Glittering thorn

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It was in a happy dream that Vivien fantasied about her husband, Elmer. Good thing the sun rays awakened her before she started getting way too addicted to the dream then the sleeping too.

Groaning she flip to her side, feeling the comfort of the bed she slept at. Then it clicked, she didn't sleep on a bed unless the same floor she lost her conscious on was a bed, or a comfortable soil. Wide eyed, she look around her noticing the grandeur room.

With its golden corner of a roof which was lime white made with different touches of arts, and the gray walls she could swear that she was in an art gallery rather than a room. Then the pictures of art that hung on each wall made her theory even bigger, a gold coloured door was by the other side,next to the wall that held the flat screen. The room had a decent and most fancy materials, the curtains drew slightly from the window, reflecting the sunlight. The lamps were on from both bedsides, for a moment she thought she was dreaming again.

Elmer got in his eyes fixed on his phone, his hands working their magics of typing. Vivien graoned, 'not again!' she thought pulling his attention. Elmer saw from his phone to her, wide eyed and worried gaze only to glare at her when he remembered what she made.

"What?" She ask, frustrated when he stood their glaring at her.

"Do you know how much you slept?" Knuckle head! He wanted to add.

"I am sure it's not more than 8 hours, on the bright side I still am feeling exhausted!" She drag the duvet up her body, which was already covered, "What happened though, I remember feeling dizzy!"

"Nothing you just lost your head back then, how much do you weigh anyway?" He was surely curious, god she was so easy and he also bet that air weighed more than her.

"Why?" She dared him, "I am sure I wasn't that difficult to carry!"

"You sure? Cause my arms are still giving out." He moved from the door to the bedside, getting her medicine and throwing it at her. "Ever heard of gym? Or diet?"

Both of the things were despised by her, she hated exercising let alone to go to gym oh so willingly, and diet, she hardly do them correctly. She really did try over five times already, and none of them exceeded two days! The first time she tried, Edwin was teasing her with nutella bar, thus she promised she would start the next day and ate the whole bar, next day, it was her mother who brought pizzas and sweet stuff, again for the second time Vivien swore she would start next week and left the diet after five hours straight. The long lasting diet she ever took was two days when all her families went for a business trip, after her next two days she saw a new dark chocolates and so wanting to really try them, the diet was blocked again.

"Where are we?" Vivien asked, changing the topic of her fatness - which she even wasn't - to the question that was nagging her to be answered.

"We're staying here for a day before going home." He rummage through the suitcase searching for a file.

"I asked where we were not how long we were staying!" She rolled her eyes along her body out of the bed, noticing she was in her undergarment only. "Who touched me?"

"Me of course." He shrug. "Thought you would like to sleep comfortably."

"Wait again, how long did I sleep?"

"Three days to be honest."

She never ever stayed asleep for that long, no matter how much she was sick nor how much she was tired.

"The rock you felled on served you right!" He continue smirking and half smiling.

"A ROCK?" She screamed, touching her head and searching for any damage on her skull.

"Yep, a rock!" He sighed when he didn't find the file anywhere, "am walking out, wanna tag along or are you gonna stay here?"

Vivien wanted to move out of the room, get a fresh air and have a walk. Remembering that it has been three days since she last took shower, she nod her head at him and excused herself to the bathroom. It was that she felt everything that happened at their honeymoon, she was curious about the people who tried to kill them, not once but twice. She wanted to know who was behind her back in order to act carefully and be alert around them.

Then Vivien also wanted to know who her husband was, she knew nothing of him except for his name and his handsomeness also that he is expert on killing someone, that was what scared her. She was living or was going to live with a person who kills for his own reasons,and even though she had has also killed the people who were tagging behind them, it was a one time thing. But what if Elmer does it as a job, what he enjoys killing people. That wouldn't be possible since for all she got to see he was a rude jerk with an irritating humour and a famous CEO of a company.

But looks deceive, don't they?!

After getting satisfied of the cleaning she made, Vivien took the towel wrapping it around her naked body and got out of the bathroom only to notice the mess of the decent room she left a while ago.

Glasses were shattered and the lamps were broken in two dimension, even three with the one her left. Bodies were sprawled across the bed and on her far end. The gray coloured wall was now painted with blood, a dark red. The glass she didn't get to notice before that gave a view of blue sea and a beach was shattered.

With mouth opened, she look at her husband who stood with a leg folded on the wall, his head gazing the roof while on hand was in his phone gluing it to his ear while the other held a gun by his side.

"...Make sure no body is there." He say, looking around him only then noticing Vivien watching him intently.

Hanging the phone he turn fully to him. There wasn't even a scratch on him, or a point of blood on his black suit. He stood with his all glory, looking at her, searching for anything her face could give him. She look up from the dead bodies again hearing his voice.

"We need to move, wear any close you get!"

"I am not going anywhere." She say immutably.

"Then die!" Elmer's eyes turn cold, dangerous even.

"Are you kidding? For real!" Vivien was beyond frustrated.

"What! You have a problem when I try to save your messed up life and then you also have a problem with me leaving you. Buckle up women, make your decision!"

"It was all your fault that my life get messed up, they are chasing you not me! And because of your criminal ass I get myself inside a hellhole!" Vivien screamed.

"It not me they are chasing doll face, it's you!"

"What? Nonsense, I did nothing to anyone! Why would they come for me?"

"You're about to know, you coming? I don't want a hand on another pathetic excuse of human being!"

"I have no cloth to change to!"

"You never did!" He roll his eyes, pulling his coat off and draping it on her tint shoulders, before holding her hand -ignoring the small sparks - and leading her out of the room.

Elmer would growl whenever a man looks at Vivien, sending a death glare at them and Vivien doing the same to the ladies ogling at Elmer. They made a good match till they reach a black tinted Lincon Navigator.

"Vivien watch out!"


I guess Elmer is about to have a hand on another 'pathetic excuse of a human being' huh? Lol!

I hope you enjoyed enough to vote! Comment you feedbacks!


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