Secret Blood

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Chapter 1 | Pt 2

SB | 1 | Pt 2

Valerie eyes fluttered open and she groaned to the throbbing in her head. Her throat felt parched and she ached for the desire to satisfy her needs for water. She licked her lips to combat the dryness and whined softly since pain accompanied the simple action. She was about to reach for her remote to call for a nurse to attend her, but her eyes quickly caught notice of her parents and doctor whispering before her just a few inches of way. Interested in what they they were talking about, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep hoping they had not heard her groan earlier and realized she was awake. So she could listen into what was going to happen to herself next.

“I am sorry,” She heard a female voice whisper. “We have done all we could to help your daughter, but her illness is unknown to us. She is only getting weaker no matter the treatment we give.”

“Please,” She heard her mother cry. “Their must be something else you can do.”

“She’s our only child.” Her father responded his voice hoarse as if he was holding back tears. “We can’t lose her. She has never lived. She has spend majority of her life here stuck in this hospital. Please help us give her a normal life.”

The doctor sighed. “It pains me to say this, but there really is nothing else we can do. She only has a year left to live. Instead of wasting her remaining days stuck in this hospital. How about letting her experience what a normal teenage life is like? How about experiencing memories as a family, let her go with pleasant memories instead of harsh and unhappy ones.”

As soon as the doctor finished. Valerie watched her mother body start to shake in front of her. A huge sob tore from her mother’s lips as she started to cry. Her father wrapped his arms around her mother, but Valerie could see his composure starting to break as well.

“I truly do apologize.” The doctor repeated. “I do wish I could have given you better news after being Valerie’s doctor for all these years.”

My father responded but his voice cracked. “I-It is okay. We do not fault you, you have done all you could for us,” He swallowed. “It’s just hard to accept the reality that our child will no longer be here in a year. Thank you for everything.”

The doctor merely stared at my parents with blue eyes sparkling with sadness, she said nothing more and turned on her heels to leave her parents to their thoughts.

Valerie merely stared at them, not letting them know she was aware because Valerie was shocked to hear she had so little time left here on this earth.

She was also sadden that she caused her family so much pain and heartbreak. Tears ran down her face as she tried her best not to make a sound and she cried silently along with her parents as her mother kept mumbling about life being cruel, and her father merely hugged her as tears rolled down his face silently.

Valerie knew they were having a hard time and for the million time since she had been born she wishes she had not been. That way she would not have brought her parents more pain. They did not deserve to have her cause them more pain in their adult lives, her parents had enough that in their childhoods. They did not need her adding to it.

I am so sorry you were born with a child like me. She thought looking at her parents through blurred vision and feeling the tears run down her face.

She sighed and closed her eyes, wishing things could be different and that she could have a better life from now on until she passed.


When she opened her eyes. Her mother was peering down at her with amber eyes tainted in sadness. Ashy brown locks flowing down in flawless locs around her mother heart shaped faced. Her mother rosy lips were pulled back into a pout.

“Mi Hija,” Her mother whispered. “I am so sorry. There is nothing else they ca-“

“I know,” Valerie interrupted her.

“How?” She inquired.

“I overheard earlier.” Valerie truthly answered.

Her mother lips pulled back into a frown and moved a loc of her hair behind her tanned ear. “I guess that’s possible. We thought you were asleep. We should have had the conversation outside the hospital room instead of letting you hear what we talked about.”

Valerie stared up into my mother eyes and merely shrugged and whined at the throbbing pain that exploded in her shoulders.

“What would that have changed?” She asked. “I would have been told I was going to die regardless.”

“We could have soften you into it.” Her father responsed as he made his appearance known.

He stared at her with those familiar seaweed color eyes sparking in sadness and her lip started to tremble. She could see the sadness on both her parents faces and before she could stop herself bloody tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Another reminder of her illness. Blood tears. A condition her doctors like to call haemolacria.

“N-nothing,” She sobbed. “Can help me? No matter what you say or do. I am still going to die.”

Valerie sobbed louder and curled herself into a ball shaking herself back and forth. Her emotions on her situation finally hitting her.

I am going to die. She thought. And there’s nothing I can do about it. Nothing.

At the realization she cried even harder in front of her parents. Her eyes blurred and she sobbed away. She felt arms wrap around her and begin to hug her tightly.

“It will be okay.” Her mother stated, but it seemed as if she was trying to convince herself instead of Valerie.

Valerie sobbed harder and moaned out in pain. “Nothing about this okay. Nothing.”

Her parents said nothing else. Instead they did only what they could at the moment and that was hug her. Valerie knew they were trying to comfort her, but nothing could make her feel better.

After all, death was finally making himself known, and he would claim her in one year.

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