The Vampire's Witch (BoyXBoy)

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Ethan has an ordinary life but he is not an ordinary person. He has a sixth sense and sometimes can see things, other people can't. Then one day a new student joins his class who looks exactly like the person he always sees in his dreams and his life changes for forever. Later he find out, this new student is a vampire and is looking for a girl who possessed the soul of the most powerful witch in history and will cause the destruction of his species. But what this Vampire boy will do if he ever finds out the Witch he is looking for is not a girl and someone he already know? Why in the past that Witch girl took the vow of destruction in the first place anyway? -------------------------- This is a complicated love story about true love, mate, betrayal and revenge with VAMPIRES, WITCHES, SHIFTERS and lots of MAGIC. So if you don't like simple love story and need to spice it up, then this story is just for you. ------------------------- Copyright ©2016 Kozakura122

Fantasy / Romance
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Somebody is knocking at my door. I open my sleepy eyes to meet the blinding lights coming from the huge glass window. I thought about sleeping again but some annoying person is still knocking.

“Come in,” I heard myself saying .

“Good morning, My lady”.

“Good morning, Maya”

“My lady, sorry for disturbing your sleep but you asked me to wake you if Sir Night comes here.”

My eyes shoots open and I get up from my bed so quickly that my head spin a little. I look at Maya and find her smiling at me.

“Thank you.”

I thank her with a big smile on my face and hurriedly walk out from my room. I can hear Maya’s laughter from inside but I don’t have the time to feel embarrassed for my over excitement.

I haven’t seen him for five days and I also need to tell him something very important.

Suddenly I felt his energy-flow coming from his study and I slow down my pace so he can’t sense me form far.

I tried to enter his room without making my presence known since I want to watch him without getting caught.

He got shoulder-length black hair which he always keeps tied, tall and well-build body with a face so beautiful that it can make even an angel jealous. His skin is white as snow. But what makes you fall for him instantly, are those beautiful purple eyes, in which you can get lost forever if you are not careful enough. I can look at him for hours.....perhaps that is exactly what I am doing for at least half hour while standing at the open door of his study.

I tried hard to not blush and slow my wild heartbeat. I really have something important to tell him so I clear my throat to call him.


He look at me and gives me one of his beautiful smiles.

“My lady. Good morning, you wake up early today,” he greets me with his deep masculine voice while looking at me like I am the most precious person in his life.

Before I can tell him anything, I heard my annoying alarm clock shouting at me to wake up. Finally I give up the battle and open my eyes, only to find myself at my tiny room in where I am staying for last five months.

It’s takes few minutes to understand what happened. I just had a extremely weird dream in which I had a beautiful prince whom I love and perhaps he also loves me.

I know that dream was too weird, seemed too real but right now I don’t have the time to pound over it, since I am not a princess who lives at a big palace and have nothing to do all day. No, I am not. I am Ethan Parker, a 20 years old guy who is doing Master’s in pure mathematics and need a good job in future. So now I need to wake up fully and get ready for my classes..... and try hard to forget about a certain purple-eyed guy.

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