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Cyrus' Little Origin Story

By Well_Here_We_Go_Again_*Sigh* All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Fantasy


((This is being told by multiple people despite the title so try to keep up)) (Not completely done yet but just for show)

The story starts off with 8 drunks guys in a grey SUV. Five of the boys were 22. The other three was underage. Huh. Take time to absorb that. You done? 

This was how we found her no doubt. Here's the story from my POV:

 The interior smelled like a brewery combined with extensive hair products. Don't ask why. We were heading to a club to have more time of our night. Everyone was yelling and partying like there was no tomorrow. One 22-years old named Avian Glnday (aka me) was daring a 16 - years old to smoke two cigarettes at once. He didn't take the dare though. One guy was dumb (and drunk oh so very drunk) enough to stick his head out the window with a half empty flask of vodka. He was screaming "Oh Holy Casserole!" He was too much.

 The driver, which was also drunk, was accelerating at a terrifying rate. Suddenly we hit something on the street. Our drunk driver backed up hitting the something again. I hopped out of the car and walked to the back. The thing looked like a young woman. She had brown puffy hair and a blindfold around her eyes. She was bruised with a huge scar across her left cheek. She was still breathing which was good I guess. I decided to help her heal at least. I grabbed her body and threw her over my right shoulder as I hopped into the car. Everyone stopped partying for a second and stared at me. "Ha! Hey look. It's Avaid's roadkill girlfriend." Another 22-years old snorted. I yelled at Derek, the guy who snorted and a bit douchie, to shut the fulk up. He growled until he took another hit of a new flask of vodka to calm down. The driver almost crashed (because drunk) and everyone started an uproar. I didn't care too much about everyone's safety. Not even mine. I only cared about her's.

 I slipped through the seat to our trailer and sat her down. I put my hands on her hips to dust her off. I caressed her hair and cheek just like how I did with my little 6-year old sis. I took the blindfold off and put it on a green nightstand that was still covered in vials of pain medication. The young lady started to open her eyes and instantly started to smell her surroundings. I backed up and took my hands off her hips. She started to jump around freaked out and horrified. I cover my face and run out the open door. Everyone except Derek this time paid attention to the door and the room.

Suddenly, a screech was heard from the trailer as the woman jumped out the almost destroyed trailer. The walls were torn to shreds. The bed was nothing but a bed stand and fluff. I backed up even more and ran to the driver. I used my GTA V skills and pulled him out of the driver seat. I quickly hopped in the seat and turned this SUV around to go home. I stepped on the gas pedal and let it rip. We were on the road for 2 hours. The lady was trapped in the tainted and tarnished trailer because we barricaded her in. I hope she likes sleeping bags. Cause That's where she's sleeping tonight.

We were finally was at my house. My friends dispersed into their homes except Derek. I opened the back door on the trailer as the lady slipped out. She had one of my blankets and had her tongue out like she was pretending to be someone. She covered her head with the blanket and leaped in front of the door. I dodged her incoming jump attack. She took out a blade and cut open my door. Derek was backing into the house. What a D.A. She fitted through the crack and moved her head like she was looking around. I put my arm over her shoulder, but she reacted fast and grabbed my arm before I could even pet her on the back.

I put on a movie called "Beauty and the Beast" and grabbed a popcorn bag. She tripped over many things and would constant fall over the tiniest of things. I put down the bowl of popcorn and guided her to the couch. I put my hands on her shoulder and nuzzled her as I sat down next to her. Derek was a little freaked out (and drunk) and sat down in between us. Still what a D.A. She fell asleep at the halfway mark and I put her on my bed. Drunk Derek fell asleep on the living room floor covered in flasks of different alcholic drinks. It smelled like a brewery once more. I grab a sleeping bag and fall next to her in the bed. I breathe at the same pace as her. Derek mumbles something in his sleep. She snores very quietly. I lay down with only one thing on mind:

On who she is and if she is friendly.

I turn out the lights and take off my shirt and put on a tee-shirt as I fell asleep next to her with my hand over her at 2:59.

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