Dear brothers of mine

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Do you have an older brother? Protective and annoying right? Yeah. Try having 4. My name is Rosie I have 4 older brothers. I love my brothers more than anything but gosh! They can get on my nerves! This is the story of me and the dear brothers of mine.

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Morning routine

“Rosie, sweetheart, you can’t sleep forever.” Ace said shaking me lightly.

I grumble and look at him. “Said who?”

Ace is the oldest of all. He’s 28 and 6’4. Drew is next. He’s 26 and is 6’2. Evan is 24 and 6’0. And lastly is Jake. He’s 22 and 5’11. I’m 14 and 5’2.

Ace grabs my shoulders and gently pulls me up.

“C’mon. Jakes cooking breakfast. Don’t tell me you don’t want that?” He says with a knowing smile.

My brown eyes peer up at him. My brown hair is probably a mess but Drew will do something with it later. He likes doing my hair ever since I was 5.

For some reason I don’t really look like my brothers. Ace had black hair and green eyes. Drew has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Evan has brown hair and brown eyes. He’s the most similar to me. And Jake has blonde hair and blue eyes.

They look after me and are my legal guardians. My parents passed away when I was 12. They have protected me ever since.

I sigh. And get up. My pink pajama pants and shirt had white bunnies printed on it. Ace smiled and laughed at them.

I gave him a glare and a scowl.

“Aww. Don’t be like that.” He says.

I walk out and go downstairs.

“Good morning Rosie.” Jake says hugging me.

“Morning.” I say.

About that time Ace comes downstairs.

“Oh. Is she done being grumpy?” He asks.

I roll my eyes.

“You know I’m not a morning person.” I say.

“You know I’m not a morning person.” Ace mocks in a girly teen tone.

I huff and walk to the table.

Jake sets down my plate. I’m about to eat when Drew comes downstairs.

“Rosaline.” He says sternly.

I look up. They usually call me Rosie. They only call me by my full name if I’m in trouble.

“Y-Yeah?” I ask nervously.

“What are we going to do with your hair? Jeez. You look homeless.” He says shaking his head disappointedly.

“It’s Saturday! I can look homeless.” I reply.

Evan then comes into sight.

“Oh my gosh! Who woke up satan?! May god bless your soul!” He says dramatically.

He is always so dramatic. I think it’s funny and so does everybody else. He’s only joking.

“Shut up!” I countered.

We all ate our breakfast and talked about plans for today. That’s how all my mornings go. That’s our morning routine.

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