Jezebel (Prequal to Embrace)

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Jezebel is a drifter, living in 17th century France. Her quest for the truth of who she is will lead her to a man who will change everything.

Fantasy / Erotica
Jenni Pezzano
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Chapter 1

I leaned against the cold brick wall of the church, and waited for the bell toll, signaling the end of mass. I wondered if there had been a God, if he would have cursed me? But the only God that existed within the realms of a church pew, were the filaments of collected consciousness. These people, with their books and beliefs clutched frantically against their chests, what would they do if they knew that all their ideas and hopes were only thin pieces of paper, held together by glue. Something much larger was at play. Though what that was, eluded even me at times. All I had was a deep yearning that stirred within my flesh, a reckless desire to poke and stretch the fabric of this reality and find the deeper substance beneath.

My body could detect the faint tremble against the bricks as the doors opened, and the heavy rush of people filed out into the cold midafternoon sunshine. I approached a young man in his 20s, his suit neatly pressed and smelling like soap. I preferred churchgoers, to the dark and desperate stench of men at the pubs.

“Good day, Monsieur.” I said. I flirtatiously curtsied as I passed him, inserting my boot into a crack in the cobblestoned street, I feigned a sudden fall upon the hard ground.

“Mademoiselle!” He ran over to me and leaned down to grasp my waist as he lifted me up. “Are you all right?”

“Oh my.” I attempted a step with my foot and then collapsed against him dramatically. “Oh no, I do believe I may have sprained an ankle, Monsieur. I cannot seem to walk on it at all.”

I looked up into his face, so young and fresh, filled with life’s sturdy promise. Winter’s lazy sunlight kissed a small scattering of faint freckles on his nose.

“Do not worry, Mademoiselle, let me help you.” He guided me gently by the waist as he stepped out into the street to hail a carriage going past. He helped me up the narrow step and into the seat beside him. I could hear his heartbeat as it accelerated next to me. My proximity made him nervous, I knew he did not have much experience with women.

I lay a soft hand on his knee to calm him as I spoke. “Thank you so much, Monsieur. For helping me. My name is, Jezebel.”

He smiled at me, starting to relax against my touch. “It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jacob.”

“Jacob.” I drew his name out like a seductive sigh, as I wrapped him up in my deep penetrating gaze. “Such a kind, good hearted man you are, helping a lady in need.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” he said. “To be in the company of a lovely lady, such as yourself.”

I smiled coyly, as I began to trace soft circles upon his thigh. He shuddered against me in pleasure, his trousers grew tight as my fingers continued their slow mesmerizing dance upon him. His eyes became glazed and his voice grew rough, it trembled as he spoke.

“Where to, Jezebel?”

I pointed to a tall red brick hotel that slowly began to come into view. “I’m staying at the La Pavilion De Lorraine, just around the corner.”

Jacob told the man to stop and gently took my hand as he led me down to the street below. “Shall I escort you inside?”

I flashed a bashful smile at him. “I would be eternally grateful, Jacob.”

He slowly led me into the lobby and then with a sudden flourish, he lifted me up into his arms. He was surprisingly strong as he carried me up the flight of stairs with ease. I smiled up at him playfully. “Oh, Jacob.” I teased. “I do believe you have swept me off my feet.”

He grinned back at me. “I cannot help myself, for you make quite a fetching damsel in distress.”

When we arrived at my room, I slid out of his arms and went to retrieve my key from within the pocket of my cloak. I turned to him, my gaze pulling him in again to my seductive fold, deeper and more intense this time as I spoke. “Please come inside.”

He soundlessly obeyed me as I opened the door, his hands already eager, fingers clawing at the fabric of my skirt. “Take off your clothes.” I spoke to him as I entered the small room. I heard the quick rustle of his suit, as it fell hastily upon the floor. He stood there, mute with desire and longing. Caught in the web of my seductive spell, as I slowly removed the heavy garments from my body. Unlacing the restrictive corset and slipping off the many layered petticoats. He stared enraptured by my slow unveiling, standing still and erect before me.

“Good boy.” I whispered as I came towards him, trailing my hands down upon the flushed skin of his torso, and moving to cup his desire firmly in my hand. He shuddered and moaned against me. “Now lay down upon the bed.” He complied as my hypnotic gaze led him over to the white sheets.

My lips grazed over him and he called out. “Oh God! Who are you?”

I positioned myself on top of him. “I’ve been called many things, Jacob. Angel, devil, seductress, whore.”

I could see a small sliver of fear, hidden within the depths of his desire.

“Now relax and allow me to give you pleasure, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.”

I leaned down and pressed my lips to his neck, gently sucking. A deep moan escaped from him, as his trembling fingers tangled themselves within the thickness of my scarlet hair. “Oh Lord.”

I answered his call as I plunged my teeth into his neck. He shuddered violently against me. Calling out in ecstasy underneath my hold. He grasped my back desperately, his seed spilled upon me, sticky and warm, as I drew his life force from him. Feeling the exhilarating rush of adrenaline, the quickening pulse of quenched satisfaction. My body humming with intensity, the heavy dullness washing away, as every color, sound and smell heightened itself to a blinding detail once more.

I released him and calmly watched him come to, his eyes wild and bloodshot with ecstasy. “What have you done to me?”

I smoothed his hair with the palm of my hand. “Hush now. Sleep.”

He nodded; his eyes fluttered like the delicate wings of butterflies as he drifted down into the depths. I brushed my fingers against the wound in his neck, erasing my mark upon him as I heard the heavy breathing of a man lost in a deep sleep. I pressed my hands against his temples and cleared his mind of me. I knew he would wake up confused, unsure as to why he was alone and naked in a strange room, but by mornings light, he would have forgotten even those details.

I quickly dressed and gathered my meager belongings, folding them delicately into the pockets of my cloak. I closed the door gently behind me, slipping my room key upon the shiny granite desk of the lobby.

I stepped out into the cool air. Afternoon was giving her way to evening. Long shadows leaned up against the buildings as I made my way into the blur of the Parisian city streets.


Thank you for diving into the continuation of this story. I hope you enjoy the journey. Feedback is so important to this process so please leave a review and let me know what you think.

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