Glittering thorn

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"Good day, my Lady." Mistress Yvonne greet, entering the chamber of her queen who was engrossed reading a book.

Mistress Yvonne was the only lady allowed in the royals chamber, she was to be lady in tow of the Queen, one to dress her, follow her and always be there for her.

"Oh, how met? You came from the sunrise mistress!" The queen say, on her early coming.

"His majesty, how would be swamped, won't, i thought, be here, and you, my Queen would need a company, or I doubted wrong."

"Nay, nay!" Priscilla say, closing her book, "prithee stay, I had got no one, you're art except!"

Priscilla didn't want a company on the exception of her book for today, but she also didn't want to be mourning on a book while she could use a company of her tail. Yvonne was talkative and so funny to the point, the princess sees herself in her. What was the use now, when she was a queen with a king as a lifetime husband who was always swamped - as said - and only come to the chambers late after she was asleep to leave early on the morning.

"Masters and lords would be out,my lady! Seating on the window won't be appreciated, misconstrue will be a raised situation." Yvonne gave her a hand which she took smiling gratefully.

"I would say same so!"

It was as of a nature, as if seating by the window and getting lost in the fantasy world of the characters were given born along with her. She would always seat by the window or the battement, a place that her brother search anytime he couldn't find her, and then her eyes would be in them, her ears would hear to their said voices, speaking sometimes equally to them.

"Your majesty.." A voice was then heard, voices if to be assumed correctly, seeming quite the sane and running with the same pace, but of course a loudness was given to the younger. "The kings wish to see you had us here to guide you!" The first one said, unfortunately, Priscilla couldn't figure who was who and who wasn't who, for her personal guards assigned by the king himself, were twins and they were that of the sane look and height. A thing she differs them with were their windows to their souls, Lord Christoph had light shade of brown while Lord Caleb was with his dark ones, and this time she noticed it to be Christoph who had spoke,as Caleb finished the whole order for him ending it with a proud smile of his own. "Where he bow lay."

The feeling of the king wanting to see her got her in the edge of the high cliff, scared and nervous, which she calls heart or as all of us do. She was going to see the husband she missed -but couldn't admit - at after this whole time, it was only a week but it really felt more than it, and Priscilla was anxious as to why he had called her.

Nodding with a smile though she lead the way, her lady on tow right behind her while the guards follow close behind. It was the day Allan had pushed his lips upon her and she screamed out if the ecstasy that he, the king, got afraid of her safety which in tail brought yhe thought of guards. Christoph and Caleb had made an oath to be loyal, faithful and honest to him, as so he believe them, made them guards of his beloved.

With a slow and steady speed,Priscilla made it to the gate of the room where her husband, King Allan would be. It was the meeting room of the soldiers and their chief, the masters and lords and all the fame of meeting lies here. As it was on the south wing, Priscilla actually never had been here.

The guards opened the door to the brightening room, the glass window that reflects light to the inside. The hope of seeing him made her guards down, thus she smiled lifting her leg to get inside the room leaving her guards and her Lady outside. Priscilla noticed the room occupying a big straight table at the center, chairs arranged properly to each side while a different and larger chair, that of a throne, but a little but thinner and wooden made - still embellished highly - sat at the from seat,high above them all. The same chair she was sure Allan is to be seated at whenever their was a meeting - which happens often - directing his followers what to do and ordering the supposed.

Priscilla smiled at the thought of her husband,her king and her always man doing his responsibilities as a King!

"Oh my lady, aching was my heart to see the smile you wore!" His hand checked her waist from behind, sniffing her and his lips grazing her side neck.

"My King! Human would throw an eye at us." She was bewildered, didn't know what to do. The feeling of him close to her was a feeling she craved for and now that he was a Queen instinct was kicking in.

Allan didn't seen to like her disapproval, his hand around her waste tightened and his teeth bite painfully on her neck, which she hissed to. She did hear from Yvonne that he had a temper of a ticking bomb, and bow she was witnessing it.

"Let them then, Priscilla!" He called her name for the first time, and she was torn between feeling joyful or being scared, "you are a bliss to the windows of mine and one shall dig their home to gaze upon you!"

His teeth's were still marking her pure skin, his arms tightening around her even more,his hands catching her left blossom in a painful grip, Priscilla felt a tear gracing her eyes. He was a possessive king, and now his queen was his possession.

"M-my king!" She was quick to submit, and though his teeth's had stopped their assault his hands were addicted to her minor private body.

Her blossoms were on his mercy, on his hands mercy, and they weren't allowing to give it. He massaged, groped, pulled and squeezed them in an extremely painful way over the dress that covered them.

"I shall by no means catch a sight upon you with a lad, unless you, my wife, want to have a glimpse of the sleeping beast!" He warned, kissing her neck tenderly.

Priscilla didn't know what to say, she didn't even know what to think. He really had a sleeping beast, and never did she think that he would rise on her nor at her. She swallowed the tears and nodded, silently sighing when he left her body and caught her hand smilingly taking her to one of the chairs.

God knows the fear she had! As he smiled at her,she gave him a crack of her lips giving it all she had to make it seem a real loving smile. Oh how fool she was trying to fool him.

"Did myself scare you?" He asked, his face genuinely worried, his voice smoothly sorry.

She shook her head, giving a light nervous chuckle, watching him as he kneel in front of her.

"No worries!" He smile, "shall you stay mine forever, faithful and with an oath as a wife..never meant your soul to see the beast."

Her breathing quickened, again not in a knowledge of what to do, she nod at him. Staring to those darkened gray eyes of his, the same ones that were watching her with lust, desire and possession.

"May I leave to my chamber in your request, my king?"

If she did know how to trap her mouth and speak when needed, how it was needed, never will the king be furious as he was now! Allan was seething, he thought she was running from him, and although she was, she wasn't one to blame. Unfortunately he couldn't control the rage that settled deep inside his throbbing heart.

He stood, catching her eyes that followed him, his hand on hers picking her up with him. His lips with an angry smile that Priscilla didn't forget to notice. Now, now she couldn't breath, her heart thumped and lashed with no mercy.

Allan held her cheek, brushing it slowly, his eyes still on hers,before descending his lips on hers roughly, it wasn't a kiss of love nor was it lust, it was a pure fury along with desire. When she didn't attempt to kiss him back, he paused.

"Kiss me!" He demand seething, before again putting his lips on her, pulling her to him with the help of his hand in her hair that was now messed.

All Priscilla could do was kiss him, wondering if this was the same husband, the same king and the same man she missed and wanted to see. Maybe, it was because of the stress and maybe he was acting this way for....she didn't have excuse for him. This wasn't the kiss she grew up wanting from her husband, this wasn't a kiss of love, of adoration, this was a rape to the lips and she allowing it. Until her tears start to flow chasing one another and until her mind made a decision.

"I suppose you've had enough your highness!"


I am so sorry for the late update, even though if it was a day! I was a little busy and it is now 10:12 and I need to go to sleep, buy wanted to share a chapter with you guys! I hoped you liked the new side of Allan, and I need you to comment me what you deem of it!

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Glittering thorn


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