The Adventures of Emily Tual Book Four: The Rising

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It has been months since Emily and her friends have dealt with the Black Hand. It's been very peaceful which makes Emily nervous. Unknown to her though, the Darkness is getting her new plan ready and is sending what is left of her Black Hand to carry out her evilness so she can rise once more. In the distant pass, young Gabriel and his brother Victor hear tell-tales of a rebellion growing against the Darkness and the Black Hand. Gabriel is more than willing to join it while Victor is wary. All of that changes though when they meet Seraphina, a girl who has a dark past who also wants to defeat the Darkness. As two battles, one in the past and one in the present, are being carried out, Emily and her friends will learn the truth about her ancestor and who the Darkness really is, a secret that Gabriel is determined to keep from them.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A Long Time Ago…

After the Great War…

Gabriel held a dying Seraphina in his hands. A knife was buried in Seraphina’s heart. Gabriel was using his magic to try to keep Seraphina alive. Seraphina’s book was lying next to them. It was opened to a page that had a seal on it. The Resistance were chasing off the last of the Black Hand and the monsters that served the Darkness.

“I’m so sorry Gabriel.” Seraphina was saying as she gasped for air. “I never meant to cause you pain.” She took a deep breath. “I just wanted to save our people from the Darkness.” She weakly looked around them. “Where is your brother?”

Gabriel shook his head. “He’s gone. The coward fled once the Darkness was banished.” He answered. “I promise you I will find him and kill him for what he has done to you.” It was Victor’s fault that Seraphina was dying. If Victor hadn’t betrayed them, Seraphina wouldn’t be dying.

Seraphina raised her hand to Gabriel’s face. “Don’t go after your brother seeking revenge.” She told Gabriel. “It will lead you down a dark path and the Darkness will capture you just like it did to Victor.”

“What do you mean?” Gabriel asked. He thought Seraphina had defeated the Darkness for good. How could the Darkness still be around? It should have been impossible.

“Victor wounded me greatly before I could complete the spell.” Seraphina explained. “The Darkness will threaten to rise up once more. When that day comes, my heir will be able to defeat the Darkness. My heir will need you Gabriel.” She took another breath. “She will need you, Jasper and James.” Seraphina’s eyes glowed weakly. “I can see it all Gabriel. The Darkness will rise up and my heir will be able to defeat her with her allies.” The glow vanished from Seraphina’s eyes. “Find my heir Gabriel.” Seraphina said before she took her last breath.

Gabriel held Seraphina’s body close to him and wept. “I shall do what you have asked of me.” He told Seraphina as Seraphina’s body vanished into smoke.

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