Glittering thorn

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Her blue wide eyes followed the silver shining sword as it goes past her before she saw red. Blood was everywhere on the early morning swept floor, sipping from the mans lifeless body.

Priscilla hated blood, she hated the sight of them as even the smell was scornful and it gives her the sense of throwing back. The king pushed the man away screaming for guards, noticing the look of distress on his lady.

Paralyzed to her spot was princess Priscilla with her wide eyes teary and her mouth opened wide, aghast, the need to move was getting intolerable but she couldn't move, she was glued to her spot, not knowing what to do. She was there when the guards came taking the body, dragging him by his foot, she was still there when all the family members came out of the room they were in, and then she was there when the king which she still didn't know the name of chocked his stepbrother and threatening him for attempting to kill his wife and the Queen.

Later her husband stood fury in front of her, picked her bridal style when she didn't move and took her to their supposed to be chamber. She didn't resist him when he picked her, resting his arms on parts of her body which were sacred and no one dared touching, instead she rest her head on his chest, crawling more to his arms, feeling safety there.

Closing the door of the grand chamber with his leg he move to the center where the king bed sat, white duvet covering the white sheet and the six red mattresses that matched the border of the duvet, slowly putting her at the center and pulling a standard of her lock that fall from the braided bun.

She looked at his gray eyes, staring at them simply without a thought as he too stare at her blue ones, everything around them vanished to thin air which they breath and in the eye of each they start building their own utopia, wanting to live there and cage themselves inside the eyes.

All of a sudden the door was opened without a knock or any signal of a person coming in. The lord of hers, in lose of the eye contact built a rage inside him, anger consuming him he turn trying not to snap at the person that stood by the door -shocked at the sight he witnessed-, afraid his lady would fear him.

"Lord Eugene!" He say with gritted teeth, seething at his guard and the most loyal friend of his.

"My apologies my most graceful king, hearing the news that spread on the walls of the castle I was up to you with most urgent that I forgot your Lady. I deserve any of your punishments!" Lord Eugene speaks, hunging his head low and sincerely apologizing for the mistake he committed.

Sighing the king nodded, dismissing the Lord - Priscilla didn't get to see - with a wave of his hand, he watched as his guard scooted three steps backwards before bowing again and turning to leave, closing the door tightly with no sound behind him.

"How are you feeling my lady?" He missed the eye contact already, he missed the feeling of her eyes on his, and the touch of their skin on the hand didn't really satisfy him.

"Thankful to you my lord, I am most well!" She say, shaking the feeling the was consuming her body with just the eye contact they had.

The king though didn't approve of her without her eyes on him, thus he put his fingers on her chin and forced her eyes to settle right where they were before. Priscilla didn't like what his eyes were doing to her body, but also she couldn't pull herself from the spell his eyes casted on her, she was being pulled to him,like a gravity, or like a magnet searching for it's pole, or like a drug to an addicted. And she was craving for more.

"Perchance, I prefer my own name upon your lips my lady." He brushes his finger on her lips.

"That would be rebellious against your grace your highness, it is resentful!" She defend the law and his majestic form, as a matter though of fact she had the want to do so.

"The King of GreenWood on his own demands of you to do so, you my queen are my wife and it shall please me to hear my calling from you!" He was enraged by her refusal, for he wanted if not needed to hear his birth name from her.

"I shall politely refuse your honor,-"

She was silenced with shock and a gasp from the whole electric shock she faced when his lips descended upon hers softly and so slowly, skillfully even. The feeling was mutual for the king himself felt bunch of tingles across his bones to down his manhood, he was begging for her touch which she didn't give him, at least not before the shock settled and the reality dawned on her.

Their lips works their ways to a place they never knew were there, making love to each other. He wanted more, more than she was willing to give but he held her captive with his magical lips, his hand on her tiny delicate waist he pulled her to him, begging for an access to her lips.

Biting her lips was a wise step for her to open her mouth, thus he did so sucking on it then, pushing his tongue past her lips tangling it on hers. Priscilla could feel him smile against their muddled lips, but she gave no care, with her hands on his neck she gives him all he could take. Bad thing he just couldn't get enough of what she was giving.

He swallowed her moans and stole every breath she had until she had none and he was giving her his, they shared a breath since both of them didn't want to stop nor pause. She tried pulling away for breath, feeling suffocated with the intoxicated kiss but he wouldn't allow it.

For the first time both of them hated the need to breath for it was the only thing that pulled them from their world, the same world they built, and the same world they would only share, as a wife and husband, not as a king and queen, nor as royals that were arranged to marry for political reasons. If it was possible, he wanted to kiss her till dawn and continue on dusk.

With their foreheads attached, they take breaths to their drumming hearts, beating harshly with the new sensation that it was gifted. Then the king smiled, his dark gray eyes shining with pure happiness, he peek her lips on more time brushing her cheeks that shone with a glow of a blush,then again and again unable to quit.

"Allan," he pronounce pulling her eyes to his, "prithee name me Allan?"

She nodded, not bothering to hide her smile and listening to the chants of her mind that goes by the name of her king, Allan. He again kissed her, but this time on her forehead before rising to his full glory.

"Anon, my love!"

As he went out, smiling widely to himself, he saw his guard smirking at him with a teasing eyebrow. Glaring at lord Eugene, Allan made his way to finish what he started with the knob, he calls a step brother.

But before he got to it, and even before he passed the hallway of the Queen's chamber another scream was rattling the castle, loud and clearly Allan knew it was of his queen!


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