The Cursed Seer - #1 - The Hero Of Jade

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Chapter 1

I was fed up. Of my life and of everything. There were many reasons why and there were more than a hundred to hate myself and the people around me.

I clearly remembered the day my mother had sold me to a noble just for two gold coins. Two gold coins were a lot of money, but not enough to buy me for. We were facing harsh situations at that time, but there had been no need to sell me. I'd been betrayed by my family and thrown into an unfamiliar place. The nobles who had bought me treated me horribly and so did their son. They beat me and dragged me on the floor before them, whenever they pleased, just so that they could have fun watching a "filthy commoner suffering".

Count Erix and his wife were horrible people, but their son, Rudgard was the worst person alive. He used to beat me up whenever he wanted and always berated me for some reason. Life was hard and horrible. I worked all day and never got anything to eat for two days, and finally on the third day, I was given one meal. My life in the streets had been much better. At least I had had the warmth of a family.

The incidents that had happened in my life had just taught me one thing. People were selfish, cruel, traitorous and not to be trusted. I never trusted anyone and nor did I expect anything from anyone. Happiness was the last thing that I expected in my life. I had already given up on believing in happiness a long time ago.

"Miss Arie! The mistress wants to see you now. Please go immediately." a woman in maid's clothing entered my room. Or rather, storeroom. I had been given the storeroom to stay in as none of the servants' rooms were empty. The storeroom was pretty dusty and had tons of cobwebs but it was better than staying the servants' rooms which were heavily infested with rats.

"I'm coming." I said as I walked to the door. I followed her to the Mistress' chambers. It was pretty suspicious as the Mistress never called me to her room at late hours but I followed anyway. I didn't want to be punished for being disobedient and especially not by the the people I hated.

I could have run away when I had the chance but I never had which always made me mad at myself. A coward. That was the only word to describe me.

We walked through the beautiful marble corridors. The paintings on the walls depicted mythical lands and reminded my mind of faraway lands and magic. Although none of that was possible, it was something I felt obsessed with.

We walked up the emerald staircase and turned right, then left round the next corner and finally reached a large door far away from the other rooms. My Master and Mistress' room.

The doors opened and I stepped in, nervous and anxious about what to expect. Every time I was called by the Mistress, she had punished me for small reasons. Sometimes there had been none.

I took in the surroundings. The room was large, had a bookcase and cupboards to the right, a huge window to the left and a huge bed in the middle. There were beautiful jewels just lying around carelessly everywhere and the smell of perfume filled the air. Rich people sure had it easy. They never shared so they never needed. No one could deny the truth.

"Ah, you are finally here." my Mistress said, noticing my arrival. She was alone in the room, which was pretty unusual. That meant she wanted no one to listen in on our conversation. My Mistress was a beautiful woman with long black hair and dazzling blue eyes. She had worn a ruby red gown which had beautiful embroidery on it. Her gaze was cold and her tone stern.

"What is it that you wish, Mistress?" I asked. She looked at me for a while and then spoke.

"I wish for you to become my youngest son's personal attendant and guard. I have waited for my son to come back and I have heard that he wants you as his guard. I shall leave him in your care." the Mistress looked a bit wary and glanced around before she said,"I have three sons. The eldest lives with me, the second one is the head of a newly founded district and the youngest lived far away, away from anyone's reach. He is a very special person because he has..."

She leaned near me which made me quite uncomfortable as she whispered,"extraordinary powers to see the future."

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