ear with a hand supporting it, while the other hand in his pocket, not noticing Vivien who stood admiring his attractive back.

Vivien was oblivious to her surrounding, her gaze fixed on his amazing back, daydreaming about them already until...

Oh boy!


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