Threads of Fate

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One day Zeus came by. Lucky me! And asked - more like commanded - me to watch over his newborn son, protect him against evil and make sure Hera doesn't kill him. That's one way to put it lightly. But I see where she is coming from. If my husband were to be a manwhore I would kick his ass and choose the worst fate I can think of. So now I am a guardian. I would be rewarded afterward, on his 18th birthday. It would be so easier if I could just decide his fate. No problems would have formed and I wouldn't need to solve them after his royal highness ass. Not that he notices it. He doesn't know me at all. Sometimes I'm there, sometimes I'm not. I mean, I'm not going into contact with a half-blood bastard. If Zeus only could keep it in his pants. Normally I control the gods' fate, but there is much that can happen. So I was forced to give them free will. Well, I gave it, a little then. But why on Olympus can't I fvcking control that damn boy's fate? Why can't I touch it?

Fantasy / Romance
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(The picture in my cover is something I have found on Unsplash. The image is made by Casey Horner. You should check out his Instagram — mischievous_penguins — there are so many beautiful pictures.)

First of all, thank you for giving my book a chance.

Secondly, English is not my mother tongue. So there are a lot of spelling mistakes. Tell me when you see them.
I write this book in English because I want to improve my English. And because it didn’t sound very good in Dutch, I personally thought so.

I don’t have a certain day where I update. I update very little. I’m lazy and like to read rather than pick up my laptop and write. I love to write, but it’s just easier to read a book than to write one myself.

This is a book about Greek mythology.
Fate and some other characters don’t really exist in mythology.
Most characters are far from their description in mythology.

This book contains:
strong language

I also don’t support all the actions of my characters. My characters aren’t perfect, but that makes them more real.

I think that’s it. I hope I don’t kill anyone with my spelling mistakes.


Fate was just weaving three Threads of Life as she felt that someone was coming. Not wanting to be disturbed she ignored it.

She touched the left thread and saw his life, she saw where he is right now. She saw - more like felt - how he felt and his anger towards the world. Like they were her feelings.

The right thread felt alike. The hate towards fate and his brother.

They looked at the person in front of them. Laying on a bed, still breathing, but barely alive. Now she touched the thread in the middle. A girl. Abused, hated, bullied. And then she came in contact with the bad boy. Fell in love, but it was a challenge, resulting in anger, shame, and sadness. The normal stuff.

Right now she is laying in a hospital bed, with the bad boy sitting next to her, on the other side of the bed stands his older brother. Her guardian.

What a love story. Really couldn’t Aphrodite come with something new? Always the same. That she doesn’t get bored. But the goddess of love was right, their love will be difficult. But only if Fate’s mothers will let the girl live.

Fate is what you most despise. You can’t control it how much you try. Even the gods have difficulties with it. Even though they think they have their fate in own hands, they haven’t. She only let them have a small part of it. They don’t know how big it is, this power. And why would you even want to choose your fate if somebody can choose for you? The mortals and immortals wouldn’t even know what to do with a little bit of freedom.

She scoffed. Always complaining. So she was kind enough to give them a little more freedom - as promised to the gods - but they don’t do anything with it. When it comes down to it, they don’t know what to do and they’re bored.

Fate looked back down at the threads in her hands. She could end their lives here and now if only that power wasn’t taken away from her. Sure she could kill, she was a god after all. They don’t do anything else. Pick up a sword, use your magic and it is done. Only as that human did something against you. If not Zeus will come and there will be a punishment. For so far you can punish fate.

But those times are over and now you can’t just punish mortals. It used to be possible to do that. Then they believed. Even the demigods are no longer allowed to be harassed just like that. All the fun of being immortal is gone.

You are just “killed” by the Moirai. Mortals referrer to them as the three sisters with the scissors. They decide who leaves and who stays in this world.

The mortals don’t have a say in that either. Whenever Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos sees it, they end your life. But it is far more complicated than that.

