Secret Blood

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Chapter 1 | Pt 1

SB | 1 | P1

A flash flickered across the sky as it became tainted with ebony clouds escaping from the west. Furious winds shrieked and soon after a silent clasp followed. Finally, a streak of hot silver flashed in the sky, not even mere seconds later rain lashed down unforgiving, batting against the tainted windows.

Ah, she thought to herself as she watched the swirl of leaves through the drenched glass. Rain. It's raining, again. She sighed to herself. The whether matched the mood of the place she currently was living far too well.

Valerie stared at the un-illuminated sky and slowly a sighed escaped from her lips, the sky was as black as a raven's feathers; and yet, some how it's color matched her trouble mindset. The silent tapping of the rain against the window was the only comfort to Valerie's in the place she suffered.

The room in which she was caged in felt like nothing else but a jail. The place was void of any emotion and beauty because Valerie hated reminders of what she would never have or experience.

The walls were a simple creamy color; not white or even dirty, but just a plain creamy color. There was only one curtain in which serrated her from the other person in the room, but even the color to the curtain was fading into a dull teal blue.

The floor was simply grey, but she knew from her many years of being back and forth to the hospital that the floor tiles had been originally a off-white color. The windows had white metal frames and were only openable at the mere top.

It was as if they known that if she was able to open it from the bottom she would probably jump and end her miserable existence. She was tired of the life she lived. She felt nothing as she watched lighting chased after each other. Like two giggling little kids playing tag.

What was there to feel when you knew you were going to die anyway? What was there to like? After all, she been back and forward to the hospital since she was young; and now she was permanently stuck there because they had no idea what exactly was wrong with her.

She closed her eyes as a familiar emotion bubbled inside of her. A feeling of hatred flooded throughout her entire being and she could feel the urge to cry, scream, on why life was so unfair. She had been betrayed. They lied to her over and over again. They promised her she would live. They promised her they find a cure, but she knew her time was coming. She hated liars. She hated doctors, she hated hospitals. Hospitals were just places that gave false hope, but no results. It was all a huge disappointment.

She blinked feeling the tears rising. Taking an shaky breath she forced the tears down. She will not cry, not again. She refused.

Be strong Valerie. She told herself. Be strong until the very end.

The feeling of sadness was returning, but even those emotions were starting to fade away with her existence. What was the point of being depressed, if no matter what happened you would die anyway? Why spend the last little bit of time she had being even more miserable and pitiful then she already was?

A sting caressed her head followed by a familiar throbbing and Valerie merely shut her eyes, knowing the worst was soon to come.

The beeping of the monitor got louder and louder as the sensation of pain registered. Valerie gritted her teeth and ball her fist as streaks of fire burst through her veins. All the while the beeping continued. She did her best to breathe in and out, because this too shall pass, as her doctors stated often to her.

Instead, however, the burning feeling increased making her want to scream, but instead she whined. There was a loud pounding inside her ears and that awful loud beeping was making her head throb uncontrollably.

Opening her eyes she turned to stare at the monitor, willing it to shut up as the first cough forced its way out of her throat.

Here we go again. She thought. When will this torture end?

Slowly, her stomach contracted causing Valerie to fall back on her bed and slowly easing her way into a ball. The creamy walls her only company.

Cough after cough tore through her throat, as pain drummed through her body like some exotic dance. Valerie continued to stare at the walls as the beeping continued to taunt her as the pain got worst.

Finally, she screamed. "Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up!"

Her screaming came to a halt when a curve in her stomach forced her to cough violently. She jerked before falling slowly over the bed, and catching herself between the rails, violently coughing blood onto the floors. Once started she couldn't stop as more and more blood poured out of her mouth. Shakily, she pressed the button by her bed and called for help from her nurse.

A joint of pain rushed through her causing her to cry out as scream after scream left her mouth. She felt sparks tearing her apart to the point she didn't realize a crew of doctors were beside her trying to calm her down, but they all knew that she wouldn't stop until this part of her illness passed. She couldn't see it, but there the doctor was holding a needle and all she felt was a pitched and a smooth sense of relief as her eyes fluttered closed.

Finally, She thought. No more pain. She could be free until she woke up again.

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