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I guess that this is self-explanatory. These following short stories are branches of the huge tree itself. Some confuse and some clarify. Each one is in a different point of view. However, all these stories tie to the single, main character.

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Nico’s Arrival Towards the Demigod Tribe

A five-year-old child walks through the streets. He drags his already torn backpack with him. He stops in front of a restruant. His stomach grumbles. The child clenches his stomach as tears spill down his cheeks.

“You promised to pick me up, Momma. Where are you?” The child says to himself. He continues to drag his backpack as he begins to walk again. The child stares at his feet as he walks. His eyesight is blurry.

The poor child doesn’t even realize that he has just crossed a rode as he continues to walk.

After hours of walking, the five-year-old sits down in a corner. It’s nighttime and the child is cold. He pulls out his jacket and puts it on. The child curls himself into a ball, hugging his backpack. He cries silently until he falls asleep.

The last thing the five-year-old child remembers, was crying himself to sleep. But when he woke up, he’s somewhere else. His backpack is gone. An old blanket is on top of him. The child looks around.

“Where am I?” He asks himself. The child sits up. Something pushes him down so hard that the child yelps.

“Shut the brat up!” A voice booms. A huge man appears with a roll of tape in his hands. He smiles as he begins to wrap the tape around the child’s arms, legs, and on his mouth as the child struggles.

“That should shut you up.” The man says. He leaves, laughing as the child begins to cry silently.

Where is the small light? Where is Momma? The child thought. As if on cue, a spark appears between the five-year-old’s small hands. The tape snaps. The child smiles as he slowly peels off the tape on his mouth. He takes off the tape around his legs.

After a few minutes, the child is free. He creeps through the room and opens a door slowly and silently. Voices are heard immediately.

“Yes. The boy is good and healthy. About five-thousand dollars would do. No! Nothing less! Fine.” The man that had yelled for the child to be silenced hangs the phone up. He smiles as he lights a cigarette.

“Easy business, eh?” The man that bound the child down asks. The man with the cigar laughs.

“Yes, Bear. Easy money.” The child gasps as a vase falls and shatters. Both men turn around and look at him. Without wasting time, the child burst out of the room and outside.

Stumbling and scared out of his mind, the child runs as fast as his five-year-old feet can carry him. A stray dog appears and begins to chase the child. Tears begin to fall down the child’s face.

Finally, the child trips and slams painfully against a garbage can. He cries even harder as he sits up. The stray dog growls at him as the two men (with back up) appear.

“Momma. You said that Daddy will always be here when I need him. Daddy! Momma!” The child cries. His mother nor father appear. But two other people appear.

A girl wearing jeans, a black shirt, and leather jacket kicks the stray dog aside as she picks up the child. A boy that looks like the same age as the girl appears, too. He’s wearing jeans and a gray T-shirt.

Together, the two strangers protect the five-year-old. Before the police arrives, the girl takes a better hold of the child. They disappear up a building as the police appear.

After a few hours, they slow down. The girl refuses to put the child down as she tends to his wounds. The boy helps her without question. Together, they take the child to a restraunt.

“You must be hungry.” The boy says as he lies down the food in front of the child. The child looks at him.

“I am. Thank you.” The child says as politely as possible. The boy smiles.

“Well, then. Dig in.” He says and sits down right across from him. The girl sits beside the child.

“Do you know my Momma?” The child asks. The girl and boy look at each other.

“Yes. She’s...gone. Your father sent us to come get you.” The girl says. Her voice cracks when she says ‘gone’. The boy reaches up an on the table and puts his hand on top of the girl’s hand.

“Are you going to take me to Momma?” The child asks. He smiles happily. But his smile vanishes when he sees the strangers’ faces.

“Your Mother is in Eliesym.” The boy says. The child knows what Eliesym is.

“Momma is dead?” The child asks in disbelief.

“I’m sorry, Nico.” The girl says as she buries her face into her arms. Hearing his name, the child hugs the girl.

“It’s not your fault. Momma, it’s not your fault.” Nico says. Surprised, the girl looks at Nico.

“So, that’s what Hephaestus said by your close resemblance to his mother.” The boy says.

“Hemphsus?” Nico asks.

“Hephaestus. God of blacksmithing and fire. He’s your father. Nico, you're a demigod. Amorious and I are going to take you to a place called the Demigod Tribe.” The girl says.

“Okay.” Nico says. The girl is the closest person to a mother to him. And the boy, Amorious, is the closest person to a father. Why? Nico has never met his father. But he can accept these strangers even though he doesn’t know them. After all, they know his parents and saved him.

Next day…

Azora, as Nico was told, became his adoptive mother. Hand in hand, he walks in between Amorious and Azora. They swing him forward. Nico laughs as he lands. They stop after a while. A border with DEMIGOD TRIBE written in Greek looms over them. Nothing is visible on the other side besides trees. They walk past the border and into the Demigod Tribe.

“Welcome to the Demigod Tribe, Nico.”Azora says.

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