They spin your life on their sinning-wheel, Fate chooses your destiny and then again the three sisters decide when you will die. Only the gods can not be killed that way. You can’t kill a god. So they say.

‘It looks like they have sympathy for the girl and boys.’ Fate muttered.

‘Maybe something you should have to.’ Said a male voice behind her.


‘You shouldn’t make so many accidents so that the Moirai don’t have a choice to cut their lives.’

‘Hmmm.’ She didn’t have anything to do all day, so what was she supposed to do? That was her only fun!


Fate slowly turned around and in the progress carefully let go of the wires. ‘Tell me upper god, from where do I deserve the honor to be graced with your presence?’ She bowed dramatecly.

‘Cut the act already. We both know you don’t have any respect towards the gods.’

‘Not all of them that is. Only to those who deserve it.’ she said in a sing-song voice.

The room shook for a few seconds. ‘Watch it!’ Zeus warned. ‘I’m still your king. Don’t forget that again.’

She just looked at him bored. Because what Zeus didn’t know was that she knew that he would do that. She ones controlled his fate completely. Fate knew how he thought, handled things. In those few centuries, there wouldn’t have changed so much. Not when it comes down to Zeus or any other of the twelve gods.

‘Look I am here because I need a favor.’

‘Oh. Really?’ she asked smirking.

‘I have a son.’ He confessed.

‘Nothing new, but go on.’ He sighed frustrated.

‘You are gonna watch him, look over him, protected him. Afterward, you will get rewarded. When he is eighteen.’

She arched an eyebrow. ‘You want me to babysit?’

‘No! I want you to be his guardian!’ he yelled, clearly losing his thin patient.

‘You will watch him! Make sure he doesn’t die and when the time is there bring him to Olympus!’

‘Well since you asked so nicely.’

‘He will be born every minute now. Be prepared for when his thread will unfold.’

With those words, Zeus left. Fate turned around but felt nothing. She felt the new lives being brought into this world by the sisters, some who only stayed for a few minutes before they vanished again. But she didn’t feel Zeus’ presence in any of the new ones. She didn’t feel it when he interacted with a mortal woman. What had changed? Can he now shield that too? She didn’t give him the power to do so, dammit!

Out of the blue there formed a thread before her eyes. The goldin shining thing developed itself, just like the others. It grews longer and longer, went higher and deeper into the room until you couldn’t distinguish it from the other threads. So many lives. If this kept going she will need to cut the population to keep the nature in balance. Maby another plague like the one in the Middle Ages.

Fate reached out with her hand towards the new Thread of Life before her. As if it burned her she lets go of it. Slowly and cautiously she reached out again. When she touched it for the second time nothing happens. She didn’t feel anything. Sure she felt the life within it. Only she couldn’t see his life, she couldn’t see where he was right now, she couldn’t decide his future. When he would first crawl, speak, his first steps, noting.

There must be a fault, right? She is fate, she decides everyone’s destiny, their lives.

Her grip on the thread tightend. Fate teleported herself to the mortal world. Into what looked like a hospital. She still had the child’s thread in her grip. Eventually, she ended up in a room. Nobody was in there. Did they leave the child? Without her doing?

The room was bright. And for ones, she let go of her invisibility.

In the cradle lay child. Fate hovered over it, studies him. His dark hair he got from his father, Zeus when he isn’t an old man with a white beard. The black hair has some shade of blue in it too. Maby it was his mother’s hair he got and not Zeus’.

He was cute with those chubby cheeks. With her finger, she poked them.

When she pushed a strand of his hair out of his face he opened his eyes. Grey, electric grey eyes. Like the sky on a stormy day. Zeus’ eyes.

The boy looked at Fate and still, even though their eyes are connecting, she couldn’t touch his destiny. She just couldn’t.

This task is going to be a lot more interesting.

Why can’t I touch his fate?

Thanks for reading,


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