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When two or more souls connected and become one, they are known has Fated Souls. When two or more persons become fated souls, they are not only able to read each other mind - But also feel every ounce of their Fated Soul emotions as if it's their own.

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Chapter 1

It was another wild Friday night at the Sax, a popular nightclub in the town of Hollow Clouds. And like all the other splendid nights, men and women who seek adventure or pleasure gathered there drinking excessively and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

But unlike everyone else, Bradley weren’t there for such simplicities. He’s on a hunt to satisfy his hunger.

At the bar counter that is stretched from one end of the room to another. Lined with black leathered stools, is where Bradley seated. Sipping on a glass of vodka while ravenously glaring at a young fair redhead, which he found to be the most appealing from the list of bartenders busily working.

This one will definitely suffice as tonight’s appetizer he entertained the thought with a sinister smile.

His nostril flared.

Beyond the stench of liquor and cigarette, a delightful scent lingered in the air like the most intoxicating perfume.

It was so compelling that Bradley had to stand up and seek out the source of the aroma that was like the sweetest nectar.

And after a few minutes of surveying the raving mad crowd, his lewd eyes settle on the origin of the delectable scent. The frightened young lady hastily making her way through the crowd as if fleeing from someone or probably something.

She is a sight to behold and was not even wearing make-up. Everything about her is naturally design, from the silky dark complexion of her flawless skin to her deep ebony long, crinkly hair on her head.

She was attired in casual wear, blue knee-length denims and a pink top that display her exquisitely shapely and appeasing figure. Her feet were bare and bruised from running.

Bradley was surprised and yet thrilled by the untamed desires the enchanting damsel had stirred up inside him. Desires that made him anxiously wish to devour her.

Propelled by lust, he met up and purposely bumped into the doll. Gently taking hold of her cheek, demanding all the attention of her startle sparkle ash grey eyes and said in the most charming voice. A voice that made her whole being jolts with excitement. “Greetings love.”

Octavia Blackwell gulped, flustered due to the warm feeling of the captivating young man hand against her skin. It was like she was being washed away by a tidal wave and yet it was soothing. So soothing it overpowered her with burning and uncontrollable desires. Intense desires she has never felt before.

She tried her best to keep calm or at least get a grip on her sudden tumultuous emotions. This urge that made her yearn for this strange man, but she couldn’t.

How could she. He is the definition of the word hunk. The kind of man that woo’s the panties off any woman. He is tall, definitely over six feet, with naturally shimmering dark hair that seems to be filled with a factory of hair dye and gel.

His perfect facial features were enough to make any woman melt like butter to heat. Manly dark pink lips, a thin nose and eyes that were fierce and shaded brightly silver.

His sleeveless blue shirt flaunted his beefy chest, narrowing down into a trimmed waistline. His faded blue denims hugged his manly legs like a serpent strangling its prey and his feet were covered with a pair of high-tops black sneakers

An electrifying sensation surges through Octavia’s body bringing her back to reality, and she backed away from the stranger.

How could she just notice it?

Her body has been on high alert for several minutes now. Hinting her that this cryptic being in the form of an appeasing man was malefic with a capital M.

His aura almost resembled the very creatures that are now pursuing her. Hastily, she headed for the exit like Cinderella at midnight but didn’t leave behind a glass slipper.

Did he frighten her? Bradley chortled amused by the thought. Probably he came on a little too strong.


But he wasn’t just going to allow his prey whose skin felt like the radiance of the moonlight on a tranquil night, so soothing, get away so easily. At least not until he quelled this uncontrollable desire, he felt for this mortal woman.

Bradley’s heart suddenly started pounding violently. His prey is in grave danger. Her life was fading away at a brisk pace and surprisingly this scares him more than anything in this world.

He must save her before it’s too late. Bradley appeared outside the club, and the scene before him caused him to clench his fist tight and gnashed his teeth. His prey was being strangled back against the wall of a building across Gresham Street by a low-class demon known as a phantom. To make matters worst the phantom was feasting on her delicious soul before him.

How dare it?

Like a speeding train, Bradley charged at the Phantom violently striking it to the face knocking it a few yards away to the ground. The furious phantom flipped up to his feet. Aiming a speeding fist for Bradley, who averted it and in that instant punch a hand into the phantom’s left torso. Burning him from the inside out with glittery silver flames.

Bradley dashed over to his unconscious prey that was lying on the ground like sleeping beauty and scooped her up in his manly arms. He felt a non-stop tremor inside his chest as he gazed down on her pleasing face that was like a rare lovely flower.

So easily he could take her. Have her to do as he pleases. But as much as how that thought sounds entertaining, he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Though he desperately wants to.

He gazed down Gresham Street sensing not only phantoms but other unwelcome company heading his direction, and dashed off with her.

